#1888 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was commuting to a meeting for my department that we were having outside our office. We were to meet several hours. I was minutes from the meeting site when the radio news came through that a plane had hit the first tower. I went in thinking that this was an accident. I told the lady who was preparing for the meeting the news and we chatted nonchalantly. Our boss drove up but sat in his car for a few minutes then came in to tell us the second tower had been hit and all reports were that it was not an accident. He turned on the TV in an adjecent room to the meeting room and we began to watch the events unfold. We tried to begin our meeting and one person monitored the TV. When the towers began to fall, he called us back to the TV. We finally assembled around our meeting tables to discuss what to do next. Our Christian Ministry, FamilyLife, produces a daily radio program that is heard on 700+ stations. We prayed and wondered what should be done as a response. I had spent 20+ years in ministry and I told the group that when a crisis hit families, and words are impossible to find; I had learned that prayer was always appreciated. The boss called people and began the process of lining up several people to call and record prayers for our nation. Those prayers were sent to our distributor and to the stations that carry our program.
I returned to the office to check on others that were still at work. Tuesday and Wednesday, I focused on helping others cope with the enormity of the events. Thursday, I could do nothing but read and listen to the news--it hit home in my heart and life. I wondered what would happen to my life, my family, and the future. My prayer is that we will not forget as we have done so often in our nation's history. God bless America and bless you.
Mike | 49 | Arkansas

#1889 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was working that morning at our office in Camden, New Jersey. Their was no television just a tv/vcr. Could not get any stations. People were coming in the office that morning saying that WTC was bombed, airplane hit the WTC. Me and my co worker next to me. Could not believe it.

Since we had access to the internet on our computers I deceided to see what was going on and to my horror I saw the WTC on fire. I changed the station on my radio and heard the horror of what happen, what seem like hours I heard a plane hit the Pentagon, and almost and hour or so later another hijack plane landed in the fields in PA.

Fear and worry hit me when I heard all of this. I have family that live in Manhattan, Brookln, and Bronx. Several of my co-workers had friends and family working or living there. We were tring to get a hold of them, cell phones, pagers etc. were not working. Philadelphia and other cities were at stand still. The way we do things were changing right in front our eyes. Those who had younger childeren left early to pick them up, those that could, I was trying to reach my husband on his cell, but no reply.

I finally reached him and he was fine he also heard what happen on the radio.
I called my baby-sitter to see how everything was going. I stayed there till 4:30. I called my mother to see if she was able to reach any family over there in NY. Not yet she said.

I left work that day in horror, but searching for hope. I went home and received a call from a friend from church. We were told that they were open up the church that night. Several showed up that night. We shared, sang, and prayed. We comfort one another. That night my parents came to the church and was told that they got through to my aunt who lives in Manhattan and was a witness to what had occur earlier that day. That day hearts were mended and now my aunt believe in God and goes to church, reads her Bible and pray everything. The tragedy brought my family back together again.

We almost lost two family members during that tragedy, but God was with us that day.

I will never forget that day. I will always remember that day.

Valarie Cromwell | 36 | New Jersey

#1890 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was on a plane and it became the scariest longest day of my life. I was supposed to be on flight 93 but thank God I over slept
melissa | 21 | Germany

#1891 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
Where I am now on the internet. Actually being from Australia it happened late Tuesday night, like exactly about now and I was talking to someone in the US on a chat program and they said that a plane had hit a building a few streets away from her. I had no idea what she meant and thought she meant just a small lite plane. I had never really heard of the Trade Centre before that as it dosen't play a big part in Australia. She said she was shaking and cryning and felt like vomiting. As I really didn't understand what was happening I didn't take much notice of her. The next morning when I turned on the TV as I heard on the radio news that America was under attack and war had been decalred I thought wow what was going on. I couldn't believe what I saw and just as I was about to turn it off to got to uni they started collapsing. Everyone was stunned and no one was talking at uni. Being thousands of miles away it didn't seem real and it still doesn't. I can't imagine what it must have been like for those involved. I still can't imagine. I hope now though we can start to move ahead as a united world and wipe the SOB's out who are responsible and not let anyone take their place. This must never happen again. War must never happen again cause no one wins a war.
Terina | 37 | Australia

#1892 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was at work on that beautiful September morning. I got a phone call from a co-worker who lived in Jersey City and was driving to our office in Fort Lee, NJ. She was hysterical, screaming that a plane had it one of the World Trade Center buildings. As we got off the phone, I couldn’t help but think to myself….what kind of idiot could lose control of a plane and hit a building. Of course, thinking that it was a tiny, probably private plane, and that everything was fine! Until I got back to my desk, just to find out that another had hit!! I was terrified!! I’ve heard the word terrorist before….but I’ve never had to use it or say it before 9/11…this was something that happens elsewhere, not here…not in the U.S.A.

There was one office on my floor that you could see the Towers from. I made me sick to see it. I could only look briefly. Just as the first tower fell, our office manager came around and immediately sent everyone home. I came to find out the very next day…that on 9/11, apparently there was some kind of threat on the George Washington Bridge….located right next to my building!!

The office was closed for the remainder of the week. There was no way to get to my building…the National Guards had every street closed!! When the office finally did reopen, the National Guardsman where at the GW Bridge 24/7. I have to admit…at first it really scared me!! But after a while, I really did appreciate the fact that they were there. I felt safe. I would watch them from my office window, as they pulled over trucks and vans to search. It just made me feel more at ease to know they were there…protecting us!!

Not only do I work right across the river from NYC, I also live there. One thing I will never, ever forget is the horrible smell that was in the air for days after the attack. I could smell it in the house, and it was 100 times worse when I stepped outside. That smell will always be with me!!

The emotions that I felt then that still remain will never go away. The anger, the hurt, trying to understand why anyone could hate us that much. The feeling of wanting to get revenge. Also the thought of all the helpless people in those buildings that had no options, no choices….those horrible thought will always be there!!

My heart goes out to all the people who have lost a mother, father, sister, brother, other family member, and/or close friend. September 11th will be on our minds and in our hearts forever!
T | 25 | New Jersey

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