#1878 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
get over it americans, this was bound to happen sooner or later to the most hated country in the world! im sure i was doing something more important than watching the news! on the 11th of september 11/9
Adam | 23 | Australia

#1879 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
On September 11,2001,I was at work.I heard of the attacks from a co-worker.I went to my bosses office to see the news coverage.Then out of the corner of the screen I see the second plane and all I did was yell NOOOO!I immediately called my mom in Jacksonville Fla. to tell her what had just happened.She told me they were forcing all civilians to leave to base.I then called my girlfriend at college to make sure that her sister and brother(who both work in New York) were ok.She told me her brother(who commutes to NY everyday) saw everything from the NJ turnpike.After talking to her for 15 minutes a friend told me about the pentagon.I hung up with my girlfreind and called my grandfather to find out if my aunt was ok.I knew at times she was there.At about 12pm I heard on the news that there was a possibilioty that the Philadelphia might shut down all of the bridges.So I left for the day and went home to watch on tv.
On September 22 I went to NY.I got as close as Chambers Street.I turned out to be about only a few blocks away.I sat down right away and started crying.I never could have imagined such a horrific scene.There had to be about 100 people standing in complete silience.Watching the rescue workers come up to the tents and taking breaks.Buses brringing more workers in to help and more equiptment.From that day forward I tip my cap to any of the people who put their lives on the line each and everyday.May God be with you and God Bless.
sean crumpton | 29 | United States

#1880 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was 12 years old and at home in bed. When mum woke me up and told my I just kept saying "no way. ha, no I cannot belive it" when I was watching it, it was like I was really there and I just cried. All those people gone like that with not even a chance to say goodbye. They could have been fighting with the one who they loved and never got a chance to make up, and the buildings, never to be replaced that just vanished and left a mark and ground 0. I am at my home watching the T.V with the memorial on and I still cannot get over all the people who were on the ground just looking up at the burning towers wondering why all this had to happen. I think it was the worst day in history.
Alice Marie Hunter | 13 | Australia

#1881 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I left home early that morning in order to go to the post office before work. When I parked outside the post office, the DJs were on the radio, being their irreverent selves and the morning seemed good... sun shining, breeze blowing... little clouds shifting across the sky. Things took a little longer inside than I expected, so my immediate thoughts were distracted as I buckled my three year old son into his seat and got back into the car... "I'm late!" ruled my mind for a few moments. As I started up the road, I began to hear the irreverant DJs talking about New York and I started paying attention. A plane had crashed into the Trade Center... At first I passed it off as one of their tasteless jokes that they play on unsuspecting listeners. "Why do I listen to this crap?" I thought. But it started sinking in that they were not joking, that this had happened. Naturally my thought, much like everyone else's, was that it was a terrible accident. But as I neared my son's pre-school, the second plane hit. Once the reality of the true situation sunk in, my eyes began to fill with tears... Tears that would fall for days.. weeks... even though I knew no one there. By the time I reached the school and dropped off my son, the Pentagon had been hit as well... my head spun with questions and emotions. Leaving my son at school was suddenly the last thing I wanted to do, but I went on to work. We stood huddled around a tv in the lobby, some crying, some just pale with shock and disbelief, all saying silent prayers and uttering "My God" at the incredible scenes unfolding. When the towers fell... well, the sick feeling in my stomach just grew... how could they? who were they? how could such intense hatred exist in this world? When they finally let us leave work early, I couldn't drive fast enough to pick my son up again.. and hug him... and kiss him and tell him I love him. Yes, my patriotism seemed to have been galvanized in the fires of the trade center, but the reality of "life is short and unpredictable" was branded on my soul as well.
Lori Pershing | 34 | Missouri

#1882 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
On the afternoon of 11th September 2001, I sat at my desk at work in an office building in Dublin, Ireland. It was after lunch, a fine sunny day and I was, frankly, bored. Then someone came and said a plan had crashed into one of the Twin Towers in New York. As the details became known everyone logged onto the internet to get more information. The system jammed, the phone lines to New York were down. Then news came in of other attacks in Washington. An air of disbelief was followed by sadness, and an underlying fear. That's what I remember most about that day - an anxiety to get home, to be with friends and family. I rushed to my friend's house and we sat watching the unfolding disaster on television, unable to take in the reality of it. I have never been so upset and afraid in my life. It felt like the end of the world. On the 13th September 2001 we had a national day of mourning in Ireland. This year we will have one minute's silence when we remember those who died and those who survived. God bless you all.
As a PS may I suggest that the best memorial to the brave firefighters and police officers who lost their lives that day is not a plaque or monument but a change of attitude in how they are treated? They risk their lives every day but it is only in such times of extreme danger that we witness their selflessness. Mostly they are taken for granted - a little respect would go a long way.......
Sineid Ni Charthaigh | 40 | Ireland

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