#1873 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I remember that there was chaos all around and that was how i woke up on september 11 2001 only to find that the world and the country will never be same again!there is no words to describe how i felt at seeing the images broadcast on the T.V.I felt absolutely helpless and really wanted to reach out to all the people who lost their dear ones and above all it seemed so gruesome and so stupefyingly horrible that some people would go to any extremes simply to invoke(what the beleve is)the order of god!even as the second plane hit the second tower i was crying and the atmosphere was simply unforgettable.The pictures of all the people falling out of the two giants will be etched in my memory forever.I couldnt still believe my eyes and i was inwarsly hoping that this was also some gimmic like the one they did in the 1930's based on the alien attack or something...... but if only wishes come true!Now a year has passed and the memories still haunt me and i hope and sincerely do hope that this does not happen in the future or ever.There is no greater pain than loosing ur loved ones.And I also salute the courage displyed by the passengers of the 4th plane that crashed and a greater danger was averted.What is happenning to the world?Is this such a bad world that we cant live in harmony?Or do those people think that by killing some others they can really impose their point of view?well whatever happens this must not repeat for the good of the mankind.And we must also show that one individual cannot determine the way we live.We cannot put an end to terrorisn as long as there is man and as long as there is freedom of speech and thought BUT WE CAN FIND EFFECTIVE MEANS TO CURB IT.
abhay john | 19 | India

#1874 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002

On september 11th I was at home. I was surfing through the channels and suddenly I saw the first plane crashing into the first Tower. It was horrible. Then I got an sms from a friend. He also thought that it was really awful. I hope that will never happen again!!!!

On this afternoon I was at my friendīs home. We where in the kitchen when her brother came in. He put a newspaper on the table and muttered: "Page 13 something awful happened!" We opened it and we saw a picture: a plane was crashing into a tower and another picture: the tower was broken into.When I was coming home my mother and my younger brother were watching the news. I watched with them and I was so scared.
I hope all the people will rest in PEACE!!!!! and that never will happen again!!!!!!!!!
Lena&Hannah | 14 | Austria

#1875 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was at my work... At that time I had a temporary job.
Just showing a colleague how the internet works... How to browse through a site...
I decided to let her take a look at the CNN pages...
Strange because I almost never looked at the CNN pages anymore... I just typed http://www.cnn.com to show her the pages.
That was at Dutch time 02.55 p.m.
Just a few minutes after the first plane hit the WTC. And a few before the second plane hit the second tower...
First we thought of an accident but than... We heard and saw that a second plane has hit the other tower.
There was no doubt in our (or at least in my) mind that this hasn't anything to do with an accident.
This must be an attempt!
Not so long after the WTC attack we heard about a few planes that were possibly hijacked...
One crashed nearby Pittsburg and one hit the Pentagon.
What was happening in the world? Who are those idiots that were attempting the free world???
It was really clear for me that this wasn't an attempt at only the US but an attempt to democracy...
I went home and watched TV. And looked at the towers... Falling down...
For weeks I was shocked, just as almost everyone in the "free" world...
All those innocent lives that were taken. All the people who will never see their beloveds again...
We never will and may never forget!
Karin | 37 | Netherlands

#1876 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was at home on that morning. with my now ex husband.

The day changed my life. I was first in shock, then broken hearted over the deaths and losses of all the people. Tears for the families were shed and many prayers were uttered then and in the days to come. I wanted to go to war personally to find the people responsible for such a thing.

One month and fourteen days later, after much soul searching and prayers, I left my husband of thirty two years.
He was and is an alcoholic and drug addict. He abused me verbally and emotionally for all of those years. I raised two daughters for him. I worked my way through nursing school to make a better life for us and he worked hard to destroy everything for which I worked very hard. He spent everything we had on drugs, including the home I bought, on my own. Because of 50-50 laws about marriage, he acquired credit cards, unknown to me and spent until everything was gone. I sold the house to keep from having foreclosure. My girls grew up and left, only after I almost completely lost my sanity. Yet I still stayed with this man because I loved him. That is a brief history of the story.

Sept. 11, 2002, made me wake up and realize that my sisters were right, I needed to get away from this man. I left one morning Oct. 24, 2002, with my clothes and that is all. This was only after I had lived with my mother-in-law for the past year, caring for her at home. She had heart heart and kidney failure, and I am a nurse.

I just looked around one day, and said to myself, my life could end today and I would have had nothing but abuse from this man, and he has never applied himself in any way to try to take care of me or my children. It is the best thing I ever did.

I am a Hospice nurse now, and I see people everyday with problems that cannot be fixed, just like the many families that lost loved ones on the nightmare day, 9-11-02. It gives a perspective on my own problems, however heartbreaking they are to me, mine can be fixed.

That day gave me the courage to escape the life and the man that was killing me slowly. You see, I had no desire to live anymore. Now I do. It is a difficlt struggle everyday to keep that desire. I look around at the suffering, heartaches of those poor people, and I keep going.

I am making a a move, back to my home state, my oldest daughter is going with me, she's going to college and I am going back to school for my RN degree, I am an LPN.

Ironically, a day that took the lives of so many, gave me the courage to finally run for my life. I would have surely taken my own life had I stayed in that place. It changed my life, the way I saw things. I saw my situation as hopeless. I am now recovering from
years of mental and emotional abuse, with the help of God. It gave me the courage to escape. It made me see how quickly life can be taken away without warning. It made see that I needed to flee, stop making that addict able to be who he was. I was an enabler, not realizng it. Now I am free from all of that.

I pray everyday for the survivors of that day. I consider myself to be one of them. Sept. 11, 2002, gave my life back to me. I was one of the lucky ones. I am a survivor.
mjshook | 53 | Florida

#1877 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
I was on my way home from work sitting in my car...
Yasir Isalm | 23 | Norway

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