#1843 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
On September 11,2001, I got up and went to work, after being there afew minutes I heard the news that the world trade center had been hit, At the office that day everybody stopped working and gathered around the radios. It was a day we will never forget, But we also will never forget how America came together, May God Bless all the fmiles who lost their loved ones that day, And I send this message to all of you We will Never forget Sept.11.2001, It will be in our hearts and minds forever. When I came home that bight I held my family tight and just rejoiced in the fact that we were all together. May god Bless you all, We will Never forget. To all the Hero's we salute you.
Jennifer | 24 | Tennessee

#1844 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
During the attack, I was at school. When I found out, cold swept through my body, while shedding tears. My teacher was crying. On the Announcements, they said something terrible happened. The terrorists attacked.:(
Alexandra Kyle | 11 | Georgia

#1845 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
The Aftermath – September 11, 2001

Love endures and Hate churns.
Children scream while Fires burn.
Freedom is lost and Justice Aches
Over 3000 Perish while a Nation shakes.

Survivors weep and the president Despairs
But families unite while War is declared.
A giant awakes and Courage is found.
Troops mobilize while Bombs hit the ground.

The world watches and the enemy Hides
Peace is lost while Strength provides.
Tyrants are evicted and Warlords disjointed.
A nation starts over while a King is anointed.

Soldiers fight Bravely and Victories are Won.
Battles complete but the War is not done.
Evil is the Enemy and Hate is his Knife
Victory is Futile after a Family losses a Life.

Wives without Husbands and Fathers without Sons.
Daughters without Mothers, in the name of God this was Done?
Only Love will prevail while Evil is stripped of his Hate.
Only Understanding will let our Pain Terminate.

We must not become that which we Despise
But we must not forget those who Lost Loved Lives
If we fail to execute our war against Terror.
Then we fail to protect our Freedom to Love Altogether

Brave men and women who wear a patch on their arm…
Love just as much as those who were harmed.
That is why we must continue to go wherever Evil hides…
For the sake of the Children who have Not Yet Lost Their Lives.

The Enemy is Evil and he knows not what is Right
A Nation seeks Justice but Sleeps without it this Night.
The Enemy is Evil and he Cares not for your Life.
That is why we must Find him … and Stab him… with his very own Knife.

Mourn our Loved... Mourn our Cherished... but take Evil to Task.
So “Lets Roll” to Baghdad and Kick his Evil ASS…
Find Sadaam.. Find Bin Laden.. Rob Evil of Life.
Find Justice.. Find Vengeance... Then Banish Evil’s Knife.

In memory - Richard Bradford

Richard Bradford | 35 | Florida

#1846 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
On September 11, 2001, I was sitting in my Calculus class. My history teacher came into the room and said that the World Trade Centers were attacked. My Calculus teach didn't really pay too much attention to it and kept teaching us our lesson. Then I went to my Computer class and our teacher said that he was going to cancel class for the day because he knew that we all wanted to know what was going on. So everyone went online and read about the attacks. During my last class of the day, we just watched the news the whole period. When I got home I called my mom right away because I was worried about my dad and sister. They were on there way to Disney World and I knew that was a possible target zone. So I kept the news on all afternoon and worried about my dad and sister until they called later that night. I was so happy that they were all right. The next couple of days in school were spent discussing what happened and what we could do to help out the victims. I prayed for my cousins family because they lost a loved one in the crash and i prayed that they would be able to find the body. We need to pick ourselves up from this incident and move on now. It was a terrible event in our history, but now we need to pull together and move on. That's what the country is all about. Picking up the pieces of the past and rebuilding.
Sara | 17 | Pennsylvania

#1847 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
September eleventh was very strange. I still went to school, and by third period we were all questioning what in the world was going on. The school insisted we go on with another day, but we were all talking about it, anyway. My teacher was having her 30th birthday, but there were a bunch of black streamers that made the whole experience very different. I remember my friends walked in that morning saying what's up? and walked out saying the same phrase a TOTALLY different way. On September 11, I had homework. I ate dinner. I fell asleep as more perished under the collapsed section of the pentagon and the ruined towers. I still don't understand it. I never totally will. But I konw I will always remember it.
Erin | 13 | Ohio

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