#184 | Thursday, October 4th, 2001
I had played a music gig on September 10 that had gone especially well. We were all in high spirits, and I in fact had too many spirits and awoke the next morning not wanting to go to work. With no sick days left I called my boss to buy a half hours extra sleep with the "subway is backed up" excuse. As I write this I am starting to feel the hurt and distress build it's way back to the surface, knowing now that was the last "normal" moment I have had since. It was shortly thereafter that my phone starting ringing. My girlfriend asked if I'd heard about the WTC buildings collapsing. Like so many, my assumption was that the word "collapse" was hyperbole. If only. My boss called shortly thereafter to tell me not to come to our office downtown, that the financial district of San Francisco was shut down. I got my sick day to recover from a hangover after all, and the next day too. Unfortunately, I haven't felt healthy since.
Mike W | 29 | California

#185 | Thursday, October 4th, 2001
On September 11th 2001, I began my day as usual, I woke up, watched the news and part of the Today show and went to school. Towards the middle of second period where I was at a study at the Revere High School, Revere, Ma, sophomore, an announcement was made over the P.A. system stating that a plane had crashed into the world trade center in New York. They said that the building was on fire. From the tone of my principal's voice, everyone could tell that this was not good. They said that there would be tv's set up in the Cafateria and Library. Since my class was within feet of the Cafateria I decided to go and see what was on the news. I couldn't have been in there more than two minutes when from the left hand side of the television, came a plane, out the right side came a ball of fire. The entire room went silent. A room that had about 50 people at the time was completely silent. Then almost at once everyone realized what had happened and gasped for no one could believe it. For the rest of the day i did not leave that room. I stayed by the tv, because everytime i thought of leaving something happened, the pentagon was hit, the building collapsed. It was a very sick feeling in my stomach. Then they had made a comment that they did not know if this was the end, then they announced all building evacuations in Boston. I knew my parents were both home from work, but i was still worried. It took me until about 11:45 to get in touch with my mother. her and my father were ok at home watching on tv. then they had said that there were planes still un accounted for and that anyplace could be a target. The whole school was focused on this event. classes were so mellow that if you didn't show up you were excused because you were watching the news. i am 15 years old, and have never seen anything so disturbing in my life. I felt scared, and sad. I felt for the victims and their families. this event was so big in my life, that I will always know where i was, September eleventh, two thousand one.
Al B. | 15 | Massachusetts

#186 | Friday, October 5th, 2001
I was working at 17 Battery Place on the 11th floor. It was a very frightening day for everyone. The tremendous loss of life is one of the worst tragedy's I have witnessed in my life. My heart is with the families of those who lost a loved one in the WTC Disaster. Lets all work together to keep living our lives and not let terrorism win.
Anthony M. Capriotti | 23 | New York

#187 | Saturday, October 6th, 2001
I got the news when I was in science class. Our principal came on the PA and told us that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center Towers, and one had hit the Pentagon. At first everyone was like "what? yeah whatever" and they were joking about it at lunch. But when we got to our first afternoon class, our teacher was in the room watching the news. About three calsses came in and watched with us, and at that time no one was laughing. I guess the reality really didn't sink in until we saw the first image of the towers collapsing. It was taken from the middle of a street. People were running from a huge cloud of thick brown dust. You could just make out the shape of the building as it came violently down to street level. When I got home, my dad said that I will never forget this day. And he's right.
Thomas Banfai | 13 | Canada

#188 | Saturday, October 6th, 2001
that was my first thought.
then came the tears.
i was watching it ALL on TV.
my friend called me in the morning to tell me what was going on. I didnt even bother going to school. i knew they would close down our university. hell, they even closed down my job location. the big ol' Bank of america clocktower in San Francisco.

I love my country. i just became a citizen. i would die for this country, for what it represents, for what it stands for, and for the simple fact that it is a nation founded under God.
carlo orozco | 20 | California

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