#1813 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
i were in sepember 11th in home and i skrid i dond no but in my cantry have a all the time the tror and im sory very sory good bay good bay world i dont no
2+2+2+2+2 boom so whte do you do new
i dont no and i dont no
ELAY RAVID | 17 | Israel

#1814 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was at work as usual. I received word from my wife, who happened to be home sick that day, that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I assumed it was a small, private plane that had gone out of control. I told several co-workers about it and they assumed the same thing. Some time later, my wife called me in a state of panic because she was watching on TV and told me that no, it was a jet, and the tower was burning. Soon after, we received word that a second plane had hit the other tower and we all knew that this was a terrorist attack.

Someone from my office ran home to get a TV and a bunch of us sat around in stunned silence while watching the images on the screen.

My personal reaction was one of absolute anger and desire for retribution. I cannot help it, that's the kind of person I am. That same day, I bought a car flag and promised to fly it from then on.

Every time I drive past the familiar New York skyline and see that the towers are no longer there, I feel a tremendous sense of sadness and then one of anger. I hope that the government and citizens of the United States never stop hunting for those who were involved.

Todd Staruch
Uniion, NJ
Todd Staruch | 34 | New Jersey

#1815 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was sleeping. I remember hearing my dad slam the door as he came back from work. I just thought he had forgotten his lunch or keys or something like that. Little did I know he heard the news on the radio and turned around to see the live telecasts on TV. I was drifting in and out of sleep but I remember hearing my Mom, Dad, and grandma talking animatedly. I was hearing words like “Newark Airport” and “Los Angeles” and “crash” and “Twin Towers”. It wasn’t until my phone rang at around 8:50 that I found out what was happening. My boyfriend was on the line and he kept on asking me if I knew what had happened and he kept on saying “oh my God”. I put on the TV and began clicking around through the channels. I couldn’t believe a plane had crashed into the Twin Towers. I got out of bed and joined the millions and millions of people around the world watching the events unfold that morning on TV.
Danielle | 23 | New Jersey

#1816 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I arrived at my office & was told by coworkers that the first of the two buildings had been hit. We all thought it was some sort of error - certainly not a terrorist attack against the US. My office happens to overlook the Pentagon, and when it was hit, our building shook. Afterwards, we could see black smoke just pouring out of the Pentagon. That was enough for me. I left work & rushed over to my daughter's daycare provider. She was just 5 months old at the time. For the rest of the day I just stayed in my home & watched these horrific acts over and over again on the television, cradling my little baby girl in my arms thinking, My God, what will happen to us all? Will my daughter get to grow up in a world filled with terrorist attacks? I saved many articles & memories for her to have when she is older. I am sure she will have to learn about this in school which is so sad to me. To this day I still think of those poor innocent people & it brings tears to my eyes. God Bless us and God Bless America!
Cristin | 25 | Virginia

#1817 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I remember Spetember 11th like it was yesterday. I had just dropped off my son at school and was on my way home with my younger son. I turned on the tv and saw the first plane in the tower. My curiousity turned into horror when I realized that MY country was under attack. I cried and wanted to pretend it didnt happen. I appreciate my country and my family more so today then I did a year ago. Life is precious enjoy it while you can.
Heather Starks | 30 | Illinois

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