#1803 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I had just found out on Sept. 1 that I was pregnant with my second child. I was already an emotional wreck when the attacks occured. I was at the elementary school where I was working at the time when our gym teacher entered the computer lab and told us the news. I thought a pilot had maybe had a heart attack or something. Then, I found out about the other attacks, and I started crying. I wanted so badly to get my husband and my little boy and hold them and tell them how precious they were to me. For the next week, I was glued to the t.v and when I was in my car I had it on the radio. It's such a tragedy, but it made me realize how precious and fragile life is. God bless all of the victims and their loved ones!! God Bless the USA!
Roblyn Yeatts | 23 | Virginia

#1804 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
When the news came of the horor that occured in New York, I was in history class. My teacher had just finished explaining the aftermath of a nuclear blast hitting Toronto, and we bagan to talk about WW3. A few seconds into the conversation, your student concellour came in, and called my teacher over. In the same way that president Bush was later shown being told the news. We then dirrected our attention to my car, and my class gathered to listen on the radio. When the second period began, I could not stan still. I rushed to a classroom which had a radio, and I listen. By 11 am, I couldn't take it any longer. I went home, a mear 20 min drive, and watched the towers collapse as CNN was showing them. Then, I felt that it wasn't fair that no one at school could se this, so I grabed my small 11 inch tv, which had a much needed antenna, and I went back to school. The reception was poor, and we only got one channel, but all afternoon, classes came into the classroom i had set up the tv to watch. I'll never forget that day. EVER.
Will Daigneault | 18 | Canada

#1805 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I live in California, so when the first plan hit I was asleep. I had my alarm set to have the radio wake me up and about 6:05 am on Sept 11 I herd the news. It didn't seem like it was happening, I ran downstairs and told my mom to turn the news on. I watched it with her then listened to it on the radio on my way to school. When I got to college everyone was talking about it. And then after school, it was work. I was in complete shock and it didn't set in untill a day later. I have family in the D.C. and NY area, I called my mom who eventually got back to me to tell me everyone was ok. The next couple of weeks I watched the news and now with the anniversary coming, I feel like it's happening again.
Briana N Mattis | 20 | California

#1806 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
Someone came into our office and said that there had been something happening in america,
"what kind of thing"
"Oh just some kind of plane crash".
When I got home I thought I would put the television on just to see what had happened with the "plane Crash". The fist thing I saw was the World Trade Centre collapsing and throughout that night I got this image again and again and each time it made me feel more and more sick. I thought that a year on the I would be able to watch it again, but I can't. This September 11th we will see these images again and again and I won't be able to watch it. I will never get over how I felt then and I still feel the same today.
Margaret colbeck | 36 | United Kingdom

#1807 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I remember walking down to the cafeteria at work to get a bagel and as I passed the television in the lobby that is always tuned to CNN they were showing a maternity fashion show. Then on my way back from the cafeteria CNN was showing the North Tower ablaze. In the time it took me to get a bagel 3,000 people were doomed to a horrific death.
Jim Larkin | 39 | New Jersey

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