#1798 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
That morning is forever etched in my mind and soul. I was ready to turn the news off, my hand was on the control when a special report came on. I hesitated then decided to see what it was. I could not believe what I was seeing. I stood there..rooted in front of the tv with my hand on my throat and watched as the towers fell. As the plane crashed. As the news media people struggled to tell us what was happening.
The tears came from my eyes so heavily and so fast I had to blink several times before I could see again. When I finally realized what they were saying was that we had been attacked, my thoughts flew to my daughter in the Navy. Even tho I knew I wouldnt be able to get thru to her, I tried calling her anyway over and over again, all the while praying like I had never in my life had done before. Where was she? Was she alright? So many horrible, awful thoughts went thru my mind during the next hours.
I couldnt turn the tv off, I was afraid to. And yet, I was afraid to leave it on too.
I kept trying to get my daughter on the phone but with no luck. No calls were allowed into the base and only official calls were going out. I knew this, but it did nothing to ease my fears.
I called my mother and together, we cried as we watched the devastation happening.
I told her about my terror for her grand-daughter and she tried to calm me as best she could. We cried together for hours that day. I finally heard from my precious daughter 48 hours later when they were finally allowed to make a quick phone call.
I have not watched tv alone since that day. And I will not watch the news anymore. I get my information online, where I can choose to see the vid clips or not. I can still see the flames and smoke from New York City. I can still hear the cracking voices from the news reporters. My heart still skips several beats when I think of that awful day in our history.
Kathy | 43 | United States

#1799 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was sitting at my computer making up games for my daycare children when it came over the news. I was in shock as was the rest of the world. I sat and prayed holding on to my children. I prayed for those who were lost, and for those families who lost loved ones. I prayed that they would be able to save more and that those trying to save would be safe. I cried over the loss and I tried to explain it all to those children who could understand. We took up a collection for the NYFD and Salvation Army to assist the families.
The children are all going to wear red, white and blue on 9-11 to show their support. Gods Be to all.
Deb L | 46 | Michigan

#1800 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was in college, just waking up to get ready for my first class. The first thing I do is turn on the tv and on that day, in every channel, were news about terrorist attacks in New York City.

The school was so different that morning; everyone was quiet, classes have been cancelled and in my residence hall, students were glued to the tv, watching, waiting for good news about family and/or friends.

My friend told me that you can see what was happening across the Hudson River from on top of our parking deck. So he and I went; there were other students there too. And we saw smoke obliterating all of lower Manhattan, not the usual magnificent view of the two towers.

I was so concerned for the well-being of others (I was a Resident Assistant at that time) - I saw the concern of my residents and fellow students on their faces - I forgot that my Dad's birthday is that day also.

My cell phone was no use, because I couldn't get through and they advised everyone to limit the use of their cell phones because people at Ground Zero may be trying to use their cell phones to call for help.

But I myself needed reassurance and so I tried calling; when I got through w/ my call w/ my Dad, all I could think of was to ask if everyone (in my family) was ok...I completely forgot to wish him a happy birthday...

Charisma Mendoza | 23 | New Jersey

#1801 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
The morning of September 11, 2001 started off as any other Tuesday morning does in my small town in southwest Missouri. I went to my classroom at the school where I work and was preparing myself for the day when a teacher across the hall asked me if I had heard about the "accident" at the World Trade Center. At that time, of course, only the first building had been hit. I turned on the TV in my classroom, and sat and watched in awe as the second plane crashed...heard the news that the Pentagon had been hit...watched as the first building fell and then the second. I remember feeling so much pain for the families of those people who had lost their lives. Even so far away in Missouri, we felt the fear that those people felt...the sheer terror of it all. September 11, 2001 is a day that is etched in my mind and in my heart forever.
Jennifer King | 26 | Missouri

#1802 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was in front of the television, eating breakfast and preparing to leave for my first postgraduate course of the new semester. My thoughts just before the attack were on the upcoming class, and the fact that my beloved NY Giants had lost on Monday Night football the previous evening. I sat transfixed in front of the television the entire day, shaking my head side to side and wondering how many people I knew who were trapped in the towers. I later learned that I lost three friends that morning, and when I heard the news, the Giants loss and my college classes became very insignificant to me. They still are, today.

God Bless the victim's families, and our country as well.
Herbert Porter | 47 | New Jersey

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