#1773 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
On September 11, 2001, I got ready for school and got on the bus like every other day, but I did not know what America, my fellow school mates and I were in for. When I got to school I went to my locker, chatted with a few of my friends and went to my social studies teacher's room. That week we were doing our CTBS testing. We began our testing like the day before, but it would not be the same at all.
I was on Math Section B: question 14, when all of a sudden my teacher's cell phone rang. It was her sister. I was in the third row back: around ten to twelve feet away, and I could still hear her sister screaming into the phone, "A plane crashed into a building!"
My teacher turned on the tv and turned it to the news. She told us all to stop and watch the tv. It sounded pretty weird to have your teacher tell you to stop testing and watch tv. I figured it must be really important so I did.
My teacher told my friend to go to the teacher next door and tell her to turn on the news and to tell her it is important. My teacher called the principal and told him what had happened because we were the only people in the intire building that knew about it. About the time she hung up the phone the second plane hit, and I saw it. My teacher told us that if we needed to go out in the hallway that we could. No one did. They were fixed on the tv. Looking at it in horror. A couple of girls began to cry.
The principal came on the announcments and told all of the teachers to turn on their tv's. As soon as he did that all you could hear was the news broadcasts. He came on the announcements and said that if anyone wanted to call their parents that they could and that their parents could come and pick them up.
The next bell rang and everyone ran to their next classes not wanting to miss any news. No one in my class even brought their books to class. The teacher was standing out in the hallway. Without her permission one of the kids turned on the tv. We heard about the plane hitting the Pentagon and then about the plane crashing in Pennslvania. The two boys sitting next to me, my two friends, the boys who said they never cry, were crying. I began to cry as well.
The lunch bell rang, but nobody left. We were all still watching the tv. Finally, my friend wispered to me, asking me if I wanted to go to the cafeteria with her. I gladly accepted.
The rest of the day was basically tv. Until science class where my idiot teacher would not let us watch it. He even gave us homework, nobody did it.
Finally, it was time to go home. The principal announcad that there would not be any after school activitys and that everyone was to ride the bus home unless their parents were coming to pick then up. The bus ride home was extremely quiet. When I did get home I turned on the tv immediately and watched the 7th building fall to the ground. I heard a huge bang that shook my entire house. I immediately thought that we had been bombed. I decided to go outside. I looked around and saw a plane flying south and two smaller planes flying beside it. The president was flying over my house. They were breaking the sound berrior and that is what made the huge bang.
I went back inside and saw the vidoes of the people begging the people in the next building to help them and the videos of the people jumping out of the World Trade Centers. Then I got sick. I could not stand to see someone falling to their death.
September 11,2001 was the day that changed my life.

Whitney O. | 12 | Indiana

#1774 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was in Jersey City, NJ at Exchange Place going to work at the World Trade Center. That was our home. It was from there that I saw the horror first hand. I'll never forget that sight and sound. God bless all. Never forget and never stop until we find those heartless bastards that did this.
Paul Del Priore | 48 | New Jersey

#1775 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
On the morning of the attacks I was asleep. I over slept and rushed out of bed and got my daughter off to school...my radio was tuned to KGO radio..its a news channel in the bay area. I couldn't believe my ears... I dropped my daughter off at school and returned home..I rushed in to see the news..and at that moment I knew what real fear is, they were talking about a second plane that was on its way to San Francisco..I was horrified and Panic set in...where was this plane and was it on its way here? Did they have anything else planned? Are they going to kill my family next? I was and still am choked up when I think of that day in September...For those who died and for the children.here are no words that can decribe the wide range of feelings that the Terrorists brought to America that September day...I just know that when our American heart heals there will still be a big ugly scar left by those murders. God bless this World.
Lauren | 31 | California

#1776 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was at work and a coworker came by to tell a plane hit the Twin Towers. I thought it was a terrible joke..I ran to the TV room in time to see the second plane hit.
While the TV recapped all the events that just occurred I looked at all my coworkers who crammed into the TV room. I looked at their faces while they were seeing life change before them. I thought at this moment," We were being attacked by land..WORLD WAR III had occurred." I was in shock. War had come to us and we would now have to protect ourselves.
My thoughts went to my children who were in school. I was wondering if that they were safe and what plans I needed to make to get them.I heard there were more planes in the air uncounted for. I wonder if Tallahassee would be hit because the President Brother was here, Jeb Bush.
My thoughts went to the people who were hurt and injured...I could not imagine how NY would handle all those people who were hurt.Not realizing that the building would crumble before my eyes.
That people would be lost forever that day.
I was in horror seeing my fellow Americans running to save their lives, running over the bridge.And when the buildings crumbled, I was in absolute horror.All those people trapped and hurt. Fireman, police, emergency workers..all trapped, dead, and missing.
I thought that I could hurt no more, cry no more until they pulled out the fireman's Priest's body pulled out. Then seeing the people holding pictures and signs up looking for their lost relatives..
My heart broke in pieces that day. Those people, anyone of them , could have been me. I felt their anguish, their terror, their sadness and grief.I prayed to the Lord to give them strength to cope through this horror.
I thought about the day Japan invaded Pearl Harbor and wondered if my mother felt this same way and wondered what she thought seeing this in the last year of her life.
Now after a year later, after we recovered everyone we could, we rebuilt the Pentagon, and give homage to all the brave AMERICANS who lost their lives. We are now talking about attacking Iraq.
I pray that our leaders will act cautiously. I don't want another mother, dad, brother , sister, husbands or wives, experience a loss like this extend every again.
I don't have the answers to make these terrorists pay. I do know that on September 11, 2001, a piece of my heart was permanently broken..
May God Bless America!!

Phyllis Powell | 49 | Florida

#1777 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
September 11th, for me like many, started out as an ordinary day. I got up that morning and went to school. It was toward the end of my first period class that our principal came into the room with a look on his face I will never forget. It was like I could tell what he was going to say before he said it. He montioned for our World Geography teacher to come to him in the back corner of the room. As they whispered to each other the teacher got the same look on his face as I had seen on the principals. The teacher said nothing in return but instead walked to the other corner of the room to turn on the TV. At the time only the first tower had been hit. We watched in complete silence for 20 minutes before having to change classes. In the next class the teacher did not have the TV on and did not talk about the events, either she thought it would upset us or she didnt have knowledge of it. Next was lunch. Even though the lunch room was filled with 100 some teenagers, there was complete silence. An erie silence. After that I went to my Tech/Computer class. Our teacher, a former marine, was in disbelief but was very coperative in telling us of the days events. We watched CNN and saw the people running out of the buildings and around the block. I remember checking several times that day to see if I was having a nightmare -- because what I was seeing seemed like an episode of the twlight zone. The last period that day was Algebra class. As I walked into the class our teacher had his head on his desk -- I felt like doing the same. He told us that the amount of people that died that day were several times that of Pearl Harbor. It was hard to grasp all the information being put out by the teachers and media that day. It was a day I will alsways remember very vividley, and a day none of us will ever forget. God Bless America.
Ryan | 14 | Virginia

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