#1768 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was ill at home when my dad called me ,he said that something was wrong in America and he told me to turn on the TV.I turned on CNN and watched the first tower burning like hell,suddenly the second tower was hit by the second plane,it was live on CNN and I just went on with my things,it took me a couple hours to realize what happened and all I could do was cry,scream and just sit there with my mouth wide open.
It went on and on,America,the country of freedom was attacked,the country where hopes and dreams come true ,I just couldn't believe it.
As I flipped over the channels I saw Bin Laden fans party,thrilled with this tragedy.
I'm not an American,but I always felt connected to America ,more than to The Netherlands,The Netherlands is weak and America is a country of patriotism,a country that's good for my people(I felt bad about not being a Israeli or something because they really mourned,their flag hung half-mast)
The attacks are always in the back of my mind,we have to help all the family of the victims,support America and it's friends and help them with the war against terrorism.
Americans can be proud of their country.

Peace and God bless America.
Noah | 14 | Netherlands

#1769 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I Remember sep 11 2001 in two ways, first at 4:00 AM my wife went into labor with our second son Zackery Tyler Wellman. He was born at 6:35 on that terrible day; second I was in the recovery room with my wife when the attack on the twin towers started. I was so happy on one hand and I was shocked and appalled on the other it is still very confusing.
George Wellman | 34 | West Virginia

#1770 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
On that Tuesday morning, I was sleeping in because I didn't have class until 3:30pm. At around 10am I just heard someone down the hall in my door hall scream "ohh my god!!" At first I thought that it was someone just acting silly..but regardless something about it made me get up and go out into the hallway. My friends had their doors open and I walked into one of the rooms. Still dazed and confused from just waking up, I looked at the TV and I seriously didn't realize what was going on. Everyone was just dead silent and some people were crying. Then my best friend came over to me and said "they rammed a plane into the towers" I couldn't believe it. Nobody went to class that day. We all sat around talking and comforting each other. I had called my parents crying b/c after all of the chaos..all I wanted was to be with them. Plus, my brother is a police officer and that day has made me appreciate what he does even more. I'll never forget september 11 and the way everyone else and I felt. My heart goes out to the victims and the families and they are always in my prayers and have my love and admiration for being strong.
Laura | 19 | Illinois

#1771 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
on september 11th i was at school, and we were in the middle of class changes. I heard people talking about how a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. When i got to my next class the TV was on, and i saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center. I had an immediate feeling for revenge. im also half middle eastern so i wasnt sure if my dad would be affected.
alex | 14 | Tennessee

#1772 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
On Sept 11, 2001, I had woke up to get ready for work...at first it was just a normal day. I got in my car, turned it on, and the radio reported what was happening. I work for a major airline in Kansas City, MO. I assumed it was a small aircraft that hit the World Trade Center, and didn't realize the extent of the attacks. As more and more info was reported, I realized it was a commerical jet. After work that day, I had planned to fly to Sacramento to visit my girlfriend, and had brought my luggage w/ me to work. I called her assuming everything was okay and I'd be able to fly out there. I then called up to work and asked a coworker what was going on. She told me that we were on a system-wide ground stop, meaning no flights were allowed to take-off. When I finally got to work, I remember walking by a gate and seeing several passengers huddled around the TV's in the gate areas. I had not seen any of the live footage and it was something that I never could have imagined. I went into the back offices, and several coworkers were congregated in the breakroom in shock by the events unfolding on TV. We got the word from the FAA that they were grounding all flights for the rest of the day. I went to the gate areas and made the announcements to the passengers that we were ceasing operations for the rest of the day. After we emptied out the gates, and the passengers left, we had absolutely nothing to do. Most of us just watched TV the rest of the day. I have never seen the airport that empty before. A coworker and I went walking around the ramp side and it was so eerie to hear nothing. An airport is always noisy, always background noise...but there was nothing. I remember the sound of a soda can blowing across the concrete, heard from about 30 yards away. That day, obviously, I never got to Sacramento to see my girlfriend. I ended up staying at work until midnight in conference calls w/ our headquarters. I could hardly stay awake on the way home...I was so exhausted from all the emotions of the day. It was definitely a day I can never forget.
Brian | 26 | Missouri

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