#174 | Saturday, September 29th, 2001
I was asleep when it happened as it was around 11:45pm Australian time. When I found out the next morning, it didn't affect me immediately because I didn't comprehend the extent of what had happened. The footage they shown on television over and over and over again reminded me of a movie and I felt detatched from it. When I got to school it was all anyone could talk about. A million rumours flew around and I still wasn't exactly sure what had happened. The one thing that made it real to me was not seeing the plane fly into the Trade Center over and over but the interviews with mothers and children wondering if their fathers were alive. The crying and shocked faces brought tears to my eyes when I finally realised the extent of what had happened. I may live hours upon hours away from the tradegy but that doesn't mean I am any less affected by it. One of my teachers came to school almost in tears but held a strong face for us, his friend had been in the World Trade Center on that day. No one will ever forget that day and everyone is forever changed by it.
Bel | 18 | Australia

#175 | Saturday, September 29th, 2001
At 9:00 AM I was headed to do my grocery shopping. With my son in the car he asked to listen to music. So I turn to our usual station, and all I hear is gasping and then the radio announcer states that a plane has the WTC. Well after a few minutes, they state another plane has hit the other tower. I was like Oh, my God, how can they joke about such a thing!!! At about 9:10 I arrive at the grocery store and they have already set up a TV in the lobby and there they were the Towers in smoke!! I hurry through my shopping and as I'm coming out I hear on the same TV that a plane hit the pentagon. I immediately rush home. I don't even get the groceries out of the car. My son jumps out and we run in the house. I immediately switched from cartoons to the News. At that point the first Tower had collapsed and we saw the second collapse.. I was terrified! What I thought was a joke, actually happened and no words can express the feelings I have about this. A lot of mixed emotions..
Sarah | 24 | New York

#176 | Saturday, September 29th, 2001
8:30 am I got to work on 22nd st. and 5th ave. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. It seemed like everyone was in a good mood. I put on my headphones and listened to Howard Stern. 15 minutes later a co-worker taps me on the shoulder I turn around. There it was! Right outside my window! The first tower was hit. We all thought it was an accident, an unbelievable one at that. Other co-workers had heard the plane fly overhead. I was actually thinking of going down there to see it up close. Then it happened, the second plane hit. We all grew silent. We all knew it was not an accident.
Fear, was all I could feel, not knowing what else was yet to come. We all watched as the towers burned. It was only 9:30 and I had an awful feeling that it was not over. The pentagon next. Helicopters were now flying over us. No one knew if there were more planes coming. I just sat at my desk shaking. Others cried. All I wanted was to get home to Brooklyn. Next I tried to get in contact with my mother and sister. My mother was ok but my sister, who works downtown, was not accounted for. She would have been on the train when it all happened. Even though I wanted to get out I had to make sure my sister was okay. It was not until 1:30 that my sister finally was able to call. She was stuck on the train but would be able to go home soon. I was now able to leave.
The walk to escape Manhatten led only one way, towards the towers, which as this point, were completely gone from the skyline. All there was was smoke. People were helping each other handing out water and wet paper towels to cool off.
In chinatown unfortunately, the price of water suddenly rose as well as slippers for walking. I was disgusted with the behavior of the people in that neighborhood.
Eventually I got to the bridge and walked with thousands of others. Looking over the smoke and the dust, hoping to see those towers return. Every few minutes a helicopter could be heard. I was still shaking in fear of another attack, this time on the bridge.
I eventually did get to Brooklyn to see cops everywhere. People donating blood and so many other great things! I am really proud to be a New Yorker.
I am now ready to return to a normal life. All I wish for is the unstoppable force of America destroying Bin Ladden and the Taliban!
Viktorya B | 24 | New York

#177 | Saturday, September 29th, 2001
I'm a journalist, and I'm recovering from a bout last year with a potentially deadly disease. So I'm back living at home, but I live in a seperate apartment from my family, so no one bothers me and I generally have all of the privacy I need.

On Tuesday morning, my mother ran into my room. "I know you're a news buff... I think you need to see this." Now, I have games with many of my media friends -- games where we'll Instant Message or email each other, with subject lines like "NEWSFLASH!" and such. In the desperate search to out-do each other over the years, the NEWSFLASHES had ranged from the mundane to the impossible. The Concorde crashed? Oh my God. David Wells was traded? Big deal.

My mother had never done this to me before. And since she lived through VietNam and men walking on the moon and Kennedy being killed, I knew it was serious.

The news started off by saying "something must've gone wrong with the navigation systems." No, no way, man. I've lived in New Jersey all my life, and everyone just KNOWS... planes don't fly that low, that close to the city.

So where was I? In bed, feeling unbelievably numb, holding on to my pillow and praying to God that everyone would live. It was a stark change from the past year's worth of my praying -- hoping that *I* would just live.

I've been numb ever since. Somebody stole my friends, my freedom and my skyline. And America will never be the same again.
Jon | 28 | New Jersey

#178 | Sunday, September 30th, 2001
September 11th 2001 (130pm uk time)
I was at work, feeling excited because myself and my best friend were going on holiday tomorrow for a week - to escape the reality of work and everyday life.Then the news came thru about what was happening in america.My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears.At the end of July this year, i spent one of the best weekends of my life in New York City, doing all the touristy things, seeing the sites, visiting a few bars and meeting the people, i didnt want to come home.I still find it hard to believe that an act of pure evil and hatred has changed one of the most amazing sites ive ever seen forever.My thoughts are with those who have lost family, friends and to all of those who fought so bravely to find surviors.But there is one thing that has stood out amongst all this tradegy and has inspired many british people and that is the way everyone has united together to get thru this evil.The site of the fire fighters putting up an american flag amongst the wreckage of the WTC will live with me forever.
I am not a particularly religious person, but my thoughts and prayers are with everybody who this tradegy has touched.
New York is a city i loved......and will continue to love and visit, we will not let the evil people responsible for this tragedy win this battle.
Kerry | 22 | United Kingdom

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