#1698 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
When the terrorist attacks occurred, I was sitting at my desk, waiting for the teacher to give directions. My friend raises his hand, and tells the teacher that a plane just hit the building. Everyone, not understanding what my friend just said, ran to the window. We saw something we would never forget. Both of the Twin Towers were on fire. Non of us knew what had happened. We just managed to stand there. It seemed to me that non of us even said anything. I guess we were all just really scared. My teacher said that there was probably just a fire. But we knew that it wasn't just a fire. We all felt that something had happened. About half an hour later, they had collapsed. Right before our eyes. To a bunch of fifth graders, it felt depressing to watch. And the fact that I had to watch it from my classroom window was even worse.

At that time i was in Brooklyn, NY. I had a perfect view of the Twin Towers, but i really noticed them on Sept.11,2001
Marta | 11 | New York

#1699 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
I was at school the day of the attacks. Like most of the country, many of us were in complete shock. It was all we could do to go to whatever classes were that morning. There were many vigils and class discussions for the next several weeks. Personally, I was scared, partly for my family, partly for my friends. I was scared for one friend in particular. He's in the National Guard and I still hope that he has not been sent over.
Noelle | 21 | New Hampshire

#1700 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
I was on my way with my wife to visit her family in Britain on September first 2001. During our lay over in Boston we commented on the bad service we received there and the poor facilities. Giving it no further thought we continued on to our destination Norwich England. We actually stayed in great Yarmouth with family and were on a shopping sabatical to Norwich on 9-11. That morning at breakfast I mentioned to my wife that today September 11th was my mother's and brother's birthday. Out of deep respect for both I silently said a prayer for them. Upon our return to Great Yarmouth from Norwich I made my way to the local newsagent for a copy of the USA Today Newspaper. I had made this trip everyday to keep up with American baseball. Upon entering the news shop the newsagent called me over to personally inform me of the events in New York and Washington. I was stunned at first but my 38 years experience in the military gave me the insight as to what the military reaction would be back home. My wife was shocked by the events and gave immediate attention to our our two sons on active duty at the time. We watched the proceeding on TV till we had to return home to the USA. Needless to say we were concerned making that flight back home. I didn't tell the wife till later that I was praying we would not see any military aircraft pull up alongside our plane. The wife as a child went through the Battle of Britain and I Pearl Harbor. 9-11 a day to go down with other memorable events for sure.
Mr William I Day | 67 | Mississippi

#1701 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
I was in my senior year of high school. 2nd hour, I went into the classroom, which was Foods. One of the guys in my class announced that earlier a plane hit the World Trade Center. I thought that he was joking. Several other people confirmed it. They were in the classrooms at the time of this, while I was outside marching w/ the band, and this came as a total shocker. During the whole day at school, the TV was on the entire time, and everyone stayed glued to it. It was a lot to handle- disbelief, shock, anger, so much was going through everyone's heads, that we didn't know what to think. We wondered, even though we were far away from where the terrorists seemed to be targeting, we wondered where are they going to hit next, would they hit a small town such as ours. For the whole week and awhile after, we talked of it, still in disbelief. This is something I will tell my children about when I have them and when they are old enough to understand- to let them know the fear and everything that came with this. I prayer to God that nothing ever happens like this again, that no ones senior year of high school is so marked by such an event as this...
Stacy Mieure | 18 | Illinois

#1702 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
I was 37 weeks pregnant with my daughter and had an appointment with my doctor at 10am on Sept.11. I had "Today" on while I was getting ready. They started talking about a plane hitting the WTC but there were so many questions. I listened to the radio on my way to the doctor. There was no music that day. When I got to the doctor's office, all the patients were huddled around a TV in the back of the waiting room. There was complete silence. We were all shocked, terrifed and saddened.

I was in active labor so i went over to the hospital to have my baby. My whole family showed up at the hospital. We were all so happy about the impending birth of a baby but so sad at the same time. I kept thinking "what kind of world am I bringing a baby into?". At 6:12 pm Abigail Marie arrived and my life was forever changed for the second time that day.

I was in the hospital for 3 days and the attack is all that was on TV and it was all everyone was talking about. It was such a sad, yet happy time for us.

A woman told me that Abby has the soul of someone who died in that attack. Apparently the sounds of people trapped at Ground Zero stopped in the evening.

My mother-in-law saves the paper from the day that each grandchild was born. 9-11-01 wass just another ordinary day when the paper was published. My mother-in-law saved the paper from 9-12-01 also.

We are having a red, white and blue 1st birthday party for Abby. I like to think that she gives people hope for the future when I tell them that she was born on 9-11-01.

God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home!!
Julie M. Whitlow | 32 | Indiana

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