#1693 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
I had been unemployed for three months before I finally found a job. Half of this was my fault, because I wasn’t looking as hard as I should have, really. It was nice to be fiscally secure for a short period of time, and enjoy life without having to report to work.

I tugged myself out of bed minutes before 7:00 MST. I was going back to work next Monday and decided to condition myself to getting out of bed with the rest of the world. My pet cat, which has since passed away, stretched and continued to sleep. I wanted to join him, but clicked on the television instead.

The local newscaster said that there appeared to be an accident at the World Trade Center in New York. The “Today” show will have more details…

After watching the whole thing live on TV, I couldn’t handle anymore by 10:00 MST. I needed to do something, because watching this was unreal, like I didn’t belong to this world. I left my home, and went to the local discount store for some dish soap. I think I needed just to be with people, comparing the price of toothpaste, or something.

There was no traffic. There were only a few scattered cars in the parking lot. When I walked into the store, it was empty, not even the workers were anywhere to be seen. I supposed that they were in Electronics, watching television.

I didn’t find out. I went right back home.

This is what scared me; and that there was and is the chance we as a nation would not overcome.

I sat on the couch, under a blanket my mother made for me.

What else could I do?
Corey | 25 | Colorado

#1694 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
God Bless America!
I will never forget the second I heard and realized the impact of the diaster. I was sitting with my 24 kindergarten students during snack and I was enjoying listening to them chat with one another when my assistant rushed outside to tell me. Our principal called all the teachers to the library for a meeting and a word of prayer. For that moment, we were all one- not separated by differences in teaching methods or religion. We held hands and cried as our principal prayed. It was a very somber moment. For weeks and weeks I fell into a depression. I made my 4 year old son sleep with my husband and I because I was scared and wanted my loved ones close. I felt guilt when anything good happened to me or when I laughed. I was glued to CNN and other news broadcast. Because of my age, it was the first time I ever really thought about not having the freedom we Americans are so blessed with. It was the first time I felt threatened. It was an awful feeling and it consumed me. It was a combination of those 24 students, my family & God that kept me from going into a deeper depression. It tested my faith and made me ‘walk the talk’. I always said that God was in control, but now I had to give it to Him. I still see the images in my head sometimes at night when I close my eyes. I cannot imagine the pain that people who lost loved ones must feel. I didn’t know a soul that perished in the tragedy, but my soul aches for them. A year has flown by and I am grateful for all the blessings God has bestowed upon me- a better understanding of what being an American is, a better appreciation for those that have fought and lost their lives for our country, a closeness with my students that is unique and a beautiful baby daughter born June 14th- flag day! God is alive and working!
Amy Landfair | 29 | Mississippi

#1695 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
Last year I was in the army (in Israel) and while I was waiting for the bus to come back home my brother called to my cellular (The time in Israel was 4:30 PM)and told me about the disaster and I was shocked, I came to my house and watched T.V and saw the WTC in the historic moments.
And now, one year after the disaster I still can't belive that such a thing happened in the peaceful country- U.S.A

I love NY (although my last visit in NY was in 1998).

I will remember this tragedy for the rest of my life although I'm not American, but I feel belong.
Shir | 20 | Israel

#1696 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
My husband and I were eating breakfast, watching the Today show-we heard about the first plane, and like so many Americans, thought "how could any commuter plane do that?" and then with horror and silence, watched the second plane deliberately hit the Tower-disbelief? Yes--and denial-hey..I was ready to go compete in a Richmond Ladies Surburban League Tennis match and after all, this is America, so how could anything be wrong. I grbbed my racket, purse, got in the car--all so very normal--in the fifteen minutes it took me to reach the courts, I listened to the radio--denial--YES--THIS IS America--we don't have "stuff" like that here. But, it did happen, and a bunch of tennis-playing women reached out to one another, crying, I suppose, for the loss of innocence, not yet realizing the loss of lives for STILL, denial--how could anyone be murdered by terrorists HERE in our country. "OUR COUNTRY"---those words mean so much more to me than I can ever describe. With Sept. 11, 2002 just around the corner, I can feel the tears beginning to form for what was and what might still happen. My life has changed-every day I cherish my world, my husband, children, family and friends and will never again take my blessings for granted.
Pat Baker | 64 | Virginia

#1697 | Friday, September 6th, 2002
On 9/11, my daughter Linda from New York called and stated......did you know one of the towers was hit by an airplane? I said, yes, I heard about it on TV. As we were talking, she asked me, who do you think did it? I said a terrorist. Just at that moment the second airplane struck the other tower.
I screamed and stated to my daughter the second tower was hit. I just can't believe it. The rest of the day I was glued to the tv unable to believe what was happening right here in our country.
Richard E. Pelkey | 64 | Florida

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