#1663 | Wednesday, September 4th, 2002

#1664 | Wednesday, September 4th, 2002
As September 11th approaches I find myself reliving that day. Just images flash through my mind then...I remember how devastated I felt. Even now it is hard to write this down. I didn't know any of those thousands killed, injured or left to grieve. They were my countrymen, God's children and I was grieving along with the rest of America. To say I was shocked is almost to small a word to cover the multitude of feelings running through my body and mind.

Like most of my countrymen I was going through my regular routine, I don't usually turn on the TV until much later in the day, however my brother-in-law called and said to turn on the TV we were being attacked. I laughed at him and said that was a rude way to start the day, then he said it wasn't a joke. I turned on the TV and couldn't believe what was happening. As I watched a second plane flew by (I thought) then heard that it had hit the other tower...I just kept praying and crying. How could someone do this? What kind of person is capable of this?

Then my husband, a veteran of another war, gently took my hand and said a prayer for all of us. He knew it wasn't the end only the beginning, how right he was.

As we watched the rest of the day I left the ironing, washing and cooking go by the wayside, this was more important. I called the Red Cross that night and set up an appt to give blood the following day. A small thing to do, but it was something. Like most Americans that day I needed to feel like I could help.

We went to Church and prayed with our friends and family, that those lost that day and their families would be consoled by our heavenly Father. We called family and friends to tell them how much we loved them and then held on to each other as we realized how much our world had changed.

This September 11th I am tying a purple ribbon around my trees in remembrance and our Flag is still flying (1 year now), we will be saying prayers and of course we will remember.
God Bless the USA
Suzie Marcy | 48 | Oregon

#1665 | Thursday, September 5th, 2002
I was born 9/11/45, shortly after WWII ended. Nothing of huge importance seemed to have occurred on my birth date – something that nagged at me through the next 56 years. (Be careful what you wish for.)
On 9/11/01 I was at work in St. Petersburg Florida, trying to ignore my increased age when I heard someone say a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers. I imagined a small plane, a Cessna, perhaps flown by an errant pilot. A moment later I heard that the second plane had hit. I knew immediately that this was an intentional terrorist attack. I sat in horror with the rest of the world as the terrible events unfolded.
I have always loved my flag and have flown it proudly – especially during trying times such as the Gulf War.
It means much more to me now. I feel a certain kinship with others on the roads who have chosen to display our flag on their vehicles. Along with the deeply ingrained love of my country and my flag there is now a strong sense of defiance for those who would attempt to disrupt our freedom and our democracy. Don’t even try it.
I wrote the following poem for Aunt, a nephew, and myself who share birthdays on 9/11:

Conversations with God and Publix
(For Patrick, Sr. Marcy and me)

Part I. Conversation with God
Please, Sir, may I change my date of birth?
No, not the years
I've earned them - every one - for what it's worth
Just the date
Formerly inconspicuous, unobtrusive
Typed anonymously into the 254th square of my DayMinder ® calendar.
No war began or ended on that day
No Magna Charta signed
No pilgrim landed
No mention in the dusty tomes of history
Just the beginnings of three familial lives
Brought forth in consecutive generations
By couples seeking warmth and love on a December's night
But now
It doesn't seem right to celebrate a day
When towers burned like candles on a cake
And sacred ashes frosted the streets and
Seared the lungs and disbelieving eyes
Of those who prayed
That they could make a wish
And blow out those candles
And stop the fall of metal, glass and flesh
That wrapped those unexpected gifts to God
I understand
I know You must not undo what has been done
And anyway
To change a date
Is not the healing answer to the question
Instead we will stand strong and resilient
(The common American denominators)
And celebrate life
On a day so tragically marred by senseless destruction

Part II. Conversation with Publix:
“What colors shall I frost this cake for you?”
“Please, Sir, make it red and white and blue”.

© Cynthia Ann Conciatu, 2002

Cynthia Ann Conciatu | 57 | Florida

#1666 | Thursday, September 5th, 2002
I can remember it like it was yesterday!! I was sitting in my 2nd hour buisness class when another teacher told my teacher to turn on the news!!! At first it didnt really hit me what was going on!!! I never really thought that something so drastic could happen to the United States!!!! Then I was in 3rd hour English when the second plane hit!! I can remember my teacher crying because of all the people on the planes, and the innocent standbyers who were hurt or killed!!! I trid to get a holed of my parents but the lines were all busy!!! School basically stopped for the rest of the day!! There were TVs setup in every room!!!! Even in the cafetira so that people could see what was going on!!! Ever since that day nothing has really been the same!!! They tried to hurt Americas pride and destroy our unity!!! But to me they failed!!! They brought us more United and made us realize that life can be taken in a minute........ to take advantage of your life now!!! I think Septemeber 11th will forever be ingraved in the heads of teenagers!! For this is the first war that we have fully gotten to experince!!! I personally can not wait until the people who did this fianlly get their pay back!!!! Until then I will pray for the families who lost loved ones in this unfortunate attack!!!! God Bless America!!!
T | 17 | Florida

#1667 | Thursday, September 5th, 2002
I was at work on the morning of September 11, 2001 when I heard about the attacks. I work in the Receiving Unit and a vendor came in and told me about the 1st plane. She was really upset and had been crying. She went on to say that after the first plane hit, there was a second plane and at that point she knew it was a terrorist attack. I was stunned. The word started getting around at work and staff were watching little desktop TVs and turning on radios. Everyone was milling about talking and try to comfort each other. I remember thinking that my brother has an office at the Pentagon and he and his wife frequently have meetings there. I called my mom and she tried to get in touch with my brother, but the phone lines were down. He works for the Department of the Navy. We later found out that he and his wife both had meetings scheduled that day at the Pentagon, but last minute plans kept them from attending - Thank GOD!! I talked to my fiance and he said he woke up to the TV being on and thought a movie was on - he had no idea that what he was seeing was real.

All I can really remember about the day was that I wanted to leave work, pick my children up and go home and hold them. I wanted to be near those I love the most in such a shocking time.

My heart goes out to the ones left behind.


Lynne Breedlove | 36 | Virginia

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