#1598 | Sunday, August 25th, 2002
I was in Math Class. I went down to the resource room to take my test. On the way down I went past the Social Studies room, and saw the class watching the TV. I just thouhgt they were watching some kind of war movie. So I went on down to take my test. When I came back up they were still watching it, and there were more kids and teachers including my math teacher. She motioned me in to the room. I heard the words: planes, World Trade Center. Then I heard them say, "Two jet planes just crashed into each of the World Trade Centers." Then the bell rang for lunch. While we were at lunch, one of my friends came running in screaming, "We've been bombed." We told her again what happened. After lunch we then found out about the Pentegon, and the Penn. crash. That night I couldn't sleep very good. Two weeks after it had happened, is when I wanted to learn more about it. My heart goes out to all the people who were affected.
Cyle Rex Traster | 15 | Illinois

#1599 | Monday, August 26th, 2002
When it happened I was in History class.I didn't know until I was in the cafitearia chatting with my friends and suddenly our band teacher came in and said band was canceled. Someone asked why and he said, "Do you really want to know?"
Ricky Cross | 13 | Vermont

#1600 | Monday, August 26th, 2002
When I first heard what was happening on September 11th, I was still sleeping when my mom came in and said;
"Get up and come look at what happened on T.v."
" What?" I had grumbled.
"A plane crashed into the World Trade center, in New York."
I had jumped out of bed and ran into my mom's room, and watched the t.v for a while. I saw the second plane crash into the second building, and then collapse.
When I got to school, my class watched the news the whole day pretty much. And that's where and what I was doing that morning.
Samantha | 13 | California

#1601 | Monday, August 26th, 2002
We got up and went to the gym like most mornings. It was 5am in California. By the time we finished working out and headed to the area where the treadmills were, we could see the first images on the TV's from New York. The first plane had hit the north tower. Everyone was glued to the TV's. I frantically tuned my walkman to hear the audio. Our local stations were monitoring NY1 or any local New York station. I tried to start working out again, but was glued to the TV when I saw it happen. I couldn't believe my eyes when out of blue the second plane hit WTC #2. The news crew from NY1 were screaming "Oh my God" and "Holy Shit". The closed captions even recorded that. I jumped off the bike and starting yelling "Oh my God NO!" I went into a panic. I told my partner to give me the keys to our condo, I had go home and try and contact my best friend in NYC. On my way out of the gym, the guy behind the counter was in shock watching the TV. All I could say was "we're being attacked! We're being attacked." I ran out the door and started to cry. There was a lady coming into the gym and I simply told her, "New York has been attacked. It's on the news." She probably thought I was nuts.

The next hour was a panic. I called my mother and my father and frantically tried to reach my friend in New York. My partner was still at the gym and came home to find me on the phone crying into my friend in NYC's voice mail.

I had the news on NBC when the third plane hit the Pentagon. I rushed into the bathroom and told Michael (my partner) "They attacked the Penatagon!". My mom called me at that moment. I didn't know if I should go to work fearing that Los Angeles would be attacked next. While I was taking a shower, the south tower collapsed. I saw the replay of it on TV and almost threw up. I visted the WTC in 2000 and stood on the top of the south tower that I now watched fall to the ground on TV.

I rushed to get ready to go to work. I don't know why I tried. When I got in my car, my cell phone never stopped ringing. My other best friend in SF was calling in tears, my partner was calling me back making sure I was ok and giving me updates on radio. Our normal happy and crazy DJ's were freaking out and crying. I kept switching the radio around and trying to remain calm. Los Angeles drivers were actually polite that day. When I was about to approach the freeway, the north tower collapsed. Michael called me to tell me the news. I already heard and was turning my car around to go home. There was no way I would be at work today. I called my boss and left a voice mail. I didn't care if they fired me. I had to be home.

The next few hours were spent relaying info to my partner while he was at work (his company was total jerks and made them work. Mine was cool about us staying home). The whole time, all I could do was worry about TJ (my friend in NY). Finally I called his former co-worker in SF and he hooked me up with someone that might know where he was. (My friend flew alot for work and always took the Nework to SF flight that crashed in Penn. Plus he had clients near the WTC) I was able to find out that TJ was ok.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV and being in shock. Finally at about 6pm Los Angeles time, I got a hold of TJ. He was staying at his other apt in New Jersey. He said to me "Honey, you'll never ever hear a New Yorker say this again but, thank God I was in New Jersey!"
Ronny K. Marshall | 41 | California

#1602 | Monday, August 26th, 2002
I got a call from my wife at 10 am, because I work overnight, and she told me to turn the TV on. I watched in horror, I couldn't believe what was going on, since I work for the media, I had to go to work right away, they needed help.

I lost 4 friends that day. The media job hasn't been the same since either. I think we really need to make a reflection of this for our future, because, whether we know it or not, it's at stake. They woke up a sleeping giant, and not it's going to take a long time before we can all even drive into the city and not think about the horro, and disaster, and the loss of innocent life. Will we ever be the same? Who knows. One thing is for certain, as long as there are terrorists to be dealt with, the average American will be looking over his shoulder from now on.
L.J | 50 | New Jersey

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