#1588 | Friday, August 23rd, 2002
Where was I when the first plane hit? I was on my way to school with my brother. My class and I were wondering if this was true. Then we went to my Math teachers class for math. She was putting her ear to the radio speaker. We were like what are you doing? She then told us what happened. Even though I already knew. Now that i am in the 5th grade there is a kid who is from The Broncs. He said his school had to evacuate and his friend left his school with a broken arm from pieces of the WTC building. He said some of the kids were killed. Can you imagine kids being killed by pieces of building? Any way He said his uncle taped some of it but the tape recorder broke. And I wnat to say to the reletives of some of the victims. Me and my family will pray for your family if you will pray for my mom's friends sister. Her name is Pam Kinamore. She was the one ubducted from her house. Please pray and God Bless America!
Kristen | 10 | Louisiana

#1589 | Saturday, August 24th, 2002
It was my birthday and i was pissed that it was taking attention from me... Probably because it didnt personaly effect me at all here in seattle wa. other than it takes longer to get in and out of the airport
adam | 19 | Washington

#1590 | Saturday, August 24th, 2002
I was at work on Sept. 11th. 2001. I work as a security guard. The facility where I worked was in Dearborn, Michigan. When the attacks started happening, there was total chaos in the building. People were running everywhere, all the time talking on their cellphones. Employees who had just arrived for work were now leaving. The manager requested that a T.V set be put in the cateteria so the events taking place could be viewed. Later my supervisor told me and my African- American co-worker that the City of Dearborn was more than 95% Arabic, that us black and white people were the minority there. He also said that if the population of Dearborn were to side with the terrorists, we were in serious danger. It was then that I got truly afraid. I called my husband and told him to take out two youngest children out of High School and that I loved all of them. I had no idea of what was going to happen at that moment. I ended up working 12 hours that day, instead of 8. I was never so happy to be at home when I left work. I sometimes shudder when I think of others that did not get to go home to their families that fateful day.
Melanie Haendel | 39 | Michigan

#1591 | Saturday, August 24th, 2002
I was in Ellicottville, NY, on 9-11. Thats not unusual for most, but it was for me. I come from Auckland, New Zealand and i was staying there on student exchange. I still remember sitting in class, glued to CNN with about 40 other kids. I can remember what i was wearing, and what i had for lunch. Those are the kind of stupid details that i guess i'll remember always. Boundaries were broken between kids and teachers, and friendships were cemented forever. We will never forget.
Alison | 18 | New Zealand

#1592 | Saturday, August 24th, 2002
I was getting my children ready for school, when my sister called from the city to tell me she had spent the night before with my brother FF George C. Cain, having a wonderful dinner and time with him and the guys. She said he was getting off at 9:00. It was about 8:40. I hung up with her, got the kids on the bus, came in the door and my world was forever changed. My husband had the news on and said, "You're not going to believe this." But I didn't worry about George, because I figured he was on his way home. I was more concerned about my sister. Little did I know, that he was in the midst of the worst terrorist attack this country will ever know. He was, of course, lost in that horror. His entire truck was lost that day. He's in heaven now. But for an entire month, I prayed and swore he was working his way out of there, even after we went down to the site, I couldn't accept that he would never hug me or call me again. I still can't , almost a year later. George would have gone in there even if he was home, or on his way home. He would have turned right around, cursed the bastards that did this, and gone in to help. Thats the kind of guy he was, all the firemen are like that. He's with his buddies, but I wish to God he was here with his family. We love you George, always and forever. Love, Nancy
Nancy K. Nee | 40 | United States

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