#1583 | Wednesday, August 21st, 2002
On 9-11-01 I was in Colorado Springs and had a full day scheduled. A friend came over and was crying, telling me what just happened, I watched a little bit of the TV but had to trudge on with my day. Off I went....as the day progressed the first thing that caught my attention was the quietness in the city. Since there are several military bases in Colo. Spgs and an airport, there is alot of air traffic. I began to notice the skies were erriely quiet. THat caught my attention and I began to listen to the radio. I knew this was bad. Never did I realize that within the next couple of weeks I would be a volunteer at Ground Zero for over 7 weeks. My life was forever changed after being there....I will never, ever forget.
Jill | 42 | Colorado

#1584 | Thursday, August 22nd, 2002
I was in Atlanta GA. I was in my math class when on the PA system the principal came on and said that she was sure we had all heard about what had happened and because of that we would not be able to eat lunch out side. well i didn't know what had happened. i heard rumors that someone had set the washington monument on fire and all sorts of things. but it wasn't until i got home and turned on the tv that i really saw what had happened.
Ricky | 14 | Georgia

#1585 | Friday, August 23rd, 2002
on 9-11 I was in my geomerty class...taking notes...a girl ran into our class and told us to turn on the tv, something big had happened, and the teacher wouldn't turn on the tv until we were done with our notes...once we finally turn it on..pretty much the whole class was crying, and we thought we were all going to die.
Annie | 18 | Missouri

#1586 | Friday, August 23rd, 2002
September 11, 2001. A day etched in memory for life.
My day began as usual, in to work around 7am. This particular Tuesday we had a department meeting at 9am. During the meeting one of the presenters came in with the news that two planes struck the WTC. The meeting continued to go on as normal as possible. No one imagened the enormity of the situation. The meeting was still going on when that same individual reported back that "one of the towers has fallen". I immediately thought "My God, those towers are so giagantic, what would happen when one falls? (I had the fortunate oportunity to visit the towers when I was about 10)" Since I had no other idea I really thought that the tower tipped over rather than fell on itself, and that thought reminded me of the movie Armagedon. Everyone's attention span in the meeting quickly drifted to other thoughts, yet this meeting continued to go on. Finally when the meeting ended around 11am, I remember quickly getting back to my desk and going online to CBSnews, ABCnews, CNN, MSnbc, but everyone of them was completely bogged down. In the generally quiet office people had radios on listening to the events as they unfolded. My first idea of what really happened was when the company set up some temporary TV's in our cafe. At this point both towers had fallen. With my first glance my mouth dropped open, I felt so helpless, so sad, and still not really believing that these two great towers could be smoldering on the ground. The rest of the day was a blurr finding out about the Pentagon and the PA crash. I remember that getting any kind of information was very slow the first day, everything was tied up. Prices at the gas stations went sky high and lines were long. There was an erie silence in the sky. Everything was quieter and everyone knew what everyone else was thinking.

This entire event was extremely hard for me to handle as I'm sure it was for everyone. I still think about the attacks daily, the images...the horror of seeing people jumping from a 110 story building, the total destruction. However through it all I am proud to say that I'm an American! I proudly display a flag from my apartment balcony and whenever I am going about my daily routine I remind myself that we are all American's. And in a bigger realm, we are all members of God's family. Who can forget that not only American's but the entire world we call Earth mourned with us and continues to fight for freedom and peace. I find myself more now than ever continually thinking about the great freedoms we have in this great land, the United States of America. I still feel the grief, I think I always will, I hope and pray that all the people that lost a loved one will feel God's love and seek his strength. We indeed will never forget that horrible day and those who died in our continued fight for life, liberty and the pursut of happiness. God Bless!
Andy Croke | 25 | Wisconsin

#1587 | Friday, August 23rd, 2002
I woke up around 9 AM and was going to get breakfast when the phone rang. It was my mom, asking if I was watching TV. I said no, and as I was reaching for the On button. She said planes had hit the trade center and they were saying it was a terrorist attack.

"Oh God..." I said. I was otherwise speechless.

After I hung up, the phone rang again, this time it was one of my co-workers. We both were obviously shocked, saying it was like something out of a movie - just incredulous...nothing like this was supposed to happen in "real life". We had planned to meet and build my new computer. I mentioned it, he said he would still come over, to which I replied "I'm just going to sit on my couch now and shake." I was numb.
Andrew | 28 | New York

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