#1522 | Tuesday, August 6th, 2002
I was actually sick that day and hanging in front of the TV... I was zapping right along and all of a sudden I was on CNN and saw that an airplane had flown into the WTC. I thought: that's pretty stupid, what a mistake... I kept watching it... My mom came home and then the second plane flew in... I shouted as loud as I ever did: "Holy Shit !!!" My mom came rushing down, my brother walked in from the garden and they saw the rerun... My dad came home from his work, saw the rerun and said: this is the work of terrorists, there's no other explanation.. I said: no, it has to be some kind of terrible accident, some radarinstallation at JFK must be alligned wrong or something like that.. Then a plane crashed into the Pentagon and another one crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania... I just sat there in shock... The first tower fell down and I felt cold shivers down my spine... I still have them whenever I think about it or see the images again.. Unfortunately, the dog needed to be walked, so I did that and when I came back, the second tower had collapsed... It was all we could talk about at the dinnertable and the next day at school we were hardly taught a thing. Everyone discussed, including the teachers... At one 'o clock in the afternoon, our break, the school anounced that everyone had to be silent for two minutes. We were the first school in the Netherlands to do that. It was terrible and I can assure you that this is a story I'll be telling my grandchildren....

By the way, I'm sorry if I messed up the sequence of events, but it was very hectic and I can't exactly remember what was first and what ended it... Sorry.

Jarno Miedema
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jarno Miedema | 18 | Netherlands

#1523 | Tuesday, August 6th, 2002
I was outside my orthodontist listening to the radio. My mum saw it on tv and thought it was a horror movie.
Miranda | 12 | Ireland

#1524 | Wednesday, August 7th, 2002
Our 9/11 flight was schedualed to depart from Akron/Canton airport in Ohio headed for Dallas and I was running late as usual as my husband called me to the T.V.
We all gathered around and watched in horror as the first plane hit.
The weird thing about 9/11 for me was that I am a very religious person with a great fear of flying and when I set out on our vacation on the 7th I forgot my rosary in which I NEVER travel without. I got a severe pain in my stomach and told my husband something bad was going to happen. To my amazement it did. A few weeks prior to our vacation my husband and I were talking one evening and we were asking each other "what if" questions and I asked him if it were possible to be invaded by air. He replied with a grin and said no way... As a writer, I always dig for the worst case senerio and when the events of 9/11 happened - I was in awe.
To top it all off, my husband who knows about my fear of flying joked with me on the plane as two arab looking men scanned the isles of the plane. He said, uh-oh we have terrorist aboard... Now to this day, I sit here and wonder if the two men I saw that day on the plane were involved...
They were not sitting together, however as a watcher I pay close attention and they were making eye contact. They scanned the isles for no reason, as they never went to the bathroom.
I will always wonder, however at the same time I will always thank the lord above that my family - my husband and our two children were not aboard a plane that day. My heart goes out to all who have suffered and my prayers are eternal.
God Bless and always keep the hope and faith alive!
Michelle E. Sheetz | 26 | Texas

#1525 | Thursday, August 8th, 2002
I was in school on the morning it happened. They wouldn't tell us. The Principal and Vice-Principals came in every classroom throughout the day. They turned off every T.V. regardless of what was on. They turned off the internet connection to every computer in the building. They shut down the pay phones so we couldn't call home. All they said was this, "Something terrible has happened in the country today, it is not our place to tell you what. If your parents wish, they can tell you when you get home." That was it.
Kyle | 15 | Indiana

#1526 | Thursday, August 8th, 2002
I will never forget it, I was in homeroom, talking to a friend when our principal came on the intercom and said we had a national tragedy and that 2 planes had crashed into the WTC. At first we all thought they were just accidents. Then, when I went to my next class, my teacher had on the TV and we all watched live as the towers collapsed and knew that they were not accidents. All we did all day was watch the TV, in every class. Even now, as I look back on a test I was taking as the planes were crashing into the towers, I think back to where I was when I was told about the terrorist attacks.
Brittany | 15 | Connecticut

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