#1507 | Monday, July 29th, 2002
I was sitting in my 2nd period Latin class and my teacher was late. We were all just talking and laughing. When the teacher came in she said that 2 planes hit the World Trade Towers. She added the planes were flying out of Boston and to L.A. I turned around and look at my friend who had his eyes closed and was praying. He had told me his dad was flying from Boston to LA that morning. Than I faced front and realized that my brother worked at the World Trade Towers. I felt a deep stomach ache and a burning in my ears. The teacher got pulled out of class and we heard another teacher say the Pentegon was hit. We all got up and turned the radio on. I could not believe it was all true. I just sat down trying to old back my fear, sadness and anger. It was heard to not hold back tears and I tried to hold them back for fear of being made fun of. My friend who was sitting behind was already crying, his Dad might have been on flight 11. I turned around and cried with him. He got a call about 15 mintues later, it was his mom. Thank God his Dad was not on the flight, his was leaving at 11:30am. That left me, i only wondered....

Next period, our headmaster came on the loudspeaker, for we all knew what was going on up the Jersey Turnpike and down Rt. 95, he said that his headmaster told them the bad knews when JFK was shot and killed. I just though Holy Shit, our President is dead!! He announced that the 1 trade tower collapsed and thousands and thousands were trapped. I prayed my brother was not one of them. 2 Minutes later my cell phone rings. I wasn't supposed to have it on, but i did for what was going on. I didn't recognize the number but i still answered. "David?? Are you there. Its Will, I am alright, I am on my way out of the city and i am gonna pick you up. I am fine. I got to work late, my battery is going dead, be there in 2 hours. I....." I heard a loud crash over the phone "Holy shit, another just collapsed. I gotta goet off now. I love you and call mom and tell her i am safe." Later that day i found out why my brother called me on my cell, all the other lines were busy. During this whole event i prayed more than i ever have, talked 2 God more than i ever have and cried more than i ever had. I thank God that my brother is safe, but i still hurt for others who are not. I have tried to remember out of bad things God will make good things.....and he has!!! GOD BLESS USA!!!
David Miller | 14 | Pennsylvania

#1508 | Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
I remember vividly, the shock and horror that I felt, as the news of the twin towers tragedy first broke here in England. I watched in tears, wondering which of my friends to contact first. Many of these wonderful people, I had met on the internet, but they were no less thought of because we had never met in person. I had friends in New York, and in Pittsburgh too, some who had lost relatives and friends in the aftermath of one of the most tragic events that I had ever witnessed in my lifetime.
I have a daughter in Kansas, who is married to an American serviceman, and thoughts of her, my son-in-law, and my new baby grandaughter, were also running through my mind. I was in no doubt, that soon, my daughter would be separated from her husband, as soon as American forces were deployed.
I remember too my anger, that anyone could commit such a cruel and unprovoked attack, on innocent people. Depriving loved ones of family members. That night I could not sleep...I wrote these poems...

As The Eagle Starts To Fly

Let nothing cloud our judgement
As we enter into war
Warnings have been given
Now it’s time to say NO MORE
This time the devastation
Was more than we could bear
So many lives were taken
Others left in deep despair
These acts that you’ve committed
You can never justify
Just watch the skies above you
As the Eagle starts to fly
We will not show you mercy
As this world of ours unites
Steadfast in our unity
Together now we’ll fight
The wrath that you’ve awakened
Will even haunt your sleep
This time there’s nowhere left to hide
You’ve scarred this world too deep

A Day That Shook The World (A Tribute)

Dark circles surround her eyes
Tear stained cheeks, her face so pale
Didn’t get to say goodbye
Sleep now evades her living hell
She’d kissed him at the door
As she’d done a thousand times
Not knowing that today they’d pay
For someone else’s crimes
Today he was to lose his life
In such a tragic way
In the aftermath of a terrorist act
That shook the world that day
Her heavy heart remembers
That smile upon his face
As he held his child upon that morn
In his tender warm embrace
How could anybody be that cruel
To devastate their lives
It wasn’t only theirs she knew
Not many had survived
Such cowardice had robbed them
Of the ones they all had cherished
One man condemned them all to death
At his command they’d perished
In the name of God, they commit these acts
They defile his very name
They could never justify their sins
So on him they put their shame
May God in all his mercy
Bless each soul that has been lost
And bless the world lest they forget
How many lives this cost

Wendy | 42 | United Kingdom

#1509 | Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
On September 11th, 2001, I was on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. I'd arrived late that day. (8:45) Usually I would meet for the weekly Tuesday morning meeting with my Father and 6 other brokers from our firm, Harvey Young Yurman Inc., at Windows on the World restaurant. We were a small $2 brokerage firm. The night before I had cracked my tooth & couldn't make the morning meeting. The 7 men never made it out.
I just missed seeing the first plane, I heard & felt the 2nd. And when the two buildings came down, I thought it was the end of the world.
I ended up walking from the NYSE to the Manhattan Bridge. And as I went over, US fighter planes flew over and everyone hit the ground thinking it was another attack. When the police shouted it was the "the good guys" everyone quietly & slowly got back to their feet & pressed on.
Antoinette Harvey McCarth | 28 | New York

#1510 | Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
I was in school,it was 5th period when i heard about what happened to the world trade center. I looked at the t.v. and i thought to myself who would do such a thing like that? That question and a million other questions ran through my head about 9-11. Including if anyone was going to be okay that were in the Twin Towers.
It was so sad to hear that someone would do that to innocent civilians that had no thought in mind that, that was going to happen. R.I.P 9-11
Cameon Smith | 14 | Washington

#1511 | Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
I was in a psych hospital for attempted suicide. I was the only patient awake and the staff was f;ipping through the channels and I saw that the first tower had been attacked. I really didn't think anything of it but then the second was was attacked and all the staff started freaking out. They let us watch for a while, but right after the first tower fell they decided it would upset us to keep watching what was going on. Not a fun day for anybody.
Sam | 16 | Indiana

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