#1442 | Friday, July 5th, 2002
My heart go's out to everyone. I was in Japan,where my husband was station in the US NAVY. I watched the whole thing happen on CNN, in shock. We were on lock down on the base for almost a week. And was scared to fly home at the need of the month. We are now in San Deigo CA. Waithing to here when my husband is leaving to go and help the troops over sea.
Loni Garcia | 32 | Japan

#1443 | Friday, July 5th, 2002
i woke up to the news all over the radio that morning. we talked all about it at school, so we would have a better understanding of what happened. for a few days after it, i had a repeating dream that i was one of the passengers on the plane, and it felt like i could actually feel the pain. but of course, my dream could never amount to the pain that the passengers felt or how their families felt once they knew they had lost a loved one. i'm so fortunate that i haven't lost anyone to this incident, but i still grieve for those that have.
holly | 14 | California

#1444 | Friday, July 5th, 2002
On the morning of September, 11, 2001, I was alseep, when my phone rang. It was about 0940 am and my alarm was not set to go off for another 30 minutes, so I just let the machine pick it up. I could here my boss leaving a message (I'm an RN and I work at a Nurse Advice Line). She sounded strange and she said: "I just wanted to let you know that we cancelled today's staff meeting in light of todays events". I'm laying there thinking: "what is she talking about? Today's events? She knows I have school all day on Tuesdays, so I don't go to the staff meetings. Before she hung up I grabbed the phone and said, "Hi, what are you talking about?" I heard her say to my other boss, "Denise doesn't know what happened? We are under attack. They are bombing the World Trade Center and the Pentagon". Talk about a wake up-call. I felt like the floor in my bedroom had just been pulled out from under me. I ran to turn on the TV in the living room and could not believe my eyes, there was a Hollywood-type movie of desctruction on every channel. I came back to the phone and prayed with my bosses and then felt another wave of fear. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles. What was going to happen here?
I called my mom and she said my dad had already left for work (of course it was almost 10 am PST). She was going to call my dad, so I called my sister-in-law. She had already called my brother who works for a cartoon studio near Warner Bro's studio. I was shaking and could not think of what else to do so as any other helpless red blooded American would do, I put my flag out on the front porch. I called my boyfriend who was also going to school that day, and he came right over. I called school and to my amazement they were not closing classes for the day (I'm in a graduate nursing program at Azusa Pacific University). Never mind that the news was reporting that all UC's in So Cal had closed for the day, as well as most private U's. The City of LA had basically shut down and they were asking people to stay home. I could not miss this nine hour class so I drove to school in tears and met my classmates. We cried, we prayed for our beautiful country and we watched alot of TV in our class room. In the afternoon we met with the rest of the school in the student union for an hour of prayer and song. That evening our professor stopped lecture so we could watch G. Bush on TV. For days I felt anger and fear.I am still angry! Words can't describe it. I realized some satisfication when one December morning I was sitting in mass with my boyfriend and the priest announced in a very somber tone "the president has authorized attacks against Afganastan". I wanted to stand up on the pew and shout "it's about DAMN time". I am an American Girl to the core and like Tom Petty sings: "I will not back down." I believe God has a special place for the people of Islam and they will know there fate when to their surprise they go to meet with St. Peter. Meanwhile, this is one county, UNDER GOD!.
Denise | 35 | California

#1445 | Friday, July 5th, 2002
i had waken up around 8:30am central time on that morning. i had left my portable scanner on overnight, because we had severe weather the night before & skywarn spotters were activated.anyway, the ham operators on that frequency in our area were talking about a plane had crashed into the world trade center towers. i did'nt really think that this was severe until i came downstairs.my mother was up already, dad had already left to go to work that morning. she had a doctors appointment that morning & she was getting ready to leave. i asked mom 'what the heck is going on? i heard the ham operators saying plane have crashed into the world trade center towers.' mom said for me to watch the television & they'll replay the second plane crashing. when i saw the towers buring for the first time i could'nt believe what i was seeing. then they show the second plane crashing. i was say 'whoa, whoa, geeez i can't believe this.'! mom had the NBC on. i heard tom brokaw say that there is a decleration of war. i thought 'well this is it, i guess!' i did'nt go back to bed. i was too hooked of knowing what was gonna happen next.just when my mom started to walk out the door they said over the tv that a plane hit pentagon. i told mom i'm gonna stay up & watch this news coverage & i told her to becareful on the road.i could'nt believe that i saw both twin towers crumble to the ground. all of manhattan was covered in smoke & ash.i went to my work place around 6:00pm that evening. i had that day off. i work at a local craft/floral store. i had to get my new schedule for the next week. my manager 'amy' had a 13 inch color tv at the cash registers with the FOX newschannel on. she asked me how we were doing, i told we were doing fine, just can't believe that this is happening. driving into work that evening, had a really strange atmosphere. i can't explain it. it was'nt like a normal tuesday. but, it seemed people were doing there normal routines that day. i learned that some of the gas station were really jacking-up the prices of gasoline. some places were selling unleaded gasoline between $6.00 & $9.00 a gallon. bunch of idiots trying to take advantage of the situation. but, they got caught though, thanks to our attorney general.but, i think this will be a day we all will never, ever forget. god bless america.
Jason | 30 | Indiana

#1446 | Saturday, July 6th, 2002

I was in my 2nd period Film study class when I learned of the attack. My teacher had the TV on, and at that time, only one tower had been hit. Nobody knew what was going on, we didnít know if it was a small private plane, or a jetliner, and no one suspected terrorism. He turned off the TV after a minute, and we resumed class, assuming that nothing too major had happened. 3rd Period came around, and we were getting ready to leave school to play ice hockey for gym. While waiting our teacher came to us and said to go to the cafeteria, where half the school already was. MSNBC was on, and I saw smoke coming from the second tower. After a minute, they replayed the footage of the 2nd plane hitting tower 2. There was a strange hush among my fellow students when the plane appeared, and utter shock when the plane plunged into the tower. Quite a few screamed "O my God," we could not believe what we had witnessed. I could already feel tears in my eyes, but I held back. Others around me could not. We watched reports for the rest of the period, but after that it was back to class. I did not learn of the Towers collapse till I got home. I could not hold back anymore, and I cried very hard. Ill never forget that day as long as I live, and when I think about it, I still feel like crying.
Dan Stefanowicz | 17 | Illinois

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