#1432 | Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
I was in my college dorm, letting myself wake up slowly like I usually do. I was partially dressed, sitting at the computer with VH1 on the television in the background for 'noise'. When I heard a break in the music I turned and saw that they were reporting on a plane crash to the WTC. I remember switching over to CNN in a daze and actually seeing the second plane crash into the tower. By this time I had to leave for class so I picked up my walkman and turned it on. My favorite music station had been replaced by CNN radio and it was in the middle of class that I heard about the second tower's collapse. I had to work that night, and I remember how all the televisions in the store were turned to the news, and that it was virtually empty. I didn't sleep that night, just watched the television until class at eight that next morning. It was horrible. I never cried, but I could feel my heart break.
Shannon | 20 | Texas

#1433 | Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
when terror struck america i was st work,like most americans.the first thought was of my sister at school in new york city.icalled her on my cell phone.she assured me she was fine and miles from the site.unfortunite a lot of her classmates were not.i like most americans cryed for the dead and injured. their family and friends.we just could not believe it could happed here.we were not ready for it to happen to us.this brought most of us togeather and united a nation that took freedom for granted.unlike most nations we have a voice in our nation .we elect the power in office. we have a say in the future of our great nation.they made us cry, but they didn't win. were still the greatest nation in the world.
kathleen m. hamon | 54 | Pennsylvania

#1434 | Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002
September the 11th 2001. I was at work tending to a patient. The television was on and I heard the commotion first. Ilooked up and saw the first plane going into the building. It was like a movie and it never really registered at first. The patient next door said watch the television there's an attack on the Americans. At this point 2 consultants were passing and we stood horrified watching the story unfold.....
Diane | 37 | United Kingdom

#1435 | Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002
I was coming in from my school, Shotton Hall, England. Turned on the news as I always do and all I saw was smoke shooting out one of the twin towers!! I was wondering what had happened. I was worried. Then the reporter told of the plane crashing into it. I wondered who would do that other than;
A) Terrorists or
B) Russians?
Then my thoughts were broken when out of the blue, another plane crashed straight in!! Woosh! I didn't believe it. I went to tell my mam. After a while we saw the crash into the pentagon and the towers collapsing. That was it!! I went upstairs to punch my punch bag!! I don't drink, Chris Moyles Rocks!! Death to Bin Laden!!
Jamie Jones | 12 | United Kingdom

#1436 | Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002
I was sitting in my 9:30 Geography class when I heard the news. My heart dropped and I was speechless. I felt darkness come over me and a sense of emptyness came into me. I didn't know what to expect next. After class was over I left school, went home and didn't leave the TV for the rest of the day. That night I slept with the TV on not knowing what to expect next.
I also want to say this website is a great idea.
Kyla | 19 | Louisiana

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