#143 | Sunday, September 23rd, 2001
September 11th 2001-
I was actually in World History the hour it happened. A teacher was going to every room telling the other teachers about it. Our teacher walked back into the classroom with a look on his face as if he had just seen a dead body. We all knew something was wrong, he wasn't supposed to tell us but he did anyways. At first I didn't realise what was going on. It didn't seem like such a big deal. I didn't realise how many people had lost their lives. For the whole class period ( 85 minutes ) we listened to the radio, to fill us in on what was going on. When the bell finally rang, I stepped out of the classroom and heard everyone yelling " We're gonna die!!! " It was really upsetting. I wanted to cry. Some people left school because of love ones who were in the towers.

When I got home that night, I turned on the TV & That's when I realised how serious it actually was. On every channel was live coverage. It was really sad, and upsetting. My thoughts go out to everyone that lost someone. America will move on though, although this will always remain a part of the past. Though we do need to move on, to prove the United States is truly UNITED.
Jessica Butler | 14 | Connecticut

#144 | Sunday, September 23rd, 2001
As american pride comes flooding out of every ignorant piece of shit T.V. builds the hate. And you trust it. You let it guide your thought and reasoning. Yeah get them back, so they can get you back, and then you can get them back again, so they can get you back, and on and on. Like little house flies hitting the window over and over and over. Everywhere I look people are attacking other people. Claiming that they must protect their way of life and their freedoms. Freedoms like the freedom of speach for example. But at the very same time they turn there backs to that thought and censor anyone with an actual opinion about this. If it's not chalked full of american ego then it's just not right. Or so goes the attitude.

Everywhere racism is taking place on a massive scale. If you even look like your from the middle east your in for some american "justice". As you come together to push and worsen the bullshit that you say your so opposed to. So quick to point the finger and blame the other. As the time passes i'm becoming more disgusted by the way we (americans) have reacted then by the very event it's self.

What should have opened so many eyes has only been polluted by more propaganda.

Jesse Hart | 18 | Vermont

#145 | Sunday, September 23rd, 2001
Another note from Jesse . . .

Some things are hard to take. Mainly because they have been hidden away. The feeling of real is one of those things. For the people in the event, these past few days have been very real. Cut the bullshit and drop the sympathy act. You don't even know how to relate. Like little shaken up children, struggling to figure out whats happend and what will happen. How about this, a little idea I conjured up out of frootloop paste and motor oil...

Be in the now, there is nothing else but this moment.
Jesse Hart | 18 | Vermont

#146 | Sunday, September 23rd, 2001
I was at work at the DMV when a customer came in and said a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. She didn't specify where and I immediately thought of my sister who works at the World Trade Center here in New Orleans. I tried to call her office but the phone just rang which is unusal as there is always an answering service on when no one is there. I went into our break room and turned on the little t.v. in there in time to see the second plane hit the New York Trade Centers. I was shocked and immediately told my co-worker that it had to be terriosts. When it was announced that it was hijacked planes I cried. I didn't know anyone there but I've cried and been angry and prayed a million times over. I hope that whoever did this pays with there lives too! I pray for all the people who lost loved ones and the children left without parents. If they ever put up another building there I hope that they will have a statue made of the firemen trying to put the flag back up in the middle of all the debris. I am proud to be American and I will still fly in planes and will not live in fear. My sister was sent home to safety that day. My heart and prayers go out to all of those whose families and friends did not.
Rachel J Glover | 47 | Louisiana

#147 | Monday, September 24th, 2001
i work in a record shop.
i have no tv or radio to amuse me, only the internet.
on the morning of september 11th i had woken up for work a lil' bt earlier than normal. i normally leave work at about 9:00 to get to work on time.
this morning, i was ready for work at about 8:40, so i decided to watch a lil' tv before i left.
i was flipping around the morning news shows from about 8:40 to 8:45 before i stumbled upon weekend at bernies 2 on comedy central. i ended up watching that piece of shit movie until about 9:05, and then left for work.
i live in new jersey, about 20 miles or some from downtown manhattan.
have you ever driven behind a filled-up dump-trunk, and felt the pebbles and rocks hit your windshield, but never seen them? i felt and heard them hit on the way to work, down i-78 to work, but didn't see any trucks.
i had arrived at work around 9:30 to the phone ringing. it was jay, one of my best friends. "jim, did you hear what happened," he asked. "no," surely this was another one of jay's pointless jokes and/or quips we normally exchange while working. "a plane just crashed into the world trade center." my heart fucking sank. was this a horrible accident? by the time i logged onto the internet to go to msnbc.com, another plane had crashed into the other tower. i started to shake and grew cold. what was going on, and what was to happen? i kept refreshing the browser to find more info, and a plane had crashed into the pentagon. the fucking pentagon? what the fuck? was this a total invasion of america, or armageddon, or a cruel nightmare? apparently, it was a lil' of all three. anyways, i spent half of the 5.5 hours i worked over at radio shack watching tv there, in shock and sickness.
i remember the bombing a few years ago, a few of the bombers had been living in my town. a friend of mine, alex had seen the fbi pull up and rush into a house, on his way to school. this totally brought me back. total fucking scary shit.
what makes me really fucking sick though, is that these douche-bag kids were coming in looking for the new jay-z cd all day, like nothing happened! show some damn respect! and all these old guys kept coming in for the new bob dylan. who knew if the attacks were to continue? where cd's more important than their family and friends?
i left work early, and other folk i work with preferred to stay.
i don't get it.
my dad was on his way to 12th street in the city to make a delivery/pick-up. thank god there was an accident on the turnpike, which held him up enough to keep him from the city, (the holland tunnel, which he would've taken, was closed down." if i found out my dad was stranded in the city all night, i totally would've flipped-out. i would've swum across the river to get him out.
thank god for fate.
i spent most of my day getting in touch with people i knwo that live/work in the city. my cousin was trapped ovenight. my friend anthony was about 2 blocks away, on the street, when the first tower came down; he ran for his life. he thought the tower was falling over, not coming straight down.
by the end of the night, i had gotten in touch with all my friends and family, and all were safe. i know a lot of people can't say the same, and stil don't even know how/where their family is. my heart goes out to all of you.
i'm absolutely speechless.
i always condemned christianity for it's strict rules, but now i look at these extremists, and i realize, jesus might not be so bad, he doesn't make you kill innocent people.
well, i live under the flight pattern of newark, laguardia, and jfk airports, and let me say, the once monotonous roars of engines, and the rattling of windows, now fill me with fright and wonder. what will happen? anything? nothing? who knows? i sure as hell don't.
i must leave now, but i hope everyone is well, and i hope i haven't bored anyone with my story.
be well.....
jim | 23 | New Jersey

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