#1417 | Sunday, June 23rd, 2002
Me and my mate Matt had just been playing tennis at Robin Park, Wigan. We had finished playing, and had gone to the local Tesco supermarket to collect some post-match refreshments.

We always turn the radio on and sing along to our favourite songs whenever we are driving, and on the way to Tesco, the DJ's sounded very serious and was playing continuous tunes with very little speech except for ocassional comments on the tragic events currently unfolding.

At the time, we had no idea what he was talking about, although we had very quickly picked up that this was a very serious incident. We arrived at Tesco, and walking into the shop you are faced by a wall of televisions. Imagine listerally hundreds of TV's glaring at you with the horrendous image of the burning Twin Towers. We both looked at each other and were completely speechless.

Our normally lively journey home was sat in complete silence.
Ben Crooks | 20 | United Kingdom

#1418 | Sunday, June 23rd, 2002
on this sad day, i was home in edinburgh,scotland, with my family, and a few friends, it took a trip to the shop for someone to tell me what was going on, i came home and put on the tv, what we saw was humanity at its worst, but as the days passed, it was obvious that the best of humanity was unfolding, we were uniting, we were coming together. Its sad that it took so many lifes for this to happen.
i remember sitting in the house, on the night of sept 11, and openly crying in front of my family and friends, we All were, the sadness felt over this side of the pond was enormous, looking back on some of those images, its incredably hard to believe they accualy happened.
right now my thoughts are still with the victims, and there familys,also the emergancy services who had to do unspeakable things, and seen unimaginable things in the days following, but the familys who have to go on !!! there are no words, only prayers, and them knowing the whole free world is with them, always !
i sometimes, well, usualy if im feeling sad, and i think about sept 11, i go onto the internet, and remind myself of what a warm, caring world this could be, the sky is the limit, the love felt in the days after was unbelievable, one of the most inspiraing days was, when , at buckingham palace, they played the american national anthem, again, i cryed, it was a show of friendship, to friends in need. to remind us that even though evil forces wander in our world, the good heavily outweighs the bad, of this there is no doubt. I also remember the anger , the hatred, people looking for answers, this is human, and it was a part of the healing process, but we (the free world) waited till we were sure, it was hard, i think if america had bombed who ever they thought was responsable that day, i believe they would have had the backing of the entire world, but they didnt, they waited. and they did it right.
JUSTICE WILL BE DONE, but also the victims, familys and heros of this hurtfull day will never be forgot, and they are the ones whom will be remebmered.

from scotland, love !
Shaun Gibson | 28 | United Kingdom

#1419 | Monday, June 24th, 2002
I remember standing safe at home in my pyjamas getting ready for bed leaning over the divider between the dining room and the living room when my dad said "Have a look at this, a plane has hit the World Trade Centre" to which I ignorantly replied "What the hell is the World Trade Centre?!". I know now more than enough about the history of the WTC, and I know that I will never forget the shock, disbelief and the utter sickening horror as we both watched another plane hit the second tower.
For the next three hours we watched along with the rest of the world as we all became aware of the horror of what had just happened. I remember the depression and fear that clung to me over the next few days as we were briefed by our security officers about the threat of possible terrorist strikes here in Australia thinking that this can't be happening, this must be some sort of bad dream, that if this can happen in America what hope is there for the rest of us to live in safety and security.
Today, nine months after the event I can still clearly see in my head that image that was beamed live around the world of the second plane striking the tower and the horror as the last of the free worlds innocence fell along with those two towers.
My deapest condolences to the families that lost there loved ones, every night as I have the chance to kiss my daughter and tell her how much I love her I can't even begin to imagine what amount of loss you feel but know that there are thousands if not millions of people around the world that cry along with you.....
Danielle | 26 | Australia

#1420 | Monday, June 24th, 2002
I can remember September 11, as if it were yesterday, even thought it is now June 24, 2002. I remember I had a three hour drive that day. My husband and I and our two older sons had to take care of some personal business. My sister-in-law called me and told me to turn on the television. That the twin towers in NY had just been bombed. Then I turned the TV on and watched while I got ready. We put the radio on for the three hour drive and heard it all the way to our destination. But about 1 hour into our drive, we heard that Beyer school was being evacuated. That was the school that my youngest son went to. So we then had to call a friend to pick him up. It was a very tense day for all of us. It was like a dream. It was very scarey. I can remember the drive back and I remember the radio saying that all airlines had been on hold. No planes flying in or out. Then when we were about 1/2 hour from home in an empty field area. There were three planes flying right over us. My heart pumped so fast. At that time it was already getting dark on our drive back home. I remember being so scared when I saw the airplanes coming right over us and then my husband reassured me that they were not enemies. But just the paranoia that went through my mind was scarey. I will never forget September 11, 2001. My son just got out of the Army in July 2001. So I was very relieved and scared. My husband and I wanted to do something for the people that lost their families and for our heroes. So we decided to build a web site and keep it maintained and going for as long as possible. The website name is godlovesamerica.org. We felt so bad about the people that could not find their loved ones and had to wait in long lines to see the hospital lists, so we made a link to the hospitals. We just couldn't get our website out there. We continue to keep it maintained and will run it as long as possible. We feel that this is a good way for everyone to remember what we cannot forget! Remember God Loves America and God Bless America!
Thank you,
Marina and Ruben Franco
Marina Franco | 42 | California

#1421 | Tuesday, June 25th, 2002
My husbands family was driving in from North Carolina and arrived minutes after the first plane hit the towers. My brother in law, his wife and little boy along with my oldest niece were coming in for the funeral of my husbands sister who had killed herself the Thursday prior to Sept. 11th. My oldest niece was her daughter. The circumstances surrounding their arrival were hard enough to cope with and then for all of this to unfold was overwelming for my niece as well as our whole family. At a time as sensitive as this for our family, we could relate to those who lost loved ones on Sept. 11th. It is most definently one of those times we will never forget in our lifetime.
The Welch Family | 35 | Florida

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