#1131 | Friday, March 29th, 2002
I was in college at the time. In my networking & communication class. We heard someone crying in the hallway but did not think anything of it. Once class was over nothing but sadness walked the halls in our building only to find out the terrible tragedy that occurred on the morning of 9/11/01. I will never forget it.
Monica | 24 | Florida

#1132 | Friday, March 29th, 2002
Hi, I'm Lisa Morris. I live in Adrian, GA which is a town with approx. 700 people. I was sitting in my living room on September 11, & had just decided to walk to a neighbors house when a report come in over the television about the first plane hitting. I felt helpless. I did not want to be alone. I went on to my friends house. She knew nothing about it. We turned on her television, & we both just cried. I said "this has to be delebrate." "Someone wanted these people to die." About that time the second plane hit. My kids were in school but I had to go and get them. If something was to happen here, I'd want the last face they seen to be their mommy's, I thought. This proved that it can happen anywhere. I really don't know what else to say, but I know for the next two days, I did nothing.

May God bless the souls that were lost.
Thank you for letting me share this...

Lisa Morris
Lisa Morris | 23 | Georgia

#1133 | Friday, March 29th, 2002
When the attach happened I was on my way home from taking my Fiancée and his father the airport, they were on the way to business meetings, my Fiancée to Colorado and his father to Northern California. I was to take a plane to Tucson Arizona the same day later in the afternoon. I heard about the first plane crashing into the first tower about a block way from my home, I really can’t explain my feelings but I just hoped it was a dream. I got home about 2 minutes later and turned on the TV. I saw that everything was true. I just sat there hoping that it was not happening but everything on the news told me I was wrong. I called my Fiancées step mother and asked her to turn on the news to make sure what I was seeing what was happening and that is when the second plane hit the second tower. That was when I was really worried about my Fiancée and his father… hoping they hadn’t taken off. Thankfully they were still sitting on the tarmac not being allowed to take off. My fiancée called me on his cell phone and told me he had no idea what was going on, so I told him what I was seeing on the TV reports, all he wanted to do is to get off the plane…. Do you blame him? Well to make a long story short I finally went to pick them both up from the airport and was thankful for that! I never thought I would get on a plane again but I did just this month…knowing that I was going to be okay. They say you don’t have to worry if you take short trips because there isn’t enough fuel in the tanks to make to worth while for the terrorists. But what I went through was nothing compared to what the people of NYC went through, and I pray for them everyday! Just goes to show you that everything hits close to home! No matter how far you are away from the tragedy!
God Bless the USA!
Sandy | 38 | California

#1134 | Friday, March 29th, 2002
I was in Las Vegas on the day of the attacks with some friends. What a strange sight to be in a very busy noisy casino and hear an announcement over the entire area to stop and have a few moments of silence for all who had been involved. The entire street became as silent as being in an underground cave. Having been through that awful day of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, all I could think of the repercussions which were to occur and how many of our people would become involved in the military and how many more lives would be lost this time? May God bless America.
Mildred Earley | 76 | Colorado

#1135 | Friday, March 29th, 2002
I had just arrived in Amsterdam that morning, and had dropped my bags at the hotel. Two colleagues and I were sharing a cab ride to the RAI centre for the IBC convention. The cab driver had his radio tuned to a local station, and I was picking out accasional words from the broadcast (which was in dutch)

I thought I was listening to a documentary / commentary about the time that the WTC was truck-bombed, but something didn't add up.... The guy on the radio kept mentioning George Bush, and I knew that Bush wasn't in office when the truck-bomb went off...

I turned to one of my friends in the back of the cab (who is South African and understands Dutch) and said, "Is this guy saying what I think he's saying?"

He confirmed it just as we pulled up to the convention centre.

We rushed inside and within a few feet of the entrance to the exhibit hall there was a crowd of stunned people watching the drama play out on a wall of TV's tuned to CNN. Moments after we started to watch, the second plane hit.

The rest of the day was spent in stunned silence building the booth for the show. I tried several times to phone my wife at home in Canada, but I couldn't reach her until that evening.

Normally IBC hosts some 65000 visitors. In 2002 the attendance was half that.
Tom G | 35 | Canada

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