#1095 | Friday, March 22nd, 2002
it was my first week in the state that i came to visit some freind.
i remember that i turn on the t.v. and the first picture that i saw was of a plain that goes inside of the building..
until that moment i belived that this thimk happenend in israel but today i realise that it happened all ove the world.
shirly | 29 | Israel

#1096 | Friday, March 22nd, 2002
I was in Language Arts and all of a sudden my teacher yelled,"Oh my gosh! This cannot be happening!" She told us what had happened and then our principal came over the intercom and told us what had happend. We were having construction done and our telvison was out. Our governor had issued a statement that said k-8 grades were not allowed to watch any coverage of the events. It was not until I got home that I relized the severity of this tradegy. Watching the towers come down over and over for hours was just unbearable that I had to watch the Disney channel so I wouldn't watch those sad events. I was not directly affected by the attacks but I still feel for the families and have been praying for them every night. After these attacks I realized that America is just as prone to being victims as the next guy. The thing that makes me sick to my stomach was seeing Palistinen women praising and celebrating these horrific attaks. I will never forget September 11,2001.
Amanda B. | 14 | Georgia

#1097 | Saturday, March 23rd, 2002
I was at home on vacation when I received a telephone call from my mother telling me that a plane had hit the World Trade Centre. She was receiving the new via radio as I immediately turned the TV to CNN for the news. I watched in bewilderment as the first plane hit the WTC.

I called a friend to find out if she had heard and as we were discussing the different scenarios of what could have caused it, the second plane hit. At that point I knew it was deliberate. I stopped talking and stayed glued to the TV for hours, well into the evening.

I remember tears coming as I saw the fire and smoke coming from the two buildings and I prayed for the people who were suffering. I remembered going through so many emotions and wondering how such anger could exist in a world that had move so far away from destroying itself time and time again.

I wanted to know everything that was happening, who did it, why…everything. Even thought I am a Barbadian, I felt like my family was personally attacked that morning. That pain will forever be with me.

I followed the events for that entire day and even though enormous life was lost, I was relieved when all planes were grounded and no more planes had crashed. I watched CNN, ABC, FOX and BBC for almost 24 hours that day, slept for a few hours and then stayed glued to the TV for the rest of the next day, switching from channel to channel to get different angels of the story. That was my routine for the rest of that week. I wanted to understand how such a thing could happen and who could do such a thing. Who could have such hatred in they heart that the lives of thousands of innocents were meaningless and worthless? I wanted answers to these questions.

I still get chills thinking about the footage of those planes hitting the buildings. As long as I live September 11 will bring sadness to my heart.

May God forgive and bless us all.
Vernon | 32 | Barbados

#1098 | Saturday, March 23rd, 2002
I was teaching my fifth grade class in Northern Virginia( within view of Dulles Airport. I was on my way to dropping them off at Music. I stopped by the office on my break and saw the office staff watching the TV. I watched as one of the Twin Towers was on fire(thinking what an awful accident) then out of nowhere the other plane hit. Next thing we know there were rumors of the Pentagon being hit. My class had no idea all morning, even when kids were getting checked out like crazy. It was a mass exodus. My class did not catch on until lunch and then they started to ask questions. That was the most difficult time I have had as a teacher. Because I was just as scared but was noit allowed to show it. Especially when we heard the f14s flying about 100yds directly above the building. The room shook everytime. Our Principal came down and talked to the 5th graders and explained that we are safe here. It was very emotional and for the next day or so it felt like house arrest since I live 3 miles from Dulles. I went out driving that evening and the roads were empty except military out and about.

That is the day I was tested as an American and a Teacher

Jeff Haynie | 26 | Virginia

#1099 | Sunday, March 24th, 2002
I was at school in a room on my own with another teacher.We were doing some work together when we heard a rumour about the tragedy. We immediately went onto the net to find out more about the horrific events.It was terible. For for the first time ever I had nothing to say and my teacher was just overcome. Only 2months before had our school from england been on a trip right to the top of the world trade center.The reality of it dint really set in until i got home when it was all over the telly. Nothing else was really shown for a long time which i think was brilliant.Tribute shows were made and shown all over the united kingdom and memorial services and silences were held all over the country. The flag flew at half mast at school on the 11th and for a good few days after.I didnt lose anyone in the tragedy but no what it is like to lose a close loved one. We will neverforget-rest in peace gods angels IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES ON SEPTEMBER THE 11th 2001. THEY DIDN'T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT. THERE FAMILIES SHOULD BE SO PROUD because the whole world is. ENGLAND is with you AMERICA.Together we can make it.
R.I.P IN MEMORY OF THE FA | 15 | United Kingdom

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