#1025 | Thursday, March 14th, 2002
I haven't seen a perspective from the military yet, so here is mine's. I got up the morning of Sept. 11 like any other day. Woke up, ate breakfast with Mom, got dressed to go work. I usually don't turn watch TV or listen to the radio in the mornings.

I do not know what the mood of my fellow bus passengers were, the ride
is often quiet and uneventful. When I saw the traffic jam at the gate to the military installation I work in, it was unusual but nothing to trouble me. I walked in and noticed the base was on the highest state of alert, and soldiers from another base were brought in to check IDs (except me) and search cars.

When I reached the glass doors of the building where my desk is, they were locked. That WAS really strange, because this was the first time
they were. I knocked, and a co-worker who arrives first everyday let me in.

"Did you hear what happened?" "No."
"Two planes flew into the World Trade Center and brought them down. Both buildings are on the ground."

I was shocked, and turned on my computer. Went to the websites of Fox
News, CNN, and others. Only then did reality dawn on me as I saw the
nightmarish pictures and stories. But I am very glad my NY friend and
her family are safe. Her brother-in-law had a close call, if he wasn't
late he would be dead now.
Gary | 23 | Hawaii

#1026 | Thursday, March 14th, 2002
I woke up late and my parents were fighting about something. My dad was the person who took me to school. I didn't know at the time what had happened. My dad dropped me off at the football feild fo marching band. When I got there no one was in formation. Some people were crying. The band teacher told me that the WTC was hit by a plane. I didn't know much about the WTC at the time. It wasn't till later that the terrior hit me.
Jeff | 14 | New Mexico

#1027 | Thursday, March 14th, 2002
Thursday, March 14, 2002
I received a phone call from my daughter at 3:45am Hawaii Time. She is a flight attendant with American Airlines. She was very upset and told me to quick turn on the television, that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center Buildings. Needless to say, as the events started to unfold I was thrown into a state of shock!!. My daughter kept calling and we would talk and cry and try to comfort each other. I will never ever forget the pain and sadness we both felt as we watched first hand the tragic events of Sept. 11. I was thankful my daughter was home at the time and not flying somewhere in the US. I was thankful my son was safe outside of the US. I mourned the lost lives and the families who had to watch as their loved ones perished in such an insane attack.
Everyone’s lives have changed forever, and life will never be the same as before Sept. 11.
It has brought this nation closer and seemingly more patriotic. It has opened our eyes to how thankful we all should be to live in this “Land of the Free” We truly live in the most glorious nation on earth. Hopefully, we will never again witness such an attack on our great nation.
God Bless America and God Bless the people who have lost their lives in vain and those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom, and all of the families!!

Cynthia Holtz | 54 | Hawaii

#1028 | Thursday, March 14th, 2002
I remember on Sept 11, 2001 hearing on the radio about the attacks while waiting for my bus. As it was about 2 stops away the radio took a call from someone who sounded very upset. They said that the WTC was hit by an aitplane. I had no idea what was going on and when I got to school rumors were flying around everywhere, when I got into first period my teacher(who I would consider anti-American) told us that nothing had happened and that we shouldn't talk about it and if we do then we get detention, everyone listened in fear of her rath(that was the longest period of the day for me). I soon went to my second period class and walked into the gym and saw Ney York covered in smoke, it was like a movie, a very bad movie. I was in awe and terror, and confused. I will never forget the first thing I saw on that day not the planes, not the pentagon, but the smoke and the damage caused. I can't imagine loosing a loved one in that, I hate everyone who was apart of this attack on inocent people and I hope that they die a very slow painful death just like they caused over 3000 INOCENT people. To anyone who is suporting the attacks, I would like to see them say that to some of those firemen's faces who lost there best friends, their brothers. I would also like them to know that I hate them more then I hate anything else in the world, and my hate will only grow for them so they better hope that I never become responsible for attacks on them in the name of out country cause I will make sure they get the shit kicked out of them for what they did, just like the army and navy and airforce and our country is doing. Im proud of the way everyone pulls together in a time like this, it makes me feel safe and just good about everyone around me, all us Americans, we have a bond stronger than anyother country or group, including terrorists. Thats why we WILL win this war and avenge the victims and family.

God Bless America, and God help anyone who attacks us
Sean O'Brien | 15 | New Mexico

#1029 | Thursday, March 14th, 2002
I can not remember what I did last week, but I will always remember what I was doing when I heard the news. I am on the girls golf team in my little town of Piper, KS and we were playing in a tournament. I was on the 2nd whole when someone said planes had crashed into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. At the time I had no idea what kind of situation we were in or the impact it would cause on our country. It was not until I returned to the clubhouse and saw the news that I realized what was actually going on. September 11, 2001 is a day that I will remember forever and someday will tell my children about.
Jill | 18 | Kansas

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