#404 | Sunday, December 9th 2001
Since my college calculus III class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was getting ready for school. I take the public bus usually and I always leave around 9:45 am for the 10 o'clock one. Before then, I always have CNN on. I was watching the Headline news version where they said something about we are now getting reports of a fire in one of the towers of the World Trade Center. Then, I switched to the regular CNN channel and saw the whole thing unfold as we know what happened. A little while later, since we weren't sure as to if there would be class, my Mother took me to the college, on the way there, looking for the best vantage point to see the towers from where we live (half hour or so from NYC in NJ). We had the radio on for this time and heard the towers collapsed and the Pentagon was hit and everything else that happened. Class was cancelled, as they were closing the campus; took a while to get home because everyone was apparently going home, and just was glued to the television after that.
Lois Merritt | 24 | New Jersey

#351 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was at work, as ususal. I always have the radio on I could not believe what I was hearing. A plane just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. I thought to muself, what is going on? Was this a terrible accident? How could a pilot not see that building. Then they started talking about what really happened. I was in shock. How terrible an act is that? to take innocent peoples' lives. As the day went on, the news got worse. I was allowed to go home and i made sure my kids were ok and proceded to watch the television in horror.

It is a day I will never forget, thats for sure.

Lisa | 39 | New Jersey

#346 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
It was september 11,2001 i was at school. I went outside after we heard the news of a plane hitting the tower, so i went outside and looked. My teacher told me that it was a commuter plane, but i said no, no commuter plane can leave such a big hole in the building" so I was out there, then in the corner of my eye a United Airlines Boeing 767 was flying, so i said whys that plane going so fast, i heard the engine thrust increase. So i said Oh No! then it crashed and i saw a big fireball.
brian somaru | 13 | New Jersey

#344 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was asleep when the planes hit. My father woke me up around 9:30, with nothing more than "Two planes hit the world trade center - terrorist attack". I couldn't believe it in my semisomnulent state - and unfortunately, my father didn't make it sound like it was a big deal - in fact, I'd say that he didn't think it was a big deal. I have alot of issues with my father.

Anyway, I turned on the TV, and saw the towers burning. I was shocked. Stunned. I turned to my computer, and IMed a couple of friends, telling them to turn on the TV. Most of them were already watching.

It was around 10:00 that my father insisted I go to school. Were my mother home, I'm sure she would have disagreed, as I did, but we had just gotton into a number of fights, and didn't know what to do. So I showered, drove to school listening to the news station. They kept getting worse and worse. I heard about the car bomb at the state department - the fourth plane, and people calling in, saying that the towers were down, or half down, or something. By the time I got to school, where I normally saw the towers in the distance, there was nothing there but a big, dense cloud of debris.

I parked on the roof of my school's parking deck. Other college students my age gathered to look at the scene - they hadn't heard what happened. One student said that "it looked like Manhattan was on fire". Another said "Holy shit, is that a nuke? Did they just nuke Manhattan?" I was the unfortunate guy to have to tell them of what happened...

We worried about which way the wind would shift. Newark isn't that far from Manhattan, after all. When we got down to street level, a professor told me that class was cancelled on both the NJIT and the Rutgers campuses. I talked to a woman who was desperately trying to get word of her father who worked in the WTC. She said that he called her from the lobby but hadn't heard from him since the towers collapsed. I don't know what happened to him or her - I assume he got out.

Another person remarked how a field trip to the World Trade Center was scheduled for his entire class for September 12, 2001 - a trip that will never be made for a long time.

I called home using a payphone, calling my father, telling him that I was alright. He didn't seem to care. And that I was coming home. I ended up driving 2 hours that day for no reason - classes were cancelled, as I figured they would be.

I stopped by at my local gaming store on the way home, where they had a TV. I saw for the first time the collapse of the towers... the great dust cloud... it was... it made me sicken. Brian Gatens, the 16 year old kid who worked at the store, came by and hung an American flag in the window. I helped him, I was taller.

I drove home, hugged my Mom, who was worried about some sort of race riot in Newark considering the high percentage of Muslim students we had...

I then stayed glued to the news.

Brian R. Boyko | 22 | New Jersey

#332 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I had just walked out of the CompUSA on 5th Avenue (Manhattan) when I heard all of the commotion. I saw everyone staring skyward, downtown. Of course, I turned to see what everyone was looking at. That was when I saw the plume of smoke coming from the first tower. I began walking downtown, when the second plane hit. This is when I realized that I do not want to be downtown, as a matter of fact, I didn't want to be in NYC at all. I went back to my place of business (up on 50th), and began scouring the Internet for news. That day was hell, and so was the commute home to New Jersey. All bridges and tunnels closed. I think I made it home around 2am.

But, thank God, I made it home. I pray for the families of those most affected everyday. Osama needs to die.

Sign me: EdHead | 37 | New Jersey

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