#1146 | Monday, April 1st 2002

I have been searching for a forum to address the World Trade Center rescue activities during 9/11-9/18. The thing that stands out most about the this tragedy is the Gullian administration's, Bush administration's and the media's deliberate failure to acknowledge the efforts of Long Island's Fire Departments and the thousands of its members that participated in the rescue efforts. To this day the volunteer Fire Departments of Long Island have not received any recognition for the countless hours that they put into aiding in the search for survivors and the deceased. It is time that we are contacted and our experiences be allowed to reach the American public, a large segment of which doesn't even know that we exist. The annals of American History must truly reflect what went on that disasterous day and I would like to aid in bring this information forward. Just because we don't get paid to be in the Fire Service doesn't mean we should be ignored and excluded from the historical record. To allow this to happen would be an insult to the Fire Service and Volunteer Fire Fighters around the world. Justice must prevail for us all. Many of us did not get paid by our employers for participating in Ground Zero operations. I am certain the same thing happened during operations at the Pentagon.

What are your thoughts?

Nassau County Firefighter | 37 | New York

#1120 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
Sept. 11 is my birthday. In fact, I was born 16 years and 13 minutes before the first plane hit the first building. I remember the first time i heard about it. I was in Mrs. Chesely's English class. Our principal announced over the PA for the whole school to "stand for a minute of silence for the tradgedy which had just occured." No one in our class knew what happened. She also told us not to turn our televisions on in the classrooms. We all did anyway. At first, none of us really beleived it. Then it hit us all. I was a bit dissapointed. My sweet 16. It had to be cancelled. All my plans were postponed since everything was closed. I dont beleive in "god" so I didnt pray. I felt bad for the people who died. But that is my story of where I was and how I felt on September 11, 2002.
Jessica Letizia | 16 | New York

#1065 | Monday, March 18th 2002
It is very painful for me to remember that terrible day, even now What matters to me it that it even happened at all.Can it really be true? It took awhile before I realized the horror of it all. Where I was is not important; it matters not. What does matter to me the image of the terrible lost of innocence and beauty gone to all of us forever. I knew all the WTC towers so well, I walked though those buildings so many times when I was on the job. My sister worked in one of the towers years ago. I can close my eyes and still see the images of the beautiful towers against the blue sky. The stores; and where they were and their names; and the people-- yes, the people!!! We lost something that day, something innocent and beautiful, and I shall never forget it.
Andrea De Salvo | 48 | New York

#1050 | Sunday, March 17th 2002
I live in Manhattan and was on my way to work. I stopped by the local street vendor selling coffee and he had his radio on. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me two planes were hijacked and flown into the world trade centers.

I thought nothing of it. I grew up with those towers, I thought they were indestructible. My office is in Midtown on the penthouse floor with a clear view downtown. It wasnt until i got to my desk, which has a bullseye view of the towers, did I realize the scale of the attack. The thick black smoke going on forever, the HUGE gaping hole in the first tower, i thought i was dreaming. Everyone in the office was by the windows, just watching in awe. Nobody said a word. We just stood there dumbfounded.

What was in front of our face was something unimaginable. This was around 10:00AM just before the first tower collapsed. It is one thing to watch this from a television, its another thing to watch it live. When the first one collapsed, people started panicking. We did not know what happened, where there bombs inside the buildings? We had no clue. People started calling their friends that worked downtown, but all the lines were either dead or busy. It was the most confusing and eerie day of my life.

Manhattan was closed off, so people that lived outside of the island had to stay at a friends or walk home accross the bridges. My girlfriend and I just wandered the streets like everybody else in the city. YOU NEVER see people walking aimlessly in the streets of new york, but that day, people had nowhere to go.

It was the worst day of my life.

Michael | 24 | New York

#1024 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
To Bee EN....
Why you ignorant piece of terrorist loving human scum! Fishing? Hopefully not anywhere in this beautiful country of America!! I sincerely hope that since you "thanked God" for the attack on America, that you don't have the gall to partake in anything that America has to offer. I also truly believe that as unfortunate as the situation in Afghanistan, there is some good coming from it. Women now are allowed to go to school, and actually live a full life instead of being treated as a sub-human, such as yourself!
May I suggest, that if you are living here in America, that you pack your bags and get the hell out! Your warped and twisted way of thinking is not welcome in this country!
As Americans, we stand united and strong and will remain so forever!! No psycho will ever break the bond we Americans have.

ELVee | 40 | New York

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