#1795 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was at work in Milton Keynes UK. I overheard someon ein the office mention that a plane had hit the Wolrd Trade Centre. At that stage I had no idea what kind of impact just one plane would have, but thought it would be major. I thought it was an accient. Then another phone call and another plane. The office was in a frenzy instead of the usual dreary morning activity people we trying to find information out. the internet was jammed access to all the news sites was slow and impossible. I tried my WAP phone, but kept logging out. I called my wife at home to see if she knew anything and she was watching SKY NEWS. She said it looked bad and it was thought to be deliberate attacks.

I will never forget that day, even though I knew no-one there I know people who work close by. No one could say they were not touched by these events and the aftermath.

Now a year on ( 2002) the memories are flooding back. God Bless all those who lost loved ones and God Bless America amd the world, in its fight against the evils of terrorism.

Kevin Higgs | 27 | United Kingdom

#1765 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was at my desk at working and a colleague was on the telephone to his wife. She was at home watching TV that afternoon with her two young children. During the call my workmate remarks that his wife must be watching a film - the response comes back that she is in fact watching a breaking news story. We all race upstairs and switch on our TV to watch in horror a plane hit the south tower (we later find out that this is the second plane). Much speculation is made of why and who etc. We return to our desks only to told via further telephone calls that first one then both tower had fallen. The afternoon continues in silence. I leave for with my thoughts thousands of miles away for those people how had the lives taken.
Paul Dallimore | 35 | United Kingdom

#1763 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was working for Hastings Direct in Bexhill an insurance company in Britain when the news broke. It was actually a customer who had phoned up for a quote which alerted us all to what was going on. I do remeber rushing home to find out exactly what had happended as the rumours flying round the office seemed to bizaar to be true, then seeing it for real was twice as terrible as the rumours! It was an awful day that will haunt most sane people till the day they die and i think everyone prays that we never see another one or for that matter are children never see another.
Cllr Robert Cooke | 24 | United Kingdom

#1760 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was at work in Leeds, England. It was around 14:15 and my phone rang. I answered as I usually did. "Good afternoon. Lloyds TSB Business and Commercial. Paul Speaking." On the other end of the phone my brother tells me that two planes have crashed into the WTC.

I spent 5 minutes telling my brother to hang up and let me get back to work as the whole idea was preposterous. The only thing that was going through my mind was that he was getting me back for playing a practical joke on him on national radio where I won a camera. I thought he was doing the same thing to me. I waited for the DJ to come on and say whether he'd won or not. She never did.

Five minutes into the call my brother pursudes me to turn my radio on. as soon as I did I dropped the pen I was holding and for about 30 seconds I didn't talk or move. I let my brother go and started to tell the people in my team what had happened. I had to give my radio to all of them to prove what I was saying.

Word then spread around the office. Customers were filling us in over the phone as we had no TV and I couldn't sit there listening to my radio all day.

Then the towers collapsed.

Paul Barratt | 21 | United Kingdom

#1756 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was in school when it happened and didnt find out until my Dad collected us. He explained it to us all and on the way home and our usual noisy car full of teenagers was silent. None of us knew how to say what we were feeling.
When I got home I sat on the sofa and watched the television, so much went through my head. I felt for everyone in there or who had someone they loved in there. I turned off the television and cried for half an hour whilst praying for everyone there.
There was so much to feel, for people in there, those who had people in there whom they loved, the fireman and world leaders. There are still too many feelings to express.
For the future I hope that people will always look back to September 11th and remeber the courage shown, rather than the evil displayed.

Samantha Hunt | 15 | United Kingdom

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