#1186 | Tuesday, April 16th 2002
I remember sitting in my technology class when my teacher said two planes flew into the world trade centers.At first i thought it was a joke.When I was at home my mom was so devestated.SO was I.I told my sister and she started crying rite then and there.It really sucked for my friend because his birthday was on september 11th.Wat a great gift.
Miek Aures | 13 | New York

#1178 | Saturday, April 13th 2002
I was at work in New York, I heard it on the radio and then the phone rang. It was one of my buddies in the radio industry saying it wasn't an accident. I began making a mental list, trying to remember who I knew who worked down there. I didn't think I would have to worry about my FDNY friends. But, I should have. I lost five of them that day and my life will mever be the same.
JP | 24 | New York

#1168 | Monday, April 8th 2002
I woke up for normal day of classes at Pace University. (about 4 blocks from the towers) It was our first tuesday of classes, and was not lookingforward to going. As I was about to leave for my 9:05 class I heard alot of sirens comming towards the school. I looked out my window, which overlooks the Bklyn Bridge on the Manahattan side. Cars were stopping on the Bridge looking up past my building. First thought was my school was on fire, but then figured the alarms would have gone off. I ran to a window in the hall and saw Tower 1 burning. Someone said a plane had hit the building. We thought a small single engine. I was still going to go to class, so went to get my books and screams came from the hall, so I ran back out to find out the 2nd tower had been hit. OMG, this is a terrorist attack, we knew it. But we didnt know what to do. I went to call my parents, got in touch with my mom and assured her I would not go down to the towers or anything. I walked outside to see the view from the street, the sidewalk was packed with hundred of people who had already walked from the towers and surrounding buildings, and just then everyone rushed down the block. I began yelling "WHAT HAPPEND WHAT HAPPEND?" We didn't know that the tower had fallen, someone simply said "The Top of the Building fell off." Many were rushing out of my building, and I headed down the block with everyone else. While walking, I happend to run into my dad (amazing miracle) who had left his post at the NY Stock Exchange. There was no way I wanted to get on a bridge, so we kept walking uptown. However, he was pushing to just get out of the city. I was so sure the next plane was going to take out the bridge. We walked across the Manhattan Bridge with thousands of others fleeing downtown. At almost 10:30, there was a loud sound and I looked over, the 2nd tower was comming down. THat is when I just started balling - everyone was crying. Then I heard the plane I thought comming for the bridge. I was so unbelievable overjoyed to learn it was the AIRFORCE!!! I had never ever noticed them fly over before, "WOW, i can't believe it" I thought. Then I looked over and said "Thank God the Statue of Liberty is still standing" Then it clicked that that could be next too. On the other side of the bridge a continuous line of sirens flew in from Bklyn. The image that caught me most was the firefighters comming in sitting all around the back of a pickup truck. We just kept walking and walking and walking in Brooklyn until we found a phone that worked and didnt have a line. We contacted my grandparents, who came and picked us up. They were crying, we were crying, it was horrible, and didn't even sink in. Only now, 7 months later is it just NOW starting to sink in what happend. Please continue your prayers. I continue to volunteer at a WTC relief center, and we desparately need money and still need supplies. So if possible, please donate anything that you can. Thank you and God Bless America!
Anthony Reinhart | 18 | New York

#1163 | Sunday, April 7th 2002
Looking at the burning buildings, from the 7th floor lunchroom of my high school, Brooklyn Technical H.S. I left my classroom with permission to go to the bathroom, and ran up the stairs from the 3rd floor. Trying to figure out what happened ... I remember hearing from a kid ... "a plane hit the Twin Towers" and something else about terrorists. I was going to bring my video camera that day just for fun too. That day was hectic. Cell phone calls could barely connect, subways were closed off, and alot of students went to the auditorium trying to get in touch with whoever they knew were around that vicinity.
And I stayed quiet, watching the news.

MaGiCs | 16 | New York

#1150 | Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
I was in homeroom, when the Principal came on saying that we should bear in mind the souls lost at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. They told all students who had parents working there to report to the library. Meanwhile, I asked my homeroom teacher, what happened, and he told me that two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. The image I had in my head was one of two plane colliding in mid-air and falling into the buildings, but that didn't seem plausible. I then started to think about the people who crashed the planes. I thought it was some domestic anarchist society at first. We couldn't get any tv stations, because we're served by the NYC stations, which were off the air, and our school doesn't have cable. All we could get was the morning's edition of Channel One. Hilariously irrelevant, so sept. 10. I sat through the day, watching scrambled WCBS-TV, the only working station, with no audio. I had my CD player, and on the bus home, I was listening to WQXR, one of the few stations that weren't playing CNN feeds. They were playing a piece by Chopin, and when it was finished, the DJ announced the time and the week's forecast. It was unseasonably warm that week in New York, and she said, "Tommorrow is going to be a beautiful day." When I got home, I took my TV and watched the BBC on my small black and white TV in my bedroom. I'm a 17-year old young man, and still, listening to the description of Osama Bin Laden's terrorist cell that night, I couldn't sleep. I closed my door, my window. Still, I couldn't close my eyes without feeling insecure. It's hard for me still to realize that if I weren't alive that these attacks would still have happened. I know that sounds unusually arrogant, but it's true for some reason. Stay strong and pay close attention.
Armand | 17 | New York

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