#1900 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was Peace Keeping for the UN in Cyprus. I though someone was watching a film when they called me in, and then it sank it that it was real.
I had a strange night that evening on patrol.

Anthony Hemy | 20 | United Kingdom

#1899 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
How excited were all 12 of us, it was our first day of our holiday in Florida and we were heading to Disney's Magic Kingdom. We had traveled all the way from London England the day before and finally we were at Disney.

Whislt waiting to get into the park we heard other British tourists talking about 3 planes being hijacked and that they were missing, of course we didn't think nothing of it and dismissed what we had heard.

We had been in the park about 2.5 hours, the men and the children were queuing for one of the rides whilst us women waited for them, when we heard a very unsual announcement! "Due to unforeseen cicumstances, the park is now closing. Please follow the nearest park representative and calmly make your way to the main exit." We all looked at each other in astonishment not too sure what to do. Then they repeated the announcement, again and again. Finally, we made our way to a representative waited for the men and kids and was told the park was being evacuated. We were stunned. Every one was stunned, no one knew exactly what was happening, just that we had to leave the park as soon as possible. Children were crying, parents were trying to explain to their children the reason why we had to leave.

The evacuation went very smoothly, we managed to get out of the park relatively quickly and without any major panic!

It wasn't until we got back to our vehicle, that we discovered the full horror of what actually happened. I couldn't belive what I was listening to on the radio! We were all stunned into complete silence, even the children had stopped crying and listened to what the nation was being told. I sat in the back of our vehicle in tears. Just the day before we had flown over New York!

It was even worse when we got back to the Villa and switched on the TV. We were watching CNN and the horror unfold. I couldn't stop shaking. I am not a religous person, but I sat there praying for those innocent people, and those that were missing on the 4th hijacked plane.

Throughout the rest of our time in Florida, we met numerous American's who lived in New York and grieved with them.

I will never forget the day 9/11, that day and those innocent people will stay with me for the rest of my days. God bless them.

Leah Adams | 24 | United Kingdom

#1870 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I rememeber i had come home early from work ill and my mother had gone on holiday that day. i sat down and turned the television on and started to watch some chat show like oprah whinfrey. a newsflash came on sky about a possible terrorist action in america, i thought it was a landed plane that they werent letting off the ground or something. i turned to watch it as i was bored. the pictures shocked me. then another plane hit and there was reports of another plane had hit the pentagon, my mind filled with dread and i thoughtthatthere would be hundreds of planes crashing everywhere. then all was calm it seemed although i knew different. i phoned my friend who i knew was athome watching it, later i was on the phone to that same freind cos he was coming to see me, and the first tower collapsed, i almost cried. then the second one fell down while i was still on the phone i watched all day, in a way i felt guilty for watching like it was entertainment, but even tho i was in the uk i was scared. i watched all day as picture after picture and different storys and news gatherings were shown on tv. I will never forget that day and know that i will always try to be nicer to people and help whoever i can because nothing like this should happen again newhere in the world. my heart and love and soul are with all the victims and there familys and friends. my mum has never been to america and is scared of flying now. Everyone around the world must stop our petty hates and squabbling and work towards a better future. wehave enough problems with disease and famine why kill each other.
Chris Noble | 20 | United Kingdom

#1806 | Monday, September 9th 2002
Someone came into our office and said that there had been something happening in america,
"what kind of thing"
"Oh just some kind of plane crash".
When I got home I thought I would put the television on just to see what had happened with the "plane Crash". The fist thing I saw was the World Trade Centre collapsing and throughout that night I got this image again and again and each time it made me feel more and more sick. I thought that a year on the I would be able to watch it again, but I can't. This September 11th we will see these images again and again and I won't be able to watch it. I will never get over how I felt then and I still feel the same today.

Margaret colbeck | 36 | United Kingdom

#1796 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was on holiday with my husband in Rhodes at the time, we were staying in Lindos and had been to Rhodes town for the day.
As we walked past one of the bars we saw a crowd of people gathered around a TV screen and at first I thought it was a movie or something. It wasn't until my daughter text me a message on my mobile phone from the UK that we realised the horror of the events in New York. We went back down to the bar and everyone was sitting in stunned silence as the events unfolded before us on Sky News.
All of us sitting in that bar wept for all of the poor souls whose lives were snuffed out like candles by misguided fanatics.The sight of those people jumping from the towers will haunt me forever.
I send my heartfelt condolences to all the families who have suffered the loss of a loved one, and as the first anniversary approaches, we will remember the courage and bravery of all involved.
My prayers and love are with you all in this difficult time.

Steph Chapman | 47 | United Kingdom

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