#111 | Thursday, September 20th 2001
I was running cross country. We didn't even know that anything bad was happening. Everyone was acting normal cas no one on the team knew anything about the attacks. We got into the locker room like 45 minutes after the attack on the pentagon, and some girl from the volleyball locker room comes into the cross country locker room and tells us to turn on the radio, and she explains what happened. We were screaming and crying.
Kacey | 17 | Texas

#110 | Thursday, September 20th 2001
I was at school. The teachers kept it a secret until the next day. My mom was very concerned and I feel very sorry for the people that were injured.
Douglas Schadt | 10 | Texas

#94 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I had an 8am math class here at Texas Tech . I was sleeping through it as I usually did on Tuesdays. The phone rang. It was my mom, it was too early so i just let it ring. The tone in her voice on the answering machine shook me awake and made me hurdle accross the room to the phone. I decided to call her back but first I turned on my TV. It was all suddenly soo clear, but at the same time soo confusing. One plane one tower. An accident how horrible. But then the second plane took away any doubt, excuse or shred of the worl I went to sleep in. What do I do? So far away but it kicked in my fight or flight mentality. What do I do? A list of my loved ones ran through my head. Where is everyone? Are they ok? Not fully grasping everything I got dressed, put on shoes and for the first time in 3 years left my dorm room without my contacts in. In class they told us both towers had fallen. I cant recall what we did that class, except cry. and wonder and stare into space. At the student center I saw a friend crowded into the theater watching CNN on a Movie screen. We just held each other, cried and flinched as they replayed the video. No more No more No more. But how could we look away. The doubt that it actually happened is still here. The scarieness of flying is stillvery much with me. And all of my plans are being rearranged. Im sorry for thoose who didnt know life before this, I promise to do all I can to not let this ever happen again, but also to never let this be forgotten.
Romy Adame | 20 | Texas

#81 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I hardly ever watch television in the mornings as I get ready for work. On the 11th, though, for whatever reason, I decided to turn on the television after I got out of the shower. I grabbed the remote and turned the set on (it was already tuned to ABC) then walked back towards the bathroom without even looking at the screen.

It was Peter Jennings' voice that made me turn back around. Why the heck was Peter Jennings on Good Morning America? Then I saw it - smoke coming out of both WTC towers. Then they replayed the video of the second plane's impact. I was... numb. I stood there unmoving, just watching the events unfold.

Work! I still had a job, so I had to get dressed! Hurriedly, I finished dressing and left my apartment. I got in the car and tuned in to the local AM talk radio show just in time to hear that the Pentagon had also been hit. I couldn't believe it... after the horror I had just seen on television, yet another attack had occurred in the few minutes it took me to walk from my apartment to my car.

I don't really remember much of the actual 20 minute drive to work... I spent the entire time listening to the ABC Radio broadcast, still in total disbelief. Even now, one week later, it's all too surreal.

God be with those still searching, those grieving, and the rest of us who feel a mixture of grief, anger, and relief. Above all, God be with those now making decisions that will affect the future of every last one of us.

Kevin | 28 | Texas

#80 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
You know what!? I was listening to the radio, and the DJ announced, "Oh My God! New York has just been bombed! I can't beleive it!! Ladies and gentlemen, this ould be World War III happening right now!" I tuned the TV to channel ABC and all these other channels, and all of them were filled with the coverage of the attack. I ran to my dad's room and told him. He had "actually" ran to the TV. Haha
Judy | 13 | Texas

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