#1253 | Sunday, May 5th 2002
On the morning of sept.11th myself and my best friend were boarding a flight to Orlando Florida at 7:40 a.m. from New Yorks JFK. At about 9:10 a.m. our captian announced that we were to make an emergency landing in Atlanta. People on the plane began using there cellphones, reporting to other passengers about terrorist activties and a plane hitting one of the twin towers. I told my friend not to worry, it was probally a small plane. As we landed and entered the airport, there was an unnerving quiet, no one but the passengers from my plane was in the airport. Most of us headed toward a bar within the airport that was still open, there we began to see the pictures, the attack on our home city, and many of our friends, on the television. I just sat there in disbelief, as many around us began to cry. The worst part was not being able to contact any of my friends or family via telephone, to let them know its ok, we're alright it wasn't our plane.
John | 31 | New York

#1249 | Saturday, May 4th 2002
On the morning of September 11,2001 I woke up rather late as I didnt have to be to work til noon. It was also my 40th birthday so I took my time getting ready. I usually turn the tv or at least the radio but on that day my husband had just gotten home from starting a new job, so I talked with him instead. I did turn on the radio in my car as I was going to work. Within 2 minutes after leaving I knew. I arrived at work and the first thing as I looked at the birthday cake my co-workers had made for me, was my boss running up to me and giving me a hug.. I work at a hotel so I couldnt leave as much as i wanted to. I just wanted to be home with my family. As the day progressed I said many prayers for allthose who could have possibly been lost and for those who were in the rescue effort.. As soon as I got home I made sure I hugged and told everyone how much I loved them. We didnt celebrate my birthday on that day, but we shared a fateful day which none of us will ever forget.
Cindy Gardner | 40 | New York

#1248 | Friday, May 3rd 2002
On 9/11/01, I was not at the World Trade Center, but home wishing I were there to do something...to help...to do anything. As a young girl growing up in downtown Manhattan, I watched those majestic towers being built. I had been in and through those towers numerous times, as recently as two weeks before the attacks.
As the rescue effort went forward, I cried many tears. My old neighborhood lost many people, and some family relatives were hit particularly hard, attending two funerals a day there for a time.
I am grateful to our veterans, for I see now some of what they went through, so that we may enjoy our freedoms. I pray for our leaders, that they may maintain their strength in this war. May this never, ever, ever happen again.

Phyllis Clarke | 49 | New York

#1214 | Friday, April 26th 2002
I was exercising in my living room while watching cable. My dad came downstairs and said turn on the t.v. I put on Channel 4 NBC, and felt my heart drop as I saw the hole in the first tower. All I kept saying was "Oh my God, those poor people!!". The second tower was hit as I watched, and half a second later, I heard it. I live in Staten Island, only a couple miles from downtown NYC, so it was like it was in stereo. Seeing it and hearing it, was terrible. A few of my friends work downtown, so during the day I got in touch with them to check on them. At 5, I called Jamie and said "I'm so glad to hear your voice". Her answer was "You don't hear all our voices". My heart dropped again that day. What did she mean? Her older sister Kristen Montanaro, 34, worked on the 93rd floor of Tower 1 and no one had heard from her. When I was saying "Oh my God, those poor people" I had no idea Kristen was in there. She hasn't been found, and hope has faded that she will. Rest in Peace Kristen. I'm sure your sparkling eyes are looking down on us all. Have you seen all the bracelets??? I'll have everyone wearing one by summer :)
Cheryl Augustyne | 32 | New York

#1207 | Thursday, April 25th 2002
i was working at the albanycounty airport as a securitygaurd my job is to keep the people from being hit by the screwball's that drive throught there on 9-11-01was a normal day or so i thought i was talking to one of cowoker's when my boss came out and told us that two planes just hit the world trade center and the world stood still and by 9:40am the faa had shut downevery airport in the usa and boy were people were pissed and two this day the airport is at level-3carbomb alert and people are being real jerk's about it to and iam sick and tried of the whining and crying because they can't get thereway to bad if you have the me first attuide save we don't need it it has been a nightmare out there since that day i thought i was going to die on september 11 2001 and i still think going to at time's but people are rude and crude all becuase they can't sit by curb or leave there car's and all i can say about that is to bad if you leave you car in front of the airport it will be ticketed and towed like it or not growup people this a whole new world we live in now and if you don't like the new set of rule's at airport's call the faa or stay home i don't need your shit not at all love it or leave it thank you
kevin toohig | 30 | New York

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