#253 | Wednesday, November 14th 2001
I was in my home ec class when my teacher turned to us with tears in her eyes and said "They bombed the twin towers" at that moment everything changed forever, in bad ways and some good. Though no one I knew closely was harmed in the Sept. 11 attacks I still found it hard to deal with and there have been days where I feel like I can't go on, but then I look at my flag with nothing but pride and love and think america survived and so will I
Kait | 13 | Ohio

#251 | Tuesday, November 13th 2001
When the September attack occured, I was sitting in my classroom at school when the teacher switched on the T.V and we saw a short part of the live boradcast. We were not sent home because the safest palce was considered the school. We did not watch any more news reports because they thought us too "immature" to handle that. At first, I felt confusion, then disbelief. After a while these emotions simmered to fear. I had fear or more attacks, fear of war, fear of any possible outcomes. I wound up taking forever on my homework and had to do it the next day.
Alex | 13 | Wisconsin

#232 | Friday, November 2nd 2001
It was during ISTEP week, and at the end of one of the tests, our teacher turned the TV on to the news to see the world trade center. He was telling everyone to be quiet, and that this was live history, but no one acred, and everyone was talking. After that, I went to Art where the teachergot every quiet and said. "I don't know if you heard, but a plane crashed into the World trade center, and another one just did. They were acts of terrorism, we might go to war."
I remember my legs shaking, and everyoen started talking in hushed tones.
All day, all the TV's were on in every classroom, even in the cafeteria.
I was scared, really scared, for the first time in my life.
That day, I went home and cried for the first time about something besides an injury.

Annalise Lowe | 13 | Indiana

#222 | Saturday, October 27th 2001
I was getting ready for school, and my mom came into my room. She said, "Turn on the TV, now. The World Trade Center got hit by a plane!"

So, I turn on the TV. I saw smoke and fire raising from the first one hit. I was in shock, but I still had to go to school. When I got there, it started raining, and we went into the library to watch what was happening. Nearly the whole school was packed into the TV room, and we all watched as the second tower was hit.

It was truly a mortifying day.

Tabby | 13 | California

#199 | Thursday, October 11th 2001
I'm now reading an article about sites on the Internet a month after the attacks of the september 11th, 2001. I guess that you wouldn't know the magazine I'm reading because it is not an American magazine. I'm writing to you from Israel, if you think that you are suffering becouse of terrorism (I'm not sure it's spelled like that), belive me that we suffer at least like you, if not more.
I never lost someone, hoping that I never will. But I realy cried, from the bottom of my brokken heart, when I heard. There are diferencess in the hours, it was about 5pm here when it happened. I was resting at home, after school (I'm 13), and I saw the tween towers falling down... I just couldn't belive...
I watched the smoke, and almost chocked. Couldn't understand why.
I never visited the tween towers, but my perents was there. I'll never be there, and my perents can just rememeber.
But that day, we all, just cried - from the bottom of our brokken heart...

Tal Ravid | 13 | Israel

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