#214 | Monday, October 22nd 2001
the way i found out about what had happened was very frightening. i leave my tv on at night in my dorm room, and the night before i had it on nbc i think. well, i woke up to an image of smoke billowing around the towers. i seriously thought the world was ending, and that i was going to die that day. i've had an end of the world dream in the past, and it reminded me of it.

then i sat down and listened to what was actually going on. i said to myself the same thing that everyone else has been saying. i just had this feeling that nothing was ever going to be the same.

as far as how i am now.. i'm mostly just worried about my own life, and the lives of my loved ones. as long as the terrorists are stopped and those lives are protected, i'll be happy. i may not be shouting god bless america or flying flags from my car but i'm probably more supportive of america than i've ever been. so take that as you will.

i'm just lucky so far that nothing has happened to anyone i know.

rachel | 19 | Illinois

#206 | Monday, October 15th 2001
I had actually called my Mom at 8:46 am, for some strange reason I remember that. I guess that's not too strange though...on a day like that, we will remember what we were wearing, whether or not the sun was shining that day, all those seemingly insignificant little details. First, I am a New Yorker, though I'm not a New York New Yorker, if that makes sense. I'm feeling all of this very strongly. I had called my Mom to tell her I was going to bed and I wouldn't be able to make my doctor's appointment. No sooner had I fallen asleep, I heard my front door open and someone coming up the stairs. It was my Aunt. My Mom had been leaving me frantic messages on my machine, trying to find out the phone numbers of my many NYC relatives who work in or in the vicinity of the WTC. (By the way, my family is okay, but many of their coworkers are not...they worked on the 82nd floor of Tower 2, and the plane hit approximately at the 90th floor). She finally sent my Aunt over to wake me up and look up the phone numbers so we could make sure they were okay. I had just turned on the TV, when Tower 2 collapsed, right before my eyes.....I fell right to the floor with it. Right onto my knees...I had just woke up, and I couldn't quite comprehend the fact that 2 planes hit each WTC tower, AND the Pentagon. I was completely dumbfounded until actually watching TV for at least an hour. If you've ever been to NYC, especially if you had the opportunity to be in the WTC. I was lucky enough to be up there, with my relatives. I remember sitting in the president's chair (of Fuji Bank) and back then they were located on the 98th floor. Looking out onto the cityscape...absolutely breathtaking. I also remember thinking, ironically, this building is so monstrous it must be virtually indestructible. Now those great and beautiful structures have been reduced to tons of smouldering rubble...
Gail | 19 | New York

#197 | Wednesday, October 10th 2001
I remember where I was when I heard the news. I work at a service station and I have the lucky advantage of watching television when business is slow. I was doing just that... watching tv. All of a sudden everything went off and "breaking news" came on. At first, I admit, I thought it was a freak accident. Then I saw the second plane, and I knew in my heart that this was no accident. I was so scared. I think I was very stressed out because when I finally got to see my fiance later on, I was extremely upset and crying. By the end of the day I had a terrible migrain headache and was still scared. I don't know about anyone else, but I felt the impact of this event very much. And it will always be in my mind.
Kelly Mitchell | 19 | Maryland

#196 | Tuesday, October 9th 2001
When I heard about the attacks, I was walking out of my morning Spanish class. I walked out of one hallway and saw about 20 people gathered around a television, pushing to be able to see the screen. I hurried back to my room so I could watch what was happening myself. As I walked down the hill I heard everyone talking about the planes hitting the towers. When I got back, I immediately turned on the television and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Every channel was broadcasting about the terrorist attacks and everyone was in panic.
Classes were cancelled for the afternoon because so many students either didn't want to go to class or spent the entire class talking about what was going on. The rest of the week it was discussed about it all my classes except one. My professor was bound and determined to get us to move on I guess.
When people were shown jumping from the towers, I couldn't help but wonder what I would have done if I were in there shoes - whether I would have jumped or tried to get out or just stayed there. So many innocent people lost their lives for a reason that can never be fully explained. Why do people hate us so much and why would you go to this extent to express that hate? It obviously didn't matter to the terrorists that they were also taking their lives, because they knew going into this that they wouldn't come out alive. Why prove to someone that you despise them so much by taking your own life? Why do you even have to prove it? Do you have no decency for people? Innocent people died September 11th, people who could have done something wonderful and beneficial for this world. It is no one's fault who is alive now, because these terrorists had the opportunity to say no; they had the opportunity to make a change.
My prayers go out to all those who knew anyone who was hurt or who died September 11th: may you be able to tell your friends and family what a wonderful person was taken from this world for no good reason; may they forever live in your memories. My prayers also go out to rescue workers who died September 11th who risked their lives to save the innocent who were in the wrong place at the wrong time by no fault of their own. My thanks and prayers go out to all those who are doing something to make a difference for those who were affected by this tragedy - may you be blessed for the good that you have done.

Kristin | 19 | Michigan

#165 | Wednesday, September 26th 2001
i was at home sick. i couldnt sleep at all, so i turned on the radio, to hear the first radio report that one plane has collided with the world trade centre.

i left the bed knowing that cnn would have non stop coverage, and as i turned on the television i saw the second plane crash into the other tower.

i was talking to friends earlier that very week about how generations before myself remembering exactly where they were when jfk was shot, or elvis died, and how our generation seems to have no substance. i'll never ever forget that day.

shad | 19 | Canada

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