#1128 | Thursday, March 28th 2002
I live in Israel and there's a 7 hours time difference between New York and Israel. So it was about 14:30 (07:30 New York time) when I decided to take a nap and at about 16:00 (09:00 NY time) I heard these really loud voices coming from the radio in our kitchen. I didn't make out what the broadcaster said but my mom came to wake me up and notified my that a plain crashed into the Twins. I was still dazzled from the nap and I didn't really understand what she's talking about, but I got up and turned on the TV and I saw pictures from NBC and CNN in our news and the broadcaster was totally panicked. She, like all of us, was speechless. So then I just tuned in to CNN and sat glued to the TV screen for about 9 hours (and 3 days later, still).
God bless America.

Shiran | 17 | Israel

#1107 | Monday, March 25th 2002
On September 11th i was sent home early after finishing my college induction getting home around 11:45 and after eating began to flick through the channels until i hit on CNN covering what seemed to be a fire in the WTC and as the reporters began to say what had happened the second plane hit over the next few hours horror struck as we saw the live footage of people falling to there death and others running from the avalanche of ash. I was due in London September 12th but after a call from a realitive there who said that there were convoys of army going in one way and people leaving the other way i visited London on the friday after the attacks and was amassed at the amount of troops everywere and the silence that seemed to deafen the under city
Kevin prince | 17 | United Kingdom

#1106 | Monday, March 25th 2002
The morning of 9-11 my mom came in to my room to wake me up for school she told me about everything that had been going on. At first I didnt think much of it. I got up and got ready for school but the more i thought about it the more i got worried. I went off to school and all the kids were so dif. usually the kids at my school are mean and like to fight but they were all being nice and getting along.you have to understand that the school i go to is kinda ghetto and theres alot of gangsters there. In every one of my classes we watched the news. i had never seen the kids at my school listen and actually care about what the news was saying. this was an eye opener for all of us. we had prayer and moments of silence and all the kids did it. we collected money for N.Y and it seemed as if all the kids gave what they could. there was a big dif. in the attitudes of the kids at my school. 9-11 made everyone look at life in a dif way.
Katie Kleespies | 17 | California

#1076 | Tuesday, March 19th 2002
I was in bus, when first plane has crashed. When I get home, my mother was watching TV. I saw two tower burning. I was in schock. My hole world was dying. Yesterday I was so happy! I look with grateful on my past and my future. And with one hour it has chnged so much! My friend Żaneta phoned me. She was crying... I was crying to... We known that anybody will be same now. We has changed with teh world, with the New York...
PS. I'm sorry for my English...

Paulina Stępień | 17 | Poland

#1047 | Saturday, March 16th 2002
At the time of the attacks on our country, I was in class at Stonington High School. Just a typical day, sitting in Oceanology class when another teacher came in the room and announced, 'the world trade center has just been hit with a plane!'. Turns out, the second tower had already been hit by the time we got the television turned on in the classroom. News reporters continuously interviewed random bystanders and people were in tears all around. At that time I had realized that this very moment in time, war was declared on this country. Then not too long after, the same teacher came in to tell us that the Pentagon had been hit, and that a plane might've been heading for the White House. We were all in a panic. The first song to pop in my head at the moment was that infamous tune, 'the end of the world as we know it'. After watching the after effects of this occurence until the end of class, we moved on into the hall to switch classes and conversations of what had just happened flooded the corridors. Kids were going home crying, everyone was in a panic. No one knew quite sure how to handle the news. How would this change the world we live in? How badly will we be effected in the time to come? Questions unanswered, no plausible conclusion. All we had known was that this land of freedom was now at war with a country most of us in high school had never heard of. And why? We may never know. And from that day forward, our lives were changed in ways we couldn't have imagined.
God bless America, and the families of the brave, the courageous and the innocent.

Jessica | 17 | Connecticut

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