#430 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was at the Travis Street Grill in Sherman, TX when I first heard about the world trade centers being attacked. I saw it on a television there in the diner at around 8:45. Everyone was standing around just looking at the screen. Hardly anyone at my office got any work done that day just because we were all constantly checking the internet for more news. Everyone was afraid of another possible attack.
Tommy Chapin | 18 | Texas

#426 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was off work that day for my mother-in-laws funeral. My husband came outside on the deck and said a plane had crashed into the WTC. I'm from New Jersey so I ran in to see what was up and it was being reported as an "accident". Then all hell broke loose; the second plane hit and we knew immediately that this was no "accident". We spent the entire morning in tears, glued to the set watching as events unfolded and the towers collapsed. God....what an awful day September 11, 2001 was. May all the victims rest in peace.
Charlotte | 45 | Texas

#388 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
The first time I heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center I was entering my second period class. My Spanish teacher was fiddling with the computer with one of the other Spanish teachers (don't know his name). They finally got it to work and started looking for CNN. Someone in the class asked what was going on in class and the teacher what was going on. She says something to the effect that America was just attacked and the World Trade Center towers were hit.

To be truthful my first reaction wasn't quite that potent. I mean I wasn't even really sure where the WTC towers were. However I was interested in finding out what was going on. Apparently so were all of the students in my class because for the first time I could remember everyone was quiet.

Finally we found a reliable news station. I remeber they were talking about the second plane attack and I was just numb. I was just sitting there soaking up the information like a sponge not really comprehending what was being said.

I didn't start crying until I saw one of the buildings collapse. A few minutes earlier they'd been talking about evacuating the injured people outside. All I could think as I saw the building collapse live was that all those people never even had a chance to get away.

Later my class turned to a local news station. In it they were talking about all of the places in the city that would be evacuated. True to form, we were concerned about we griped about our shcool district not releasing us. I know that's extremely shallow thing to do, all I can say is that I think some of us were trying to hide how upset we were, I know I was.

Then someone mentioned that they were evacuating the Johnson Space Center. My first thought was 'oh my god my mother works right next to there.'I said it outloud in this flat emotionless voice and someone, I think Matt, told me they were sure they'd evacuate her job too. Honestly I didn't think of it again until I got home. Every time I got so scared, I just felt like some one had splashed ice cold water on me.

I went to lunch after second period. My friends and I discussed what had happened and who we thought was responsible. We discussed what the country was going to do and what we thought should happen. Also true to form we managed to bash Bush as many times as possible.

Nothing was really accomplished that day. A lot of my friends parents came to pick them up from school. I'm sort of glad my mom didn't pick me up. I learned a lot about my friends that day that I'd never have known. I think the things that stands out the most for me is that no one cried. Kids discussed things like it was something we were learning about in history. When I think back to that day I have to keep myself from crying.

So where was I on September 11th. I was sitting in my Spanish class pretending I wasn't about to break down and sob.

Roz | 15 | Texas

#363 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I work for a merchandising company and we were in Dallas at Denny's eating breakfast. One of the women who was from San Antonio got a phone call and she stood at the table with a look of disbelief on her face and we all asked her what was wrong and she replied, "a plane had crashed into the WTC about 15 min ago." We all looked at each other with open mouths, but we didn't grasp the tragedy of what had happened. We got our breakfast and then went back to the motel to grab our gear to go to work and we got together in the boss's room and we watched the news. We were in shock at the severity of what had just happened. I was so overwhelmed by what I had just seen, I was in tears. By this time the second plane had crashed into it! We didn't know what to say, we just were so shocked! But we had to leave to go to work. We threw ourselves into work but didn't forget about it, how could we? We noticed that the retail store that we were in was so quiet and empty that day. We learned at lunch that yet another plane had hit the Pentagon, more shock and disbelief and later that evening when we got into the van we rushed for the radio and listened to hear more before we got back to our rooms. We almost didn't make it to dinner that night, we wanted to hurry back and watch the tv! Our boss told us we needed to grab a quick bite, so we did and we quickly rushed back to our rooms, and turned our tv's on. I immediately called my husband to see how he and my step-daughter was and then called Florida to each one of my family members, my Mom, children, so thankful that they were all there and okay. I returned to the tv and was praying away through my tears, that everything would be alright even though I knew, things were not alright that day and they weren't going to be alright for a very long time.
Sharon Castner | 48 | Texas

#261 | Wednesday, November 21st 2001
As I was driving to work at 8:00 AM central time I was listening to the same old radio station I always do in the mornings. The DJ broke in with the news of a plane flying into the WTC. My first reaction was, "Dumbass Pilot!" Then shortly after news of the second plane broke in and I found myself driving a little faster to work. As I arrived at work I could tell from the expressions of fear, amazment, wonder, and suprise on the faces of my co-workers. I spent the rest of the morning and most of the day watching as New York City slowly and painfully died.
Nick Sacy | 23 | Texas

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