#1191 | Wednesday, April 17th 2002
Sept.10,2001 I went to visit my bestfriend who attends William Patterson University in Patterson,NJ.As the evening wound down,we were looking out the window at a gorgeous view of the NYC skyline.The night was clear and crisp and we remarked on how cool it was that we could see the twin towers....The next morning her sometimes over-elaborate roomate announced to my half-sleeping conciousness that we were getting attacked but not to think twice about my continuing slumber.As I reared my head from beneath the blankets,I saw the news coverage and immediately bit back my sarcastic retort.I plodded to the window to see two smokey gray beacons throwing the skyline askew from its former beauty.It was beyond the harshest definition of surreal.The drive home that morning was absolutely frightening.The traffic was unsurpassed by any other day I had ever spent idling on the Garden State Parkway.I thank my lucky stars none of my friends and loved ones were harmed during that nightmare but it is an abhoration I will never forget.
Melissa | 20 | New Jersey

#1189 | Wednesday, April 17th 2002
On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was talking with a co-worker when we got a phone call from a partner's wife asking if something was going on at the World Trade Center. We looked out the window to see that there was fire and smoke but did not know until that phone call that a plane had hit. I immediately ran to my desk to call my sister who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor. Unfortunately, I never heard from her that day or ever since. While I was trying to reach my sister, the second plane hit. I am thankful that I was not watching like so many others when that second plane hit. Our company sent everyone out of the building soon after and I did not return to the office for three days and then only for a short while. Til this day I cannot look over into New York City. There is such a void staring back at me and it breaks my heart every single time I look that way even over seven months later. Forever In My Heart.
Raquel Negron | 40 | New Jersey

#1126 | Thursday, March 28th 2002
How can I forget. For some odd reason, this day, I decided to go to the gym before work, which I haven't done in the past two months. By doing so, I was up at 5:30am. I got home by 7:00am, showered, ate and left for my 30 minute drive to East Rutherford, NJ. I arrived at my 9:00am job today at 8:40am.

Just as I sat down, someone in my office said a plane had crashed into one of the towers. Being on the 6th floor of the Metromedia building, we had a bullseye view of the tower. We all gathered in an office and watched smoke pour from the first tower hit. Within minutes, someone said "Look at that plane flying pretty low. Is that normal?" WHAM!! we saw the plane disappear behind the tower and a huge fireball appear from the other end.

We were all in shock at what we just saw. We weren't sure if it was a news helicopter flying low and accidentlly got to close or what. After hearing on the news what happened we knew what we saw. For the next 3 hours we all were glued to the windows in our office.

Listening to the news and watching what was unfolding right in front of our eyes was incredible. We then heard about the Pentagon. In my 23 years, I don't think I ever felt such a feeling of urgency. I wasn't panicking, but I felt as if the my whole world was about today, as if our whole being was in jeopardy. By 10 o'clock, the first tower can down, then later on, the other.

Being close enough to witness this event, yet far enough away to help, I felt powerless. Since our office is 5 minutes from the Lincoln Tunnel, they decided to evacuate the building, as well as most commercial business in the area.

On my way home on Rt.3 to the Turnpike, I saw Ambulances, Firetrucks, and Police from as far away as Wyckoff, Mahwah, and even further, Pensylvannia! Only thing was I was traveling away as they were travelling to. I wished I could have just hopped onto a firetruck and went in to help.

As I was driving on Turnpike South, western spur, I had an unobstructed view of what remained of the towers, which was now a dust cloud. People were pulled over on the turnpike taking pictures, talking, crying and just watching. I just wanted to get home to make sure all my loved ones were safe.

I knew three people who lost their lives in the towers. The first two were sisters. One sister was head of HR at my last job who interviewed me and hired me, and her sister, who I didn't know to well. The third was a friend of mines brother. All worked at Cantor.

To all of us, I don't think we will ever forget where we were on Sept. 11, just as our parents rememeber where they were when Kennedy was killed.


Michael Luzzi | 23 | New Jersey

#1124 | Wednesday, March 27th 2002
Where was I,on Sept 11th,2001?My husband and I woke a little after 9am,as our normal routine,I put on the coffee,my husband took out our dog,as he walked out the back door,I clicked the TV on as I did every morning,never forgetting this heart felt day,I saw what was to believed a horrible accident,involving a plane crash into the World Trade Centre Building,I sat praying for all the people and there loved ones to help get them thru this day,then in an instant the 2nd plane crashed,I ran to the kitchen yelling as my husband came in the back door,that we are being attacked,he just looked at me,untill he saw what I saw,we sat almost all of the day,hardly able to even talk,I went into work at 3pm,I work at a local supermarket,the air was filled with almost total silence,you could hear a pin drop,the only sounds to be heard was the cash registers,from the few custoers who had found it necessary to shop.
It was a day in my life that I will never forget,my heart will be filled with such grief,as many other Americans,that there could be such hate.Inexcuseable,evil,vicious hate,may God help me and everyone who lived thru this day,and may God help those who have forever lost a loved one.It is past the time that we Americans,take greater care of our county,freedom,and our land,we need to curve all the worries of the rest of the world.We need to be first and formost,always and forever.May God somehow give us all peace and someday forgiveness.

M. | 48 | New Jersey

#1118 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
On September 11th I was in school. I had just walked into English and my English teacher was watching the news. When I saw the world trade center on fire I asked if some freak accident had happened but then, as I put my books down, I watched the second plane fly into the other building. My heart dropped and I didn't know if I was breathing anymore. As the day went on it got worse the Pentagon and the other plane that landed in a field were seen by the eyes of all of America. My most memorabe moment through this entire catastraphy was when I was watching the news at home and I think CNN showed a clip of a man who was singing a patriotic song(he was obviously a veteran), but when he completed the song he broke down to tears. I cried along with him long after the clip was over. I was so touched by this man and his patriotism!
Shannon Gaines | 16 | New Jersey

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