#367 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was at work, had just sat down with a coffee at my desk when a news bulletin came through on the radio. I immediately went to our lunchroom and turned the TV onto CNN. It had only happened about 3 minutes before. I stood there for a minute or so in shock then went to get other employee's. We watched for a period of time when I saw what I thought was an American military plane fly behind the building thinking it was taking a look at the damage. When the explosion came through the front of the second tower. I new right then it was terrorists.
We continued to watch in total disbelief as the towers fell to the ground and the Pentagon was attacked.
At the time it made everything in life so insignificant as I'm sure others felt .
Now I realize just how great life is and how important it is to enjoy every single day ! !

Bill Reid of Toronto | 46 | Canada

#356 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
We were having our normal morning computer meeting when someone who came late said he had just heard of a plane hitting the WTC...we mentioned it must have been a single engine plane but he thought he had heard it was a jumbo jet, the meeting continued thinking he had heard wrong. The meeting was then interrupted by several employees and relayed us the truth of the matter. Suddenly things shifted into perspective, the meeting was over and we went to setup TV's so others could watch. It was one of those things that you just know would be life-changing. We watched the second tower collapse and the room couldn't believe it...something died inside of us...we knew the world had changed.
Clayton | 34 | Canada

#350 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
September 11, 2001 was my work place's golf tournament. Tee off at 9:50. Before I left home the first plane had crashed into the world trade center, at that time every body thought it was some freak accident. By 11:00 o'clock the grounds keeper were relaying the latest information. Our foursome could not believe what was happening. When we got back to the clubhouse in the afternoon, all the TVs were turned on to CNN. What should have been a great party atmosphere looked more like a funeral. The silliness and pranks that had gone on throughout the tournament was now insignificant. Every one was glued to the TV and yes, some had tears to their eyes as CNN kept showing apocalyptic pictures of the situation in New York.
Gaston Potvin | 42 | Canada

#334 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I will not make the ususal comments except to offer my condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. My heart and soul go out to you.
Through the years I have gotten pretty upset when I would read the newspaper or watch a tv article about taking the Lords Prayer out of schools, not saying the Lords Prayer at this particular function, and things like that. I have always sympathized with the people who protested that the Lords Prayer is important, that in a fundamentally Christian society the Lords Prayer should be said and heard, and so on.
I would be very emotionally on the side on keeping the Lords Prayer in our society. After Sept 11th, I am not so sure.
For one thing, more people have been killed in the last 2000 years in the name of God than for any other reason. Look at the Crusades as an example. We have this Christian-Moslem problem. And we Christians dont realize and dont understand this. We separate our religion from our politics, business and other areas. The Moslems do not! They incororate religion into every aspect of their lives so much that the Christian-Moslem thing is in their politics and their daily lives each and every minute of existence. We dont see it that way but they do.
Consequently, the only way for the human race to eliminate this problem and become one united entity. Only that way will we be able to truly reach the stars and make contact with other peoples of other planets. We are so far away from being able to and that is because of our petty bickering and fighting here on our planet. We need to find the ways to unite ourselves and to eliminate the things that tear us apart.
As a humble beginning I urge all Moslem to stop thinking Moslem each and every day of their lives and think of being one of the peoples that make up this planet. In turn, Christians must respect those that have Moslem beliefs.
But we must not let these differences hold us back from our destiny and keep us planted on a planet that one day will be destroyed by natural events, if we don't destroy the planet ourselves.
We need to end all this, to unite, to solve hunger, over-population, and all the problems of this planet and then reach for the stars. We need to channel our energy to do these things instead of fighting with each other.
The time is now.
thank you

gary ouellette | 50 | Canada

#296 | Tuesday, November 27th 2001
On that horrible morning I was at work. Things were really busy and lots going on. Over the cubicle wall I could here people talking about this plane crash, I was like..."yeah whatever".

I then received a call from my husband, informing me of the same. He gave me the details that he had at the time and I ran into the company's gym to watch the T.V.

I heard it, I saw it, I cried!!

I thought of all the people, so many lives gone, affected, hurt, torn. It was very overwhelming. I tried not to cry, being at work, but as I looked around I saw that I was not alone.

I then thought of my brother-in-law's girlfriend who lives in NY and called her right away. She was safe.

I then thought of all the people that I know who are in NYC often on business with PrePaid Legal Services and my heart sank. So many who fly, so many...

I was relieved to hear by the end of the day that from what I could tell, all were safe.

Such acts.....such destruction...

I was filled with so much anger, so much hate...pure evil orchestrated this, there's no other explanation.

I will never forget September 11, 2001 for as long as I live.

For those that were lost and for those who helped in any way they could.

God Bless America has a new meaning for me. It's something I hold near and dear to my heart, now more than ever.

Robyn | 27 | Canada

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