#650 | Wednesday, January 23rd 2002
I was frantically weaving in and out of traffic trying to make it to the commuter lots. I hadn't left the house early enough to get to my test with any time to spare. I sprang out of my car and ran to the campus shuttle stops. I noticed people were abnormally somber and reserved, but I didn't really care why. Packed on the bus with 80 other people, i was sitting. I was sitting with three other studentsí butts in my face, daydreaming about my test and the rest of the day. I overheard a guy a couple of guys talking about one of the WTC towers being struck by lightning or something. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. My friend Jen managed to trudge her way through people over to my general area. She asked me if I knew what had happened. My heart dropped, my emotions fell. What? She began to tell me, but in mid-sentence the bus driver flipped on the radio. I remember feeling sick and an urge to crumble as I listened to the dj's talk about what they were seeing on television. This particular radio station isn't the best in town, usually playing your latest selections of pop and hip-hop. Not your choice journalists with integrity. However, the way they explained everything was so raw and real that it took us all there without being able to see anything. I couldn't quite make out the picture in my head until I got to class and saw it on screen. I arrived seconds before the second tower collapsed. I've always been one to watch the news incessantly when something happens. I remember the day of Columbine and sitting in front of the TV for six hours straight. This however, was different. It made you feel so small and vulnerable. Iím proud of our service personnel currently in Afghanistan and elsewhere. We can't let this happen again. Never.
regan wright | 20 | Texas

#630 | Monday, January 14th 2002
I was visiting my mom in Arizona when my sister woke me up to tell me that America was attacked. At first I thought I was dreaming, but the look on my sister's face quickly brought me to my senses. She told me that the WTC and the Pentagon were hit. I quickly went downstairs and watched the news with her. I called my husband, who is in the US Marine Corps, to see if he had heard. He was sleeping when I called and hadn't heard anything about it. As soon as I told him he said, "Oh, My God." He started to watch the news and he said, "This is bad", which scared me even more. I was 8 months pregnant at the time, and all I could think about was we were going to war!!! I was scared for my unborn baby and for my family. I watched the second plane crash into the WTC and I saw live the collapse of both towers. I wept for the innocent victims killed, and was filled with anger for the attackers. This is one day I will never forget. We need to pray for times such as these! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Sheree Hurst | 20 | California

#618 | Wednesday, January 9th 2002
on september 11th 2001 i was in my base i was a solidar in the israelian navy.
someone came in the office i was in and he said that a plane crashed in to one of the tower's we where all shcked but we never imagined the size of the tregady, since we were at the army we where very adraid that israel will be next.
When igot home i opened the television set and i couldn't believe my eye's, i still can't.
in the name of the israelian pepole i would like to say how sorry we are for al the lost lives and all of the broken families.
I still cant believe that i will never get to see these two beautiful building's since the last time i was there i was very young.

sarit amon | 20 | Israel

#615 | Monday, January 7th 2002
I was at my boyfriends house, asleep. He roommates woke us up, and we ran in to watch the TV, and one plane hit a building, and then we saw the other plane hit, and later we saw the biulding fall. I called my mother, to tell her, and to tell her I loved her. Then I called my friend in the Air Force in Alaska to talk to him. Then I didn't go to my classes that day, I just sat and watched TV, in disbelief. I was soo sad, yet soo mad. I felt that my freedom had been violated. It certainly will be a day that I remember forever
Amanda Zachary | 20 | United States

#614 | Sunday, January 6th 2002
I was at home, and dad called me down stairs and have a look at the tv. When I saw what was happening i went back up sairs to wake mum. By this time it was 2am (New Zealand time) on September 12th 2001. As I write this I am thinking about the people who lost their lives and / or loved ones. May God be with them.
Natasha Bates | 20 | New Zealand

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