#381 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I work late evenings at an auditorium/theatre. I was sleeping in that morning. My wife called me from work and told me to turn on the TV. I tuned in about 2 minutes after the 2nd plane hit. I was disgusted and emotionally drained with the question of why and how this could happen.

We as Americans need to stay united as this tragedy slowly fades into our past. The amazing things we have seen happen as a result of September 11th's unfortunate events can only touch the surface of what is possible from us.

We have the ability to accomplish so much more.

Marc Bowyer | 29 | Ohio

#347 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was in my American Government class that morning. When I got out of the class, I turned the radio in my car, and all I could make out from the confusion of what I heard was that the WTC had been hit twice. I drove home and watched TV untill i had to go to the high school. There every one had heard by then. It is so sad. There was little to do exept help those in our school who knew they had relatives in the 3 areas. Marietta is so far from NY, DC, and PA but i had never felt to close to the rest of the country in my 16 years.

Thank you to everyone who helped and gave their lifes. I will return the favor by never forgetting the sacrafices you have made.

Michael | 16 | Ohio

#309 | Wednesday, December 5th 2001
I was in German class, 3rd period and the teacher walks in late "Have you guys heard?" of course none of us have and we all ask him what "The World Tade centers are being attacked. one has been hit with an airplane!" at this some poeple were shocked, some people wouldent believe it, and some like me, were shocked and scared at the same time. my life has changed since then, i think about the men on flight 93 who resisted the terroirists and think about how heroic they were. and i hope that the 4-6 (maybe more, im still researching it for a report in class) men recieve the presidental medal of freedom, that action saving hundreds of lives makes me think of how i should live my life every day. And that new way of thinking is not for myself, but for other people.

God bless America, The firefighters, and the brave souls from flight 93

David | 14 | Ohio

#287 | Sunday, November 25th 2001
My husband and I were in Park City Utah. He was on the internet. "A plane crashed into the World Trade Center!" "Must be some nut in a rented plane," I said believing it.

Several minutes later, it became clear that this was more than some misguided joy stick jockey. This was planned.

We spent the next week glued to the television. I am an artist. The next morning (9/12/01) I woke up and had a dream of the catastrophe. I painted it. http://www.fabiennechristenson.com/hands.html

Neither my husband or I will ever be the same. Sad. To look back on that pre-9/11 time is to see those happier spoiled and pampered people that we were, receeding in the rear view mirror. It has made us love and value our country more than ever. I am very proud of our armed forces and intellegence forces.

Fabienne | 109 | Ohio

#280 | Saturday, November 24th 2001
i was a few days away from my wedding day. we (my husband, at the time, almost husband) and i had walked into my parent's house, and heard the tv.

we stopped everything. i don't remember where we were headed, but it could wait.

sat. watched the news. cried. prayed.

we were married september 15th. the days before were filled with shock and horror. i was getting married, but that wasn't what was on my mind.

we said a prayer at the ceremony for everyone. those directly involved, and those not.

Kimberly | 21 | Ohio

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