#103 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I live in Perth, Western Australia, I was watching TV at about 9.30 pm when my wife and I saw a news flash on the bottom of the screen saying that the WTC had been hit by a plane. We flipped stations and caught the second plane hitting the other tower.

We werent really sure that it was real for a while. We just couldnt believe that such a thing could happen. The magnitude of it was just overwhelming.

We watched the news till early that morning. The sense of sorrow and loss we felt for the American and International victims will stay with us for a long, long time.

May this never happen again.

God Bless all those who perished and those who have lost loved ones.

Andrew Rodger | 32 | Australia

#68 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I was listening for the #1 song on the Australian hits countdown and right after it, the D.J broke right in after the song had barely finished.

"We've just had breaking news that the World Trade Centre in New York City has had a plane crash right in to it."

My heart stopped pounding for a few moments, wondering why oh why would we care? I didn't quite realise the importance of the WTC, thinking it was just a building. I thought someone important must have died, I suddenly then thought of all the celebrities at the New York Michael Jackson concert. I waited for a name, expecting the Aaliyah tragedy pt2.

"The American's believe its an act of terrorism, we'll keep you up to date." the D.J finished.

I sighed with relief! sighed! It wasn't til about an hour later, that I decided to go to bed. I turned on my television to watch some late night infomericals and I saw the WTC in bursting flames and smoke, reminding me of independence day. I suddenly began to feel my hands tremble as I heard George Bush start to speak, looking almost ready to cry. I flipped the channel, the exact same news stream was there. Flipped again, and again. I knew something was really serious. I've never, ever been so scared in my life. I went to bed and prayed most of the night.

Nothing has changed.

Jessica T | 17 | Australia

#10 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
I was engaged in a sexual act and i couldnt go on once i heard of the carnage.
jimmy | 18 | Australia

#8 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
Uncharacteristically, I'd gone to bed early the night this happened, and as such didn't become aware of it until my clock radio woke me up the next morning.
I'd just recently read a Tom Clancy book where something similar happens, so as the news washed over me, I lay there thinking I was dreaming. It was a little too much of a coincidence to stand. I didn't truly start to comprehend what had happened until I'd heard it on the news, read about it in my morning's email, and seen it on TV. I remember the sick feeling I experienced, which makes me wonder about those actually involved as well as their family and friends.
At 8am when I started work, the offical death toll (as reported by ABC radio) was one. The rest of the day is a blurry recollection of CNN broadcasts, subdued coworkers and warped ideas looking for reasoning behind it.

Stephen | 19 | Australia

#7 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
i pass my sympothy on to New York city and all the families of the innocent people.
Matthew Davis | 20 | Australia

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