#889 | Monday, March 11th 2002
That day for me was a school day since my first class wasn't until 12:00, you know I was sleeping in. My alarm woke me about 10:00 and I remember Sen. Maxine Waters was speaking to the DJ's on the radio assesing what was happening (I live in So.California). I knew something had happened by the tones and urgency of their voices but I thought we had just had another earthquake because we had had little ones in the previous days. I jumped in the shower and felt nervous there'd be one while I was in there so I quickly finished. As I brushed out my hair, my skin just didn't feel right so I went in to the living room and asked my mom what was wrong and she just said the towers were on fire. She didn't have to finish her sentence for I already saw the TV screen. I just sank. I was heart-broken, that building it was a representation of who we are, those people. My God those people! What was happening...6 mos. later and I can't even clearly execute my feelings. I am just so sorry...
Godbless the victims and the heroes of that tragic day.

A. Calderon | 23 | California

#884 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I remember vividly where I was, what I was doing that Horrific morning of September 11. I had just started a brief meeting when someone came into the office and said "Turn on the TV. You won't believe what is happening." When I saw smoke billowing out of the two towers of the WTC, my jaw dropped. This normally outspoken individual didn't know what to say. After staring at the TV, in utter disbelief, for what felt like hours I picked up the phone and called my dad, a FireFighter in Oregon. I don't know why, possibly hoping he could tell me what to think or do. I felt numb, I don't know if it was the realization that I could do nothing or the thoughts of the thousands of people trapped in those burning buildings. I still cringe and get that soured feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I think of September 11. -- Brian White, Boise Idaho
Brian White | 23 | Idaho

#812 | Sunday, March 3rd 2002
I am a college student in Alabama, and on 09-11 I was in class. In between classes, someone told me that the WTC had been hit. I didn't think anything about it at first because no one had any details about what was going on. I thought that maybe it was just a minor crash into the WTC. When I got home that day after my 1100 class, I turned on the television and they just kept showing the images over and over of the 2nd plane hitting the WTC. At first I was just in disbelief and shock. I was like "Could this really be happening to America, the great America?" And sure enough I wasn't dreaming, it was real. After seeing so much horror, I just started crying my eyes out. I thought about the thousands of people that were in the WTC, and the lives that were lost. I cried for days thinking that it was all a dream and any minute I would wake up. I personally did not lose anyone in the attacks, but I sympathsize with the thousands of families who have lost loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families who have had to deal with the tragedies of 09-11, especially the heroes...the firefighters and police officers. I am graduating from college in April and I will also be a police officer. I have a great appreciation for the heroes of this tragedy who risked their lives to save others because it's their job. I just hate it that it took such a horrible tragedy to make people realize the kind of job that both firefighters and police officers have to do. They should be appreciated all the time because this is their job and they do this everyday, not just in horrible tragedies such as this one. This is one day in my mind that will never be forgotten until the day I die. I pray that the country can remain as united as we are now because unity makes our country stronger. God Bless America!
Cori | 23 | Alabama

#757 | Wednesday, February 13th 2002
I was at work when I heard the news, My husband had called me to tell me the trade towers had fallen. I felt so cut off from everything because we had no T.V. or Radio to recieve the news. When I got home and was watching CNN I sat and cried, it seemed so unreal and like a bad movie, but deep down I knew this was no movie, it was the most horible thing I have ever seen in my life.
Julia | 23 | Canada

#723 | Monday, February 4th 2002
Where was I on September 11, 2001? I was going to college at Clarion University, taking a class that started at 8 and lasted until noon. Nobody came to tell us what was happening that morning. It wasn't until after class let out that Becky, my bestfriend, told me. She saw me walking across campus and started screaming for me. I knew when I looked in her eyes she was going to tell me something bad had happened. Nothing could have prepared me for what she was about to say. "The trade towers are gone, the trade towers are gone. Two planes crashed in to them and they are gone." She preceeded to tell me that my father and my boyfriend had called to talk to me and see if I was okay. We ran inside to my professor's office and told her what had happened. She jumped on-line while I had used the phone...nothing, all the lines were busy. I couldn't get through. I ran home to try my cell phone...nothing. All I could do was sit in my apartment by myself and cry while I watched the replays of the that mornings events. At that point in time, I felt like I was the last person on earth. I had nobody to talk to, and nobody to cry with. I was alone. Later when Becky came home from class we cried together and watched the news. We were in shock. I was hysterical due to the fact that I couldn't get through to my father after he left a message for me saying he was at the base and didn't know if he would see me for a while. He told me to behave, do good in school and take care of my mother and brother. He also told me he loved me and he'd try and call soon.
My life hasn't been the same since. Although all of my family is safe and accounted for, every time someone leaves, if only to go to the store, I make sure I tell that person that I love them and to be careful. I hold my friends and family a little closer to my heart now-a-days. Even those people who I don't know, or meet only briefly.

Jodi | 23 | Pennsylvania

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