#862 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I was asleep when my mom came into my room. "Get up, Leslie is on the phone". Why in the world was my best friend Leslie calling my at 8 in the morning? "Are you watching tv? Turn on the tv,we are being attacked." she yelled into the phone. I didn't understand, what was being attacked? What was she talking about? I went into my Mom's room where she had a tv on, and I saw the smoking building. I was so confused, like everybody else was at the time I think. I couldn't figure out what was happening, what in the world was going on. My mom and I sat on her bed all morning watching the news. As the events unfolded, I bacame more and more shocked. There had to be some mistake, who or what in their right mind would dare to attack America? Things like this don't happen here. And then it hit me, Sara, another of my best friends is at NYU, where was she? Was she okay? Those hours untill I heard she was okay were horrible.When those buildings fell....I couldn't breath. I think a part of me fell apart along with them.I will never know what it feels like to have lost family on that day. But I know how my heart was crying on that day. How I was so hurt and in pain at what I was watching. I just couldn't, and still don't understand why in the world this happened. It's been 6 months now, and I am still feeling it. Maybe I don't think about it all day, every day like I did those first few weeks, but it is still with me.I can't watch a lot of new movies about war and fighting, it's too real now. It reminds me of what is going on, and I have friends in the army, it makes me think that this is what is happening to them, and I can't handle it yet. I still get that sinking feeling when I see footage on the news. But I think we need to be reminded. I think people are starting to forget what happened. Yes, we need to move on, but we can't forget. We can't let go of that feeling of loss we had. Especially in California, New York is so far away, it is easy for us to become detached from things. I hope that years from now, if someone is reading this, they can be detached from it. I hope that future generations look back and wonder what war was, and they are baffleled that things like this ever happened in the world. If in some small way my worlds can help them to see how horrible war and viloence is, even to people not directly affected, they will see how horrible it is. And hopefully, it will become a thing of the past.
Carla B. | 20 | California

#834 | Friday, March 8th 2002
i was sleeping in my bed in rancho cordova, california when my great aunt called me at 7:15 am. it was te day after my birthday and i felt like my birthday had been jinxed because the day before my b-day i had all my college books stolen from my car along with my b-day presents. my b-day was sep. 10. i was in total shock and awe that something like that could happen. i didn't really grasp the concept until a few days later, so when i did i went around sacramento going door to door trying to collect money for the relief fund. it is actually quite amazing how many people were rude after such a tragedy. i also bought a completely white sheet that i had decorated with a friend that said "united we stand" in big bold letters out of red and blue marker that we took around to the houses to be signed. i still have that sheet. i did not know personally anyone killed in the attack but my heart goes out to all the families and survivors, deceased, firefighters and contributors. we have overcome this tragedy and become more united. god bless america.
becky | 20 | California

#820 | Tuesday, March 5th 2002
I was on the computer on my way to college. My friend whom I was speaking online with all of a sudden said that he had to go American was being attacked. Knowing that he is a big time joker and that you have to believe half of what comes out of his mouth, I turned on the news myself. On every channel was the broadcast about the twin towers being shot down. I couldn't visualize what was going on. I never dreamed that this would ever happen. At about 830am my dad called and said he just witnessed the second plane hit into a twin tower. His whole buidling had to evacuate. I was really horrifed, scared and worried about him and many other lives that were at stake. As an American I need to feel the right to feel safe with all means. And we all need to figure out the best possible way to fight terrorism. May God Bless You All.
Samantha Vogel | 20 | New York

#815 | Monday, March 4th 2002
I'd been web-designing all day and I hadn't been looking at the news. My mum called my name from downstairs when she got home from work. She was asking me if I'd seen the news, if I knew what was happening in America. She told me that Georgia, my younger sister, was sitting in the kitchen in floods of tears. I didn't know what to think so I went online and looked at the BBC News website: it was everywhere. News tickers were streaming across the screen and there were horrifying images of billowing smoke emerging from the Twin Towers. I honestly couldn't believe it, New York's skyline looked desolate. I signed onto about four chat programs and tens of people messaged me about it, asking me if I'd heard. I just couldn't take it in. I think it really hit me when I saw the live footage on the news over the next couple of days... I'll never forget how those images made me feel and how scared I was for the lives of those close to me.
Bonnie | 20 | United Kingdom

#807 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
I had the day off from work on 9-11-01
and I was trying to sleep late, When my roomate walked in and tried to wake me up
he told me that America was being attacked,And i told him who would be so stupid. So I turned back over and stared to listen to the TV, and i could not belive what i was hearing. I jumped up and could not belive it,I thought I was dreaming,But in reality someone was stupid enough to attack such a great country.I could not move and i didn't know what to think. And as the events progressed I could not think of what to think.And to this day i look at the memorals and it still brings tears to my eyes. The victims and there families remain in my prayers. and my heart goes out to the UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES,and the people who are proud to be Americans

Michael | 20 | Georgia

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