#519 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I am an Australian and was completing the last year of my high school education when America was attacked.It was late at night here in Australia when America was attacked in the early hours of the day.I had just gone to bed before the attacks started and I woke to find the world had suddenly changed.While getting ready for school my eyes were glued to the television and the horrible scenes that were before me. At school every conversation was about the terrorism attacks in America and our school lessons were filled with discussion about it. In many classes we were allowed to listen to the radio for the continuing news of the attacks and to President Bush's address to the world. At lunch time, those of us that had drove to school turned on the radios in the cars for all of the seniors to crowd around the car and listin to the heartbreaking events which were happening.
For days after the events the tv showed nothing else and lessons were changed to involve the terrorism in America. My school friends and I were greatly affected by the news of what was happening on the other side of the world as all of us here in Australia feel very connected to the American way of life which was under threat. The American way of life is similar to our way of life and therefor Australians everywhere prayed for the terror to stop. Our hearts go out to all who were affected.

Shannon Hilton | 18 | Australia

#385 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
Just finished a hard day at work, had a evening meal with my wife, I was laying in my bed watching something on the tele(wasn't interested too tired) when the news flash came on.
It was about 10.30 pm here in Australia, we stayed up till 1.45am watching it all unfold, then up again at 5.30 am watching before we went to work.

SO SAD.......but life MUST GO ON.

Peter & Lorraine Mayo | 54 | Australia

#328 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
The first I had heard of the tragedy was in my 8am Econometrics lecture at the University of Sydney, Australia: our lecturer had a minute of silence to pay respect for the fallen. Amazingly I did not hear of the attacks in the 1 hour train and bus trip to uni.
Waterlily | 18 | Australia

#283 | Saturday, November 24th 2001
I live in Australia so for us it happened late at night. Ironically, I was watching The West Wing and during the last add break (around 11.20pm) the news had mentioned a plane had crashed into the WTC. My flatmates and I were confused as this seemed rediculous. We watched the rest of the show and then the news came on.

We saw the footage of the second plane hitting the WTC and our jaws dropped and an amazing silence fell over all of us as we watched. After about 5 minutes we were all grabbing our phones and dialing our parents, family and friends. We didn't call because we thought they were in danger as we live thousands of miles away from the tradgedy; we called because in times of such a tradgedy, you want to be with the ones you love.

Then the tower collapsed, I think I stopped breathing for a minute. Stunned silence. Pictures of The Pentagon flowed through and security alerts at the White House made us all on edge. After the other tower collapsed, the absolute devestation was evident. There was still a plane missing and it was 3am before I felt I could go to bed. I spent the night tossing and turning with very little sleep.

The next day at work my web browser was firmly planted on cnn.com to see what was happening.

What an utter tradgedy to rip through this great nation and world. My heart goes out to all Americans. God bless.

Michael Lynch | 22 | Australia

#276 | Friday, November 23rd 2001
I had gone to bed early on the 11th of September, so i knew nothing untill my clock radio went off.
The annoncer said "due to the crisis in america all airports are closed, disnyland is closed if you have relitives in america we will soon have a number you can ring to find out if they are okay"
I rolled over and said to my boyfriend "Whats going on?"
We jumped out of bed and turned on the telly as the 7 am news started and they replayed events as they had happened, i can remember standing in my pj's watching the tv and my legs sort of giving way. That afternoon i had to go out and a plane flew overhead everyone in the street jumped and look scared even though we are soo far away we still felt the impact.

Amanda | 21 | Australia

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