#579 | Friday, December 28th 2001
On September the 11th of 2001, I was just waking up with it being around 7 AM here in Fairbanks, Alaska. I didn't know about anything and I was very tired that day like usual though. I was my normal self, not wanting to go to school. I was waiting for a little girl to come over so we could get on the bus together she is in Kindergarten and I am in 9th but our schools connect. Well about 10-15 minutes before she was to come over, my mom gets a phone call from my step-dad who gets to work at 6:00 AM telling her to turn on the TV and told her everything else. I didn't have a clue what was going on cause I was still waking up while laying on the couch being half awake. Mom turns on the TV with her hands over her mouth and I didn't really know what the World Trade Center's were so when my mom said that they had been blown up I was like "wow", just in awe. After listening to the TV, Emily, the little girl coming over was on her way and we turned off the TV so she didn't have to see until her parents told her, herself if they hadn't already. While we were waiting for the bus, my mom asks me if I wanted to go to school, myself trying to hold back the tears for seeing the images, I said "No, not today" So I put Emily on the bus and went back inside. A little later, while my mom went back to work, even though I told her she shouldn't go cause all I would do is worry since she works at the Federal Building here, but she went. My Grandma came to pick me up, she lives out on the local Army base here so we had to take the long way since they were blocking everything off already. We got to her house and I turned on the TV, she has a satellite and every single channel was tunned in on CNN updates. It was the saddest thing, seeing the images of people jumping out of the buildings, the dust and the pain just in everyones faces. That's my day on September 11th and I just pray when I have kids that they will never have those images in there heads because of the pain it causes even when your not that close to where it all happened.
Amanda | 15 | Alaska

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