#360 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
Dear wherewereyou.org,
I was at a fundraiser when I found out. Over the next few days I cried a total of twice. This was hard on me until I found that I didn't really think such a situation was at all possible. I have thought so ever since.
Mr. X

Mr. X | 28 | Minnesota

#352 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was on my way to work. I turned on the radio expecting to hear the morning show on 96.5 KYPT Seattle, and instead, I was listening to someone from CNN. They were talking about a plane smashing into the World Trade Center. It seemed like a modern version of "War of the Worlds". I immediately called my fiance on the phone, and told her to turn on CNN and watch the news. We sat at work all day long listening to the news, dazed and confused, wanting it to not be real.
Dale Hirt | 28 | Washington

#268 | Wednesday, November 21st 2001
I remember as if it were 10 minutes ago. I work for a school district in where part of my job is security. I was taking pictures of the of new staff members for their ID badges. Soon my cell phone rang, it was my husband with the news. My first word was "terrorists?". He response was "probably". At that point it time I just brushed it off and continued with my day. New York was so far away, and 8 hour drive.

The next time I saw a television or heard the news the second building was hit and there were reports of another plane. This time it had crashed in a rural area in Pennsylvania. The name of the town was then announced, terror in New York was no longer 8 hours away, it was now a mere 30 minute drive down the interstate that passes through our town. Finally, flight path of that plane was revealed only to show that the plane had flown right over our heads. Suddenly ID badges seemed more important than ever.

My heart goes out to all! My prayers are with you!

Jenna | 28 | Pennsylvania

#262 | Wednesday, November 21st 2001
Working at my desk, listening to Howard Stern. It was unreal.
ryan | 28 | Michigan

#194 | Sunday, October 7th 2001
I remember logging on to my email that morning, and noticing a headline that said the the World trade Center was on fire, nothing else was said. I flipped on the Today show and at that moment live footage of the 1st tower on fire. As I watched transfixed by the images, I heard the anchors of the morning program speculating as to what had happened. As they spoke, a second plane came into view and slammmed into the 2nd tower. There was nothing to say, but to gasp and think what is happening? Was this a terrible accident, where the second plane's view was obstructed by the smoke and could not help but crash into the second tower? No one on the news knew what to say, when suddenly more headlines popped up on the screen, there was a fire on the Mall in DC, the White House was being evacuated, and all planes were ordered grounded. I attempted to reach my husband on the phone, but could not get through, so I called his office directly. No one there had yet heard what had happened, so she spread the word to others. I tried to log on various news sites on the internet, but nothing was coming up. I called my mother and told her to turn on the tv, and that I was coming over ASAP. I finally reached my husband, and called my best friend to bring herself and her baby up to our house. I was crying most of the time and felt very scared, was this how it was going to end, on a beautiful September day?
My husband finally came home and turned on the television to see what had happened, he had not seen the footage from earlier, and I could not bear to see the images of flames and desperate human beings falling to the ground, so I turned away and cried. I called my grandmother and she said that my cousin, who works in DC not far from the Pentagon, had not been heard from yet. Apparently, she had been speaking to her husband and suddenly the phone went dead. He, along with all of us, were really frantic to find her. Thankfully, about 5 hours after the attack, she arrived home.
I kept my coworkers informed about the situation, and then spoke to my executive director, who wanted to know more about the flights that were unaccounted for. Her husband was on his way to Las Vegas for a convention that morning, all she knew was that he was leaving from Boston around 6-6:30 am. He had not left any flight numbers or airline name with her. Needless to say, she was frantic for any info. Six hours later, she recieved a phone call from her husband, whose plane had landed in Detroit. He was in a small hotel outside of town, upset and wanting to get home as soon as he could. He ended up driving home and arrived 2 days later.
I am still emotional about the events of September 11, I find myself crying more frequently and feeling anxious. I am sure these feelings will subside, but it will take time. I just thank god that my family and friends are safe and sound, but pray for all the families who were affected by these unprecedented attacks on innocent lives.

Staci Fortunato | 28 | Maine

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