#1703 | Friday, September 6th 2002
At 8:46 I was sitting in my French class with Ms. Cooley at Irmo High School. We were all oblivious until the end of 5B at 9:45, where we heard whispers of a plane hitting the Pentagon during the class change. (I was thinking of a Cessna.) My next class was ROTC; there, the radio was on. Colonel was on the white board trying to keep tabs on what had happened, a plane hit the Pentagon, two planes into the World Trade Center, one tower collapsed. Then came word of the north tower, the 1 was X'd out for a two. Finally, an hour after the first hit the principal came on and told the story to anyone who hadn't heard already.

Then came lunch and talk of what happened. When another student told me the towers were flat-out gone, I couldn't believe it. I had visited them a little over a month before (August 3, if I recall)--how could they be gone completely?

Finally, at about 12:30 I saw the pictures. The pictures looked like hell on earth, and the interviews and speculation and news bulletins didn't help. When I got home (all extracurriculars were canceled), my family was watching CNN as intently as people watch Survivor or Big Brother. The pictures kept replaying over and over--it was unreal.

Billfred L. | 16 | South Carolina

#1681 | Friday, September 6th 2002
I live i swe and when i heard about the crash i just got crasy....WE ALL CARE ABOUT USA...!!
Andreas | 16 | Sweden

#1672 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
I was at school, i was a sophmore then i was in study hall when i first heard about it. the teacher let us watch tv and i look what happend and i was like who would do such a thing? i can belleve someone would do this. i want to send my love to those who have loved ones who died. god bless america and stand strong.
anthony | 16 | Illinois

#1638 | Sunday, September 1st 2002
in september 11 i was in Israel. i had a swimming practice, and some kid came to us and told us that they showing NYC on tv and told us what happened.
the next day was weird cos' in one hand we were very sad but on the other hand we were knew in our hearts that now you (AMERICA) will know what we (ISRAEL) going throw every day.

I hope for better days.

dana | 16 | Israel

#1620 | Thursday, August 29th 2002
Like many people on 9/11, I was in school when the news about the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was aired. At first, I didn't believe it, and thought that it was cruel to even say anything like that. However, as my teacher started to talk to us about it, I slowly realized that what I was hearing was actually real and did, in fact, happen. Even then I really didn't have a grasp on the tragedy. Seeing the horrific images of people jumping out of buildings crushed me, because I knew these people were husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, and brothers. They were average, everyday people who had families, children and other people who loved them. They were also victims of a senseless act of stupidity by complete strangers. One instant, they were going on about their business; the next, they were catapulted into eternity.
There really aren't any words or anything to be said to the families and people affected by this catastrophic event, except that we are in this together, and we will come out of this together. God Bless America

Hannah | 16 | Colorado

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