#963 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I remember distinctly where I was. I was coming off of work. (night shift) As my typical morning I was listening to a popular morning talk show (Bob and Tom for those who know it) and just cruising home.

I decided to grab a breakfast biscuit on my way home. As I was pulling away from the drive thru window, the radio show announced the report of the first jet crashing into the buildings. At first, my reaction was much like many people. Some plane landing/leaving New York had some tragedy, perhaps a pilot died, and this was a terrible accident.

But then, about fifteen minutes later, as I was pulling off Due West Ave onto Ellington Pkwy in Nashville, TN, the radio hosts announced the second hit. Whatever thoughts of the first plane being an 'accident' were wiped in a single shot. I can still remember the shock of the radio personalities as their usually silly show became instantly somber and serious. On my drive home, the police were scrambling all over the city for the Airport/Capitol/etc. I even recall seeing a number of cars pulling off the road as they apparently were listening in on the news.

The rest of the ride home was more mechanical than conscious. I kept my friends who were at work informed, as I had the TV/internet/radio all going gathering any news I could. It was maddening. Not only the WTC, but also the Pentagon, along with other false reports. (CNN reported an incorrect attack on Capitol Hill)

That night when I woke up, I found a barely nibbled-on breakfast biscuit sitting on my computer desk. It went into the trash. My favorite show was having their season finale that night. I taped it. Didn't watch it for a month.

I can't tell you what I had to eat three days ago, but I will never forget 9/11.

Scott | 30 | Tennessee

#952 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I remember it very well,I was redecrating the kitchen cupboards it was about 9:15 a.m when my sister called and said turn your t.v. on you won't believe what's happening in the u.s.So I immediately turned on the television and I could not believe my eyes I saw it but I didn't believe it.I was totally in shock and lost for words and was for quite some time.The following Friday I was watching the memorial service in Ottawa on parliament hill then I just burst into tears just sobbing because the reality of this horrific event was just sinking in.Now 6 months later I still do cry thinking about it what those poor people on the planes and in the buildings what kind of fear they most have faced knowing these were their last moments and there was nothing nobody can do for them.I didn't know anyone there but I feel for them so much.
Laurie | 30 | Canada

#941 | Monday, March 11th 2002
First of all I work as a receptionist for Knight Ridder Newspapers. It was around 8:00am Sept. 11, 2001 when I walked into the office. I usually just go ahead and do newspaper distributions for the political reporters, and then do a run around before turning on all the TV's in the reception area. But this morning I went directly to the tube and turned it on. As the television screen faded on, I saw the first World Trade Center tower all smoked up with a hole the size of a plane in it. Forgive me for being pesimistic but I said to myself "Oh my God, they've done it again....". Not even 5 minutes went by and all the lights on the switchboard were lighting up. I was transfering calls, reassureing family members that certain reporters who were on location in New York were alright. I kept my eye on the television and saw the second tower being hit. I knew then we were going to war. Definately when the Pentagon got hit. My Office manager called to tell me she was in heavy Traffic on the 14th Street Bridge, here in Washington DC and that she saw the plane that hit the Pentagon, flying low and that her husband jokingly said "I hope that's not going to the Pentagon...." Not knowing minutes later his premanition would come to pass. After that....All hell broke loose in the Newsroom. I handle calls coming in every 5 minutes or so. For some the thought of that day may have died down some, for weeks even months of the aftermath, but for me and this newsroom it's an ongoing event.
David V. Bowers | 30 | Washington

#938 | Monday, March 11th 2002
Hello my name is Mike Schmidt, I am from New Berlin, Wisconsin. I am a fire fighter there and have been for 9 years,and there is no other job that I could imagne doing.

I am 30 years old I have lived here all my life (USA). Where was I during the attacks? I was at work and I watched with horror that something like this could happed here. When I was watching on T.V. it was like a dream that I hoped that I and the whole world would wake up from. Although it was not a dream it was real very real. When the towers collasped me and my brothers of Station 2 knew that there were some of our brothers in there, because that is exactly where we would be. It is a day that I will never forget or really want to forget, just because it is something we should keep in all minds that evil of this kind can happen, hope this never will happen again..

Mike Schmidt | 30 | Wisconsin

#858 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I am from England and was on holiday in Samos. I heard about it in the back of a greek taxi cab. The guy said in broken English.'In New York the big house's, the bigggg' house's have plane crash in to them!!! America have fight planes, America under attack!!! We looked at one another in disbelief. America under attack??!! We then watched on CNN...We had been looking at taking a weeks holiday in New York for that week, but never went.....The holiday atmosphere was very quiet that week. It was scarey coming back home on the plane. I do not know what words to express to all of those affected, I guess you just keep hanging on dont you?Thankyou for this site..
Alice | 30 | United Kingdom

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