#1426 | Saturday, June 29th 2002
I had my alarm set for 9 am. I was going to start classes in college the next morning and the alarm went off... I heard Howard Stern and the people in their show yelling hysterically about planes crashing and "Pearl Harbor" and news... it took me a while until I realized that there had been an attack. I ran down in my pajamas to the common room and found about 30 people crowded around the tv... all that was left was the North Tower on fire... and then I saw it fall a few minutes later. Everyone was silent... all you could hear was people crying. I'll never forget that morning...
Ricky | 20 | Massachusetts

#1357 | Friday, May 31st 2002
On that day, I was home on the internet ordering my 12 month old daughter's Halloween costume. I completed the order and proceeded to do my everyday housework when the phone rang, it was my step-mother in tears and shock telling me to put on the tv. The first plane had hit the Trade Center and then soon after we saw the second plane hit while we were still talking to each other. We were crying and screaming. As if that wasn't enough, there were still two more planes that would come down, killing more innocent people. When I heard there were more attacks feared, I ran to our local elementary school and grabbed my 7 & 8 year old boys to take them home with me. I cried almost the whole time, trying to hide my face from them and not scare them. I really feared the end was near. I told my boys they could play inside with any toy they wanted (even the irrirtating noisy ones I would often hide!). I let them eat candy and drink soda. Then I called my husband, my mother and my closest family and friends. In a panic, I quickly told them how much I love them and hung up to sit and watch....it was all we could do. Watch in horror and wait. Today I am very tearful when it comes to reflecting back. I remember not sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours a night for a period of two months - maybe more. I still wake up. I hate it when a plane flies over me I'm filled with a fright that I've never felt before. I used to love to go to Logan Airport in Boston which is not too far from our home. I was fascinated by planes as a child and my father would take me there to see them take off and land just for the heck of it on weekends. Kind of a little field trip. Hopefully, I won't feel like this forever. God Bless all VICTIMS of this tragedy and all the SURVIVORS. AND please bless those that are living in fear and uncertainty, give them ( us ) the strength to defy the intentions of these horrible terrorists and the people who support them. May they meet their maker and suffer. These are not peaceful religious people, they are radicals that are making a warped statement of jealousy and hatred against innocent people. GOD BLESS AMERICA and if you don't like us, please do not come here as you are not welcome.

Carlene | 33 | Massachusetts

#1351 | Thursday, May 30th 2002
I"ll never forget that morning.I was on my pc and my mailman rang my doorbell and she told me to put the tv on.We watched in horror as the second plane hit tower 2.
steve charbonneau | 42 | Massachusetts

#1328 | Monday, May 27th 2002
On september 11th no one had any warning of what a day it would be. I was sitting in my second period class witch was French and our principle had come on the intercom and had said that the world trade buildings had been bombed i don't think anyone really knew what this had meant, or the damage that was really done. she had told everyone to remain calm and if anyone's relatives had worked there that they were to immediately report to the office. it was a shocker. i remember looking out the window of the class and imagining a plane coming towards it. after school i ran to my mothers place and turned on the television to see what had really happened
(( teachers had been told that we were not aloud to watch t.v. ))
about 3 days later i had a girl in my first period class who's father had been trained to identify people by their bones. that's when it really hit me about how big this was. someone had taken away our freedom for no reason at all. it discusts me.

Ashley | 14 | Massachusetts

#1317 | Saturday, May 25th 2002
I was on the 55th floor of tower one in the WTC. I was there for a work-related seminar. My husband and I had driven up from Massachusetts, arriving 9/10, at about 3:00 in the afternoon. We checked into the WTC Marriott, valet parked our car, and enjoyed the sights of NYC that night, and I headed off to my seminar at 8:30 a.m. in tower one the next morning, 9/11. I cannot explain the feeling when the plane hit, but I will never forget it. When we started down the stairs, I new something really bad had happened. The stairway I was in eventually led me out through tower 2, and I made it out about 2 minutes before that tower collapsed. The noise was the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. I was consumed in white smoke and ran for my life, I thought for sure I would suffocate and die. I hid in an abandoned office building until the second tower collapsed, for the second time, I thought I was dead. After a long series of events that included crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, I found my husband at the NYC Technical College. The Red Cross had taken over part of the college, and I was able to make phone calls home and find out my husband was OK. About 30 minutes later, we were in each others arms (about 3:00 in the afternoon). Thanks to the kindness of total strangers, we caught a train, and eventually a ferry, to Connecticut. By 10:00 that night, we were checked into a hotel and finally watching the days excruciating events. My company was able to obtain a driver to pick us up the next day, and I was in my home with my 2 children by 3:00 on 9/12.
The current events of the WTC are very unsettling. They have brought back all the bad memories.
I am forever greatful that God spared mine and my husbands life that day. I always think of the brave men and women of the FDNY & NYPD who helped that day. They will forever be etched in my mind.

Maura | 37 | Massachusetts

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